Award of Credit

Early Award of Credit

Partial Award

Attendance for Credit or Final Grade

Homeless or Substitute Care

  1. Develop a credit recovery plan for students who were denied credits outside the district;
  2. Create a course transition plan for students who have been denied credit;
  3. Develop and administer a personal graduation plan for each student in junior high or middle school, as required by Education Code 28.0212 [see EIF];
  4. Ensure that school staff engage with the student, parent, or guardian, as applicable, to develop a credit recovery plan upon enrollment if the student has a credit deficit that would impede on-time promotion or graduation; and
  5. Comply with Education Code 28.025(i), concerning the award of diplomas for students who are homeless or in substitute care who are in grade 11 or 12.

19 TAC 89.1607(a), (d)–(e)

[For information on transition assistance for students who are homeless or in substitute care, including enrollment and placement in education programs and courses, see FFC.]

Garner ISD



DATE ISSUED: 7/13/2020