Emergency Assistance

In the opinion of the presiding officer of the other local government, a state of civil emergency exists that requires assistance from the district and the presiding officer requests assistance; and

Before the emergency assistance is provided, the board authorizes the district to provide the assistance by resolution or other official action.

Gov't Code 791.027

Mutual Aid


"Local Government Entity"

"Mutual Aid"

Gov't Code 418.004

Requests for Assistance

Ability to Render Assistance

Gov't Code 418.1151

Supervision and Control

The response effort must be organized and function in accordance with the National Incident Management System guidelines;

The personnel, equipment, and resources of a district being used in the response effort are under the operational control of the requesting local government entity unless otherwise agreed;

Direct supervision and control of personnel, equipment, and resources and personnel accountability remain the responsibility of the designated supervisory personnel of the district;

The designated supervisory personnel of the district shall:

Maintain daily personnel time records, material records, and a log of equipment hours;

Be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the equipment and other resources furnished by the district; and

Report work progress to the requesting local government entity.

The district's personnel and other resources are subject to recall at any time, subject to reasonable notice to the requesting local government entity.

Gov't Code 418.1152

Duration of Aid

The services of a district are no longer required; or

The district determines that further assistance should not be provided.

Gov't Code 418.1153

Employee Rights and Privileges

Gov't Code 418.116

Reimbursement of Costs

Emergency Management Training

Whose position description, job duties, or assignment includes emergency management responsibilities; or

Who plays a role in emergency preparedness, response, or recovery.

Takes the oath of office, if the person is required to take an oath of office to assume the person's duties as an appointed public officer; or

Otherwise assumes responsibilities as an appointed public officer, if the person is not required to take an oath of office to assume the person's duties.

Gov't Code 418.005

Infection Control Officer

Receive notification of a potential exposure to a reportable disease from a health-care facility;

Notify the appropriate health-care providers of a potential exposure to a reportable disease;

Act as a liaison between the district's emergency response employees or volunteers who may have been exposed to a reportable disease during the course and scope of employment or service as a volunteer and the destination hospital of the patient who was the source of the potential exposure;

Investigate and evaluate an exposure incident, using current evidence-based information on the possible risks of communicable disease presented by the exposure incident; and

Monitor all follow-up treatment provided to the affected emergency response employee or volunteer, in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local law.

Health and Safety Code 81.012


Health and Safety Code 81.003(1-a), (8)

Notice to Local Health Authority

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DATE ISSUED: 9/26/2015