Naming Facilities

The Board shall retain the authority for the naming of College District buildings, rooms, outdoor areas, and other facilities. The College District shall allow fund-raising opportunities that support the College District and maintain the College District's rich heritage while upgrading and enhancing facilities for the betterment of students and the College District's mission.

Foundation Partnership

The Weatherford College Foundation (Foundation) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to raising resources to support the College District and to soliciting private funds from individuals, businesses, and other entities. The College District shall work with the Foundation in its efforts to direct fund-raising efforts for projects that support the College District.

Types of Naming Opportunities

The Board recognizes the following two types of naming opportunities:

Philanthropy Naming, which shall include the naming of a facility or portion of a facility after an individual, family, company, or other group that makes a significant donation to the Foundation or to the College District.

Tribute Naming, which shall include the naming of a facility or portion of a facility after an individual, couple, family, or other group whose service, contribution, or vision over a protracted number of years has made a significant impact on the College District and its students, or after a distinguished alumnus whose contributions to society as a whole are exceptional.

Philanthropy Naming


The Board shall approve naming levels for each fund-raising project prior to the solicitation of gifts for that project. The Foundation may recommend naming levels to the Board for specific projects. After donors indicate their participation level, the Board shall approve the naming of all facilities.

Receipt and Dispersal of Gifts

In general, the Foundation shall be responsible for receiving philanthropy naming gifts. Some gifts received directly by the College District shall also be considered philanthropy naming gifts.

Most gifts to the Foundation to support new construction shall be transferred to the College District. Some gifts to the Foundation to support other projects, such as scholarships, may be treated as philanthropy naming gifts for facilities by the College District. The Board shall be responsible for approving any necessary arrangements for each project.

Level Amounts for New Construction

The gift threshold to name a College District facility shall be commensurate with the cost of construction or the size and scope of the facility. The Board shall approve philanthropy naming levels on a case-by-case basis since variables such as location, size, visibility, purpose, and the like differ for each facility.

Gift Payout

Monetary gifts being transferred from the Foundation to the College District may be paid out over a number of years with a signed Foundation pledge agreement. The typical payout for such a pledge shall be five years.

Types of Gifts

In addition to monetary gifts, other types of gifts may be considered for philanthropy naming, including stocks, bonds, real estate, and other items of value. The value of each gift shall be determined by its appraised value at the time of the gift. The Foundation and the Board shall have the authority to reject any non-cash gift depending on the circumstances.

Tribute Naming

Given the limited number of facilities available and the opportunity for philanthropy naming, tribute naming shall be used only in exceptional cases.

Waiting Period

In cases where the honoree is deceased, a two-year waiting period following the honoree's death shall be observed before tribute naming shall be considered. In cases where the honoree is or has been an employee of the College District, a two-year waiting period following the date the person separated from service with the College District shall be observed.

Other Considerations

Changes in Facility Function

The Board reserves the right to rename a facility if the function for that facility changes in later years. In those cases, the name of the person or group associated with the facility shall remain a part of the new name, as appropriate with a naming agreement. (For example, if the "John Doe Biology Building" becomes an allied health facility, the name may be changed to the John Doe Allied Health Center" and so on.)

When the facility's purpose and use is changed such that it must be demolished, substantially renovated, or rebuilt, the College District shall retain the facility's name or use the name in connection with another comparable facility. The Board shall approve any such changes.

Non-Naming Recognitions

Donations received for equipping or furnishing a building, classroom, laboratory, work space, and the like that do not include the cost of building or renovating the space shall be given recognition through an appropriate plaque or alternative means within or adjacent to the space, as appropriate. This practice shall not constitute the naming of the space and therefore, shall not fall under the jurisdiction of this policy. When the equipment or furnishings become outdated or are retired, the recognition shall be withdrawn.

Removal of Names

Any legal impropriety or other act on the part of the named individual or group that brings dishonor to the College District shall make the naming subject to reconsideration by the Board. This provision shall only be used in extreme circumstances.

Rights and Responsibilities

The College President, in consultation with the donor or the donor's representative, the development officer, and other appropriate parties, shall make the final decisions related to public announcements regarding the naming of the facility, appropriate signage, care and maintenance of the facility, and other matters related to the daily operations of the College District.

The Board shall honor all documented commitments regarding the naming of facilities made prior to the approval of this policy.

Weatherford College


LDU 2012.02

DATE ISSUED: 7/16/2012