Note: This policy addresses leave for an employee's military service. For provisions on leaves in general, see DEC. For provisions regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), including FML for an employee seeking leave because of a relative's military service, see DECA.

Federal Military Leave


  1. The person (or an appropriate officer of the uniformed service in which such service is performed) has given advance written or verbal notice of such service to a district (unless notice is precluded by military necessity or is otherwise unreasonable or impossible);
  2. The cumulative length of the absence and of all previous absences from a position of employment with the district does not exceed five years; and
  3. The person reports to or submits an application for reemployment to the district and complies with the appropriate procedural requirements that apply under the circumstances.


  1. The district's circumstances have so changed as to make reemployment impossible or unreasonable;
  2. The reemployment of such person would impose an undue hardship on the district; or
  3. The employment from which the person leaves to serve in the uniformed services is for a brief, nonrecurrent period and there is no reasonable expectation that such employment will continue indefinitely or for a significant period.

State Leave for Member of Military or Rescue Team

Leave of Absence

Called to Duty


After Authorized Training or Duty
After Active Military Service

Use of Personal Leave

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DATE ISSUED: 10/8/2017