Expense Reimbursement

An amount for Board member travel expenses shall be approved in the budget each year.

A Board member shall be reimbursed for reasonable, allowable expenses incurred in carrying out Board business only at the Board's request and for reasonable, allowable expenses incurred while attending meetings and conventions as an official representative of the Board.

Travel Expenses

When traveling on authorized school business, a Board member shall be reimbursed for:

Conference fees, including meals that are listed as part of the program;

Actual cost of commercial transportation, necessary public transportation or taxi fares (or rental car if required), parking and tolls;

Cost of lodging;

Meals, not to exceed the current authorized reimbursement rate, excluding meals paid as part of the conference fee; and

Legitimate incidental expenses.

Accounting records shall accurately reflect that no state or federal funds were used to reimburse travel expenses beyond those authorized for state employees.

Documentation Required

For any authorized expense incurred, the Board member shall submit a statement, with receipts to the extent feasible, documenting actual expenses and in accordance with procedures applicable to employee expense reimbursement.

Aledo ISD


LDU 2014.03

DATE ISSUED: 8/8/2014