The College District shall seek the highest qualified person for any positions based on knowledge, skill, ability, and other qualifications actually needed for the job.

Filling Vacancies

The College President or designee shall advertise College District employment opportunities and shall establish guidelines for posting notices of vacancies. These guidelines shall advance the Board's commitment to equal opportunity employment and the pursuit of continuous quality improvement. Current employees shall be eligible to apply for any vacancy. All external positions shall be posted for ten business days. All internal jobs shall be posted for three business days.

Reassignment and / or Promotion

The internal reassignment and/or promotion of an employee shall be through the following procedures:

The immediate supervisor shall determine if the job will be advertised internally or externally.

An employee shall meet the minimum qualifications of the vacant position.

The reassignment and/or promotion shall be proposed by the appropriate dean/director and vice president.

The resulting vacant position shall be advertised.

The College President or designee shall issue the appointment and/or contract.


All applicants shall complete the application form supplied by the human resources office of the College District. Information in applications for contractual positions shall be verified before a contract is offered, and information in applications for noncontractual positions shall be verified before hiring.

Falsification of either information or credentials shall be cause for dismissal or denial to employ.

Employment Practices

The College District shall follow prudent personnel practices when recruiting, interviewing, screening, and employing all personnel.

Employment of Contractual Personnel

The College President has sole authority to make recommendations to the Board regarding the selection of contractual personnel.

The Board retains final authority for employment of contractual personnel. [See DCA]

Employment of Noncontractual Personnel

The Board delegates to the College President final authority to employ and dismiss noncontractual employees on an at-will basis. [See DCC]


Any former employee who is rehired by the College District shall:

Be treated as a new employee; and

Forfeit accumulated sick leave, credit for service during the time away from the College District, and salary increments that would have been earned during continuous employment.

In no event shall an individual who has been discharged for cause be reemployed or reinstated, except with the expressed approval of the Board.

Weatherford College


LDU 2014.02

DATE ISSUED: 9/17/2014