The College District is a comprehensive community college as set forth in the Texas Education Code (Sec. 130.0011) and, therefore, operates with open admissions and is accredited to award associate degrees and program certificates. Students may also prepare for transfer to senior institutions, occupational advancement, and lifelong learning. The College District blends its rich heritage with its vision for the future.

Mission Statement

The College District embraces a culture of excellence, fostering the success of all its students and enriching the communities it serves through innovative, affordable, and accessible learning and cultural opportunities.

As a publicly supported, comprehensive community college, the College District primarily serves the needs of the citizens of its service area through teaching, public service, and learning and cultural experiences.

The College District offers courses pursuant to a spectrum of educational goals:

The College District maintains a culture of caring that encourages student pursuit of educational excellence. The College District offers counseling and guidance to help students identify and attain their personal goals.

The College District requires professional development of all full-time employees and encourages research to seek out, develop, and implement methods to improve student learning. The College District also conducts research to ensure that it offers programs that contribute to the cultural and economic well-being of the service area citizens.

The College District fosters a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion.

The College District embraces continuous improvement through systematic and regular planning, execution, assessment, and improvement.

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DATE ISSUED: 2/26/2021