Designated Paid Holidays

When New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, July Fourth, Good Friday (when this date is also a school holiday), Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday), Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day is designated by the District as a school holiday, employees in positions requiring a minimum of 261 workdays shall receive paid holidays.


After one full year of continuous employment, full-time hourly employees in positions normally requiring 12 months of service shall be eligible for ten days of paid vacation. During the first year of employment, these employees shall be eligible for paid vacation earned at the rate of 0.8333 days per month worked to date of vacation during the period of July 1–June 30.

Employees entering employment during the first 15 days of a month shall receive credit for a full month. Those entering employment during the last 15 days of a month shall not receive credit for that month.


All vacation must be approved by the employee's supervisor and should be taken in the year earned unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent or designee.


Vacation must be used during the period in which it is earned and shall not be carried from one period to the next.

The total number of hours for a paid vacation or holiday shall not exceed the number of hours for a regularly scheduled workday.

Payment Upon Separation

An eligible employee who separates from employment with the District shall be entitled to payment of earned, unused vacation days if:

The employee's separation from employment is voluntary, i.e., the employee is retiring or resigning and is not being discharged;

The employee provides advance written notice of intent to separate from employment at least two weeks before the last day of employment; and

The employee has been employed by the District for more than 90 days.

Aledo ISD


LDU 2014.01

DATE ISSUED: 2/17/2014