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EHDE(LEGAL) ALTERNATIVE METHODS FOR EARNING CREDIT - DISTANCE LEARNINGCredit toward state graduation requirements may be granted for distance learning and correspondence The institution offering the correspondence course is The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Tech ... HTML file of EHDE LEGAL PDF file of EHDE LEGAL Word document of EHDE LEGAL
FOCA(LEGAL) PLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTING - DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM OPERATIONSnecessary to meet the student’s individual graduation plan, including special education services. A student’s four-year graduation plan (Minimum, Recommended, or Advanced/Distinguished ... HTML file of FOCA LEGAL PDF file of FOCA LEGAL Word document of FOCA LEGAL
EIF(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - GRADUATIONPersonal Graduation Plan5 Graduation of Military Dependents22 requirements required for high school graduation. [See State Graduation Requirements, below] Education Code 28.0258(e) ... HTML file of EIF LEGAL PDF file of EIF LEGAL Word document of EIF LEGAL
EHBF(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATIONEach public school student shall master the ARD committee shall consider a student’s graduation plan, the content of the individual transition plan, the IEP, and classroom supports. Enrollment numbers ... HTML file of EHBF LEGAL PDF file of EHBF LEGAL Word document of EHBF LEGAL
EHAC(LEGAL) BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM - REQUIRED INSTRUCTION (SECONDARY)that allows all grade promotion and high school graduation requirements to be met in a timely manner The creation of a high school personal graduation plan under Education Code 28.02121; ... HTML file of EHAC LEGAL PDF file of EHAC LEGAL Word document of EHAC LEGAL
EHBAB(LEGAL) SPECIAL EDUCATION - ARD COMMITTEE AND INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION PROGRAMDevelopment and implementation of service plans for students who have been placed by their parents Development of junior high or middle school personal graduation plans; The parents of a student with a ... HTML file of EHBAB LEGAL PDF file of EHBAB LEGAL Word document of EHBAB LEGAL
FOC(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE - PLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTINGPLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTING Removal Under Student Code of Conduct The Student Code of Conduct must specify conditions that authorize or require a principal or other ... HTML file of FOC LEGAL PDF file of FOC LEGAL Word document of FOC LEGAL
BQ(LEGAL) PLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING PROCESSThe planning and decision-making requirements do not: A board shall ensure that a district improvement plan and improvement plans for each campus are developed, reviewed, and ... HTML file of BQ LEGAL PDF file of BQ LEGAL Word document of BQ LEGAL
EI(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTcommittee, or regained in accordance with a principal’s plan [see FEC], a student in any grade level Credit for courses for high school graduation may be earned only if the student received a grade ... HTML file of EI LEGAL PDF file of EI LEGAL Word document of EI LEGAL
BQB(LEGAL) PLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING PROCESS - CAMPUS-LEVELPLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING PROCESS The committees shall include representative professional and revision of the campus improvement plan. Education Code 11.253(c) [See CAMPUS-LEVEL PLAN at BQ(LEGAL)] ... HTML file of BQB LEGAL PDF file of BQB LEGAL Word document of BQB LEGAL
BQA(LEGAL) PLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING PROCESS - DISTRICT-LEVELPLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING PROCESS A board shall adopt a procedure, consistent and revision of the district improvement plan. Education Code 11.252(a) [See DISTRICT IMPROVEMENT PLAN at BQ(LEGAL)] ... HTML file of BQA LEGAL PDF file of BQA LEGAL Word document of BQA LEGAL
GNC(LEGAL) RELATIONS WITH EDUCATIONAL ENTITIES - COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIESa district’s secondary schools in preparation for graduation from secondary school and entrance into requirements for the foundation high school program, as appropriate, for high school graduation; or ... HTML file of GNC LEGAL PDF file of GNC LEGAL Word document of GNC LEGAL
EKB(LEGAL) TESTING PROGRAMS - STATE ASSESSMENTAlternative testing, in lieu of testing requirements for graduation in the receiving state. an assessment instrument otherwise required for graduation. The passing standard is available only ... HTML file of EKB LEGAL PDF file of EKB LEGAL Word document of EKB LEGAL
FP(LEGAL) STUDENT FEES, FINES, AND CHARGESA fee for an authorized, voluntary student health and accident benefit plan. may charge a fee for a course required for graduation only if the course is also offered without a ... HTML file of FP LEGAL PDF file of FP LEGAL Word document of FP LEGAL
EHBC(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - COMPENSATORY/ACCELERATED SERVICESmust describe in its dropout prevention strategy plan how the activities identified in both plans will with a public junior college in accordance with Education Code 29.402 in order to fulfill a plan. ... HTML file of EHBC LEGAL PDF file of EHBC LEGAL Word document of EHBC LEGAL
EHBAD(LEGAL) SPECIAL EDUCATION - TRANSITION SERVICES“Transition services” means a coordinated set of activities for a child Individual Transition Planning Graduation from high school with a regular diploma constitutes a change in placement that requires ... HTML file of EHBAD LEGAL PDF file of EHBAD LEGAL Word document of EHBAD LEGAL
BF(LEGAL) BOARD POLICIESA written plan approved by the Board that states the achievement objectives of the campus or The application shall be submitted to Essential knowledge or skills, or high school graduation requirements. ... HTML file of BF LEGAL PDF file of BF LEGAL Word document of BF LEGAL
AIA(LEGAL) ACCOUNTABILITY - ACCREDITATION AND PERFORMANCE INDICATORSEach district must be accredited by TEA. A district that is not accredited may not receive funds from TEA or hold itself out as operating a public school of High school graduation requirements; or ... HTML file of AIA LEGAL PDF file of AIA LEGAL Word document of AIA LEGAL
FD(LEGAL) ADMISSIONSA board or its designee shall admit into the public schools of a district free of tuition all persons who are over five and younger than 21 years of age on September 1 of any school year in which ... HTML file of FD LEGAL PDF file of FD LEGAL Word document of FD LEGAL
AIB(LEGAL) ACCOUNTABILITY - PERFORMANCE REPORTINGa primary consideration in district and campus planning. It shall also be a primary consideration of assessments, and the end-of-course assessments required for graduation. Education Code 39.034, .302 ... HTML file of AIB LEGAL PDF file of AIB LEGAL Word document of AIB LEGAL
AG(LEGAL) HOME-RULE DISTRICTSA district may choose to operate under a home-rule charter. Adoption of a home-rule charter does not the professional staff as provided by the planning process under Education Code 11.251(e). [See BQ ... HTML file of AG LEGAL PDF file of AG LEGAL Word document of AG LEGAL
EIE(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - RETENTION AND PROMOTIONA student may be promoted only on the basis of academic achievement or demonstrated proficiency of may earn course credit for high school graduation during the next school year in subject areas other ... HTML file of EIE LEGAL PDF file of EIE LEGAL Word document of EIE LEGAL
EHBE(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - BILINGUAL EDUCATION/ESLLanguage Proficiency Assessment Committees (LPAC)3 Participation of Non-LEP Students5 LEP Students and State Assessments12 Post-Exit Monitoring and Reenrollment13 Note:The terms English language learner ... HTML file of EHBE LEGAL PDF file of EHBE LEGAL Word document of EHBE LEGAL