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FEB(LEGAL) ATTENDANCE - ATTENDANCE ACCOUNTINGfor the safekeeping of all attendance records and reports. The superintendent may determine whether the properly certified attendance records or reports for the school year are ... HTML file of FEB LEGAL PDF file of FEB LEGAL Word document of FEB LEGAL
CPC(LEGAL) OFFICE MANAGEMENT - RECORDS MANAGEMENT“Permanent record” or “record of permanent value” means any local government record for which the retention period on a records retention schedule issued by the Texas State Library and ... HTML file of CPC LEGAL PDF file of CPC LEGAL Word document of CPC LEGAL
CPC(LOCAL) OFFICE MANAGEMENT - RECORDS MANAGEMENTThe term “local government record” shall pertain to all items identified as such by the Local Government Records Act. Records Control Schedules Records Destruction Practices ... HTML file of CPC LOCAL PDF file of CPC LOCAL Word document of CPC LOCAL
FL(LOCAL) STUDENT RECORDSor other restricted area designated by the records custodian. The original copy of the record or any document contained in the cumulative record shall not be removed from the school. ... HTML file of FL LOCAL PDF file of FL LOCAL Word document of FL LOCAL
FL(LEGAL) STUDENT RECORDSA district shall maintain an individual immunization record during the period of attendance for each student admitted. The records shall be open for inspection at all reasonable ... HTML file of FL LEGAL PDF file of FL LEGAL Word document of FL LEGAL
BBE(LOCAL) POLICY TITLERequests for Records from an analysis of information in existing District records or to create a new record compiled from information in existing District records. Directives ... HTML file of BBE LOCAL PDF file of BBE LOCAL Word document of BBE LOCAL
GF(LEGAL) PUBLIC COMPLAINTSbe decided based on a review of the record developed at the district level. “Record” includes, at a minimum, an audible electronic recording or written transcript of all oral testimony ... HTML file of GF LEGAL PDF file of GF LEGAL Word document of GF LEGAL
CVA(LOCAL) FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION - COMPETITIVE BIDDINGAll bids shall be submitted in If the District considers the safety record of bidders in determining to whom to award a contract, the safety record shall be defined as a bidder’s OSHA (Occupational ... HTML file of CVA LOCAL PDF file of CVA LOCAL Word document of CVA LOCAL
EHBAF(LEGAL) SPECIAL EDUCATION - VIDEO/AUDIO MONITORINGreceipt of the request until the person has viewed the recording and a determination has been made as to whether the recording documents an alleged incident. If the recording documents ... HTML file of EHBAF LEGAL PDF file of EHBAF LEGAL Word document of EHBAF LEGAL
CVB(LOCAL) FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION - COMPETITIVE SEALED PROPOSALSThe Superintendent or designee shall prepare a request for proposals for any If the safety record of offerors is considered in selecting a proposal, the record shall be defined as an offeror’s OSHA ... HTML file of CVB LOCAL PDF file of CVB LOCAL Word document of CVB LOCAL
BEC(LEGAL) BOARD MEETINGS - CLOSED MEETINGSThe medical records or psychiatric records of an individual applicant for a benefit from the plan Security. However, a board must make a tape recording of the proceedings of a closed meeting held to ... HTML file of BEC LEGAL PDF file of BEC LEGAL Word document of BEC LEGAL
FDD(LEGAL) ADMISSIONS - MILITARY DEPENDENTSIn the event that official education records cannot be released to the parents for the purpose of transfer, the custodian of the records in the sending state shall prepare and furnish ... HTML file of FDD LEGAL PDF file of FDD LEGAL Word document of FDD LEGAL
GRAC(LEGAL) STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITIES - JUVENILE SERVICE PROVIDERSThe disclosure is to state and local officials or or diagnostic test results, attendance records, disciplinary records, medical records, and psychological diagnoses. Disclosure of Educational Records ... HTML file of GRAC LEGAL PDF file of GRAC LEGAL Word document of GRAC LEGAL
DN(LOCAL) PERFORMANCE APPRAISALAll District employees shall be periodically appraised Appraisal records and forms, reports, correspondence, and memoranda may be placed in each employee’s personnel records to document performance. ... HTML file of DN LOCAL PDF file of DN LOCAL Word document of DN LOCAL
DGBA(LEGAL) PERSONNEL-MANAGEMENT RELATIONS - EMPLOYEE COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCESThe District shall take no action abridging the freedom of speech or the right of the people to petition the Board for redress of grievances. U.S. Const. Amend. I, XIV A district that employs 50 or ... HTML file of DGBA LEGAL PDF file of DGBA LEGAL Word document of DGBA LEGAL
FDC(LEGAL) ADMISSIONS - HOMELESS STUDENTSIs unable to produce records normally required for enrollment, such as previous academic record, records of immunization and other required health records, proof of residency, or other document; or ... HTML file of FDC LEGAL PDF file of FDC LEGAL Word document of FDC LEGAL
FNG(LEGAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - STUDENT AND PARENT COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCESThe District shall take no action abridging the freedom of speech or the right of the people to petition the Board for redress of grievances Access to student records. Education Code 26.004 [See FL] ... HTML file of FNG LEGAL PDF file of FNG LEGAL Word document of FNG LEGAL
CJA(LEGAL) CONTRACTED SERVICES - CRIMINAL HISTORYsubcontractor of the entity must submit to a national criminal history record information review if: it received all of the criminal history record information relating to a person described above at ... HTML file of CJA LEGAL PDF file of CJA LEGAL Word document of CJA LEGAL
BBE(LEGAL) BOARD MEMBERS - AUTHORITYhas an inherent right of access to information, documents, and records maintained by the district. withhold or redact information, a document, or a record requested by a board member to the extent ... HTML file of BBE LEGAL PDF file of BBE LEGAL Word document of BBE LEGAL
FEB(LOCAL) ATTENDANCE - ATTENDANCE ACCOUNTINGThe Superintendent shall be responsible for maintaining a student attendance accounting system in at a campus. The alternative time for recording attendance shall be determined in accordance with ... HTML file of FEB LOCAL PDF file of FEB LOCAL Word document of FEB LOCAL
FFAB(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - IMMUNIZATIONSThe student must have an immunization record that indicates the student has received at least one one Texas school to another, and is awaiting the transfer of the immunization record. 25 TAC 97.69(a) ... HTML file of FFAB LEGAL PDF file of FFAB LEGAL Word document of FFAB LEGAL
CR(LEGAL) INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES MANAGEMENTensure that the use of a designated broker of record is in the district’s best interest and select a designated broker of record in a manner it determines is consistent with ... HTML file of CR LEGAL PDF file of CR LEGAL Word document of CR LEGAL
GBA(LEGAL) PUBLIC INFORMATION PROGRAM - ACCESS TO PUBLIC INFORMATIONCertain Library Records15 agency may not release any portion of a recording made in a private space, or of a recording involving the investigation of conduct that constitutes a ... HTML file of GBA LEGAL PDF file of GBA LEGAL Word document of GBA LEGAL
BBI(LOCAL) BOARD MEMBERS - TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES AND ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONSA Board member shall retain electronic records, whether created or maintained using the District’s technology resources, in accordance with the District’s record management program. [See BBE, CPC] ... HTML file of BBI LOCAL PDF file of BBI LOCAL Word document of BBI LOCAL
EHA(LEGAL) CURRICULUM DESIGN - BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMIf the parents or guardians of at least 22 students at a school the employee may videotape the child or record the child’s voice if the videotape or recording is to be used only for a purpose related ... HTML file of EHA LEGAL PDF file of EHA LEGAL Word document of EHA LEGAL
DGBA(LOCAL) PERSONNEL-MANAGEMENT RELATIONS - EMPLOYEE COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCESIn this policy, the terms “complaint” and “grievance” shall have the same meaning. Employee complaints shall be filed in accordance with this policy, except as required by the policies listed below ... HTML file of DGBA LOCAL PDF file of DGBA LOCAL Word document of DGBA LOCAL
EHBAF(LOCAL) POLICY TITLEfor at least three months after the date of the recording but may be retained for a longer period in accordance with the District’s records management program, or as required by law ... HTML file of EHBAF LOCAL PDF file of EHBAF LOCAL Word document of EHBAF LOCAL
GF(LOCAL) PUBLIC COMPLAINTS In this policy, the terms “complaint” and “grievance” shall have the same meaning. If a complaint form or appeal ... HTML file of GF LOCAL PDF file of GF LOCAL Word document of GF LOCAL
GKG(LEGAL) COMMUNITY RELATIONS - SCHOOL VOLUNTEER PROGRAMA district shall develop a volunteer program. In developing the program, a definitions and provisions regarding confidentiality, records retention, and criminal history record checks of employees.] ... HTML file of GKG LEGAL PDF file of GKG LEGAL Word document of GKG LEGAL
BE(LEGAL) BOARD MEETINGSA board may act only by majority vote of the “Recording” means a tangible medium on which audio or a combination of audio and video is recorded, including a disc, tape, wire, film, electronic storage ... HTML file of BE LEGAL PDF file of BE LEGAL Word document of BE LEGAL
FFAA(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONSA district is not required to by TDSHS in accordance with TDSHS rules, screening records for each student in attendance, and the records are open for inspection by TDSHS or the Transfer of Records ... HTML file of FFAA LEGAL PDF file of FFAA LEGAL Word document of FFAA LEGAL
DFD(LEGAL) TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT - HEARINGS BEFORE HEARING EXAMINERThis hearing process applies only if an employee requests a hearing after receiving notice of a without a jury in state district court. A certified shorthand reporter shall record the hearing. ... HTML file of DFD LEGAL PDF file of DFD LEGAL Word document of DFD LEGAL
CFC(LEGAL) ACCOUNTING - AUDITS Financial Records classes of school funds received, and these records shall be available to audit. Education Code ... HTML file of CFC LEGAL PDF file of CFC LEGAL Word document of CFC LEGAL
FB(LOCAL) EQUAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITYNote:The following provisions address equal educational opportunity for all to review his or her child’s education records to the campus principal or other identified custodian of records. [See FL] ... HTML file of FB LOCAL PDF file of FB LOCAL Word document of FB LOCAL
DP(LEGAL) PERSONNEL POSITIONSa superintendent about an educator's criminal record or alleged incident of misconduct and fails to intent to conceal an educator's criminal record or alleged incident of misconduct. Education Code ... HTML file of DP LEGAL PDF file of DP LEGAL Word document of DP LEGAL
CVA(LEGAL) FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION - COMPETITIVE BIDDINGNote:For additional legal requirements applicable to purchases with federal funds, see CBB. notice in the bid specifications that the safety record of a bidder may be considered in determining ... HTML file of CVA LEGAL PDF file of CVA LEGAL Word document of CVA LEGAL
DBAA(LOCAL) EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS - CRIMINAL HISTORY AND CREDIT REPORTSThe District shall obtain criminal history record information on final candidates for employment Any further information provided by the person concerning his or her criminal history record. ... HTML file of DBAA LOCAL PDF file of DBAA LOCAL Word document of DBAA LOCAL
GB(LEGAL) PUBLIC INFORMATION PROGRAMfilm, tape, microfiche, microfilm, photostat, sound recording, map, and drawing and a voice, data Any physical material on which information may be recorded, including linen, silk, and vellum. ... HTML file of GB LEGAL PDF file of GB LEGAL Word document of GB LEGAL
DBA(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS - CREDENTIALS AND RECORDSCREDENTIALS AND RECORDS Federally Required Notice—Lack of Credentials3 Noncore Career and Technical Courses5 Employee Records17 Service Record17 Access to Employee Records18 Is teaching in the field of ... HTML file of DBA LEGAL PDF file of DBA LEGAL Word document of DBA LEGAL
DBAA(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS - CRIMINAL HISTORY AND CREDIT REPORTS“Request for CHRI” is the processing and entry of a person’s the entity has the authority to view the record. Entities shall unsubscribe from a person when it no longer has authority to view a record. ... HTML file of DBAA LEGAL PDF file of DBAA LEGAL Word document of DBAA LEGAL
BBBB(LEGAL) ELECTIONS - POST-ELECTION PROCEDURESNote:If the district is subject to a court order or other binding legal determination, the district of the canvass in the minutes or in the recording required by the Open Meetings Act (Government Code ... HTML file of BBBB LEGAL PDF file of BBBB LEGAL Word document of BBBB LEGAL
DBA(LOCAL) EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS - CREDENTIALS AND RECORDSCREDENTIALS AND RECORDS All employees who have earned certificates, endorsements, or degrees of higher rank since the previous school year shall file with the District: The District shall not use an ... HTML file of DBA LOCAL PDF file of DBA LOCAL Word document of DBA LOCAL
FFA(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICESEach district must establish a local school wellness policy A district must retain records to document compliance with the requirements of this policy. These records include, but are not limited to: ... HTML file of FFA LEGAL PDF file of FFA LEGAL Word document of FFA LEGAL
CQ(LOCAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCESA District employee shall retain electronic records, whether created or maintained using the personal technology resources, in accordance with the District’s record management program. [See CPC] ... HTML file of CQ LOCAL PDF file of CQ LOCAL Word document of CQ LOCAL
CKA(LEGAL) SAFETY PROGRAM/RISK MANAGEMENT - INSPECTIONSUnder the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), the District shall identify containing ACBM or assumed to contain ACBM. A record of this surveillance shall be submitted to the ... HTML file of CKA LEGAL PDF file of CKA LEGAL Word document of CKA LEGAL
CLB(LEGAL) BUILDINGS, GROUNDS, AND EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT - MAINTENANCEA school building must be located on grounds that are well-drained and Ensuring that all IPM program records, including incidental use training records, pest-related work orders, pest control service ... HTML file of CLB LEGAL PDF file of CLB LEGAL Word document of CLB LEGAL
EHBE(LOCAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - BILINGUAL EDUCATION/ESLThe professional staff members of the LPAC(s) shall be assigned those duties by the Superintendent the District and shall observe requirements regarding confidentiality of student records. [See FL] ... HTML file of EHBE LOCAL PDF file of EHBE LOCAL Word document of EHBE LOCAL
DFD(LOCAL) TERMINATION OF CONTRACT - HEARINGS BEFORE HEARING EXAMINERThe Board shall consider the hearing examiner’s record and recommendation at the first Board meeting The Board shall allow ten minutes per party for oral argument. Administration shall be offered the ... HTML file of DFD LOCAL PDF file of DFD LOCAL Word document of DFD LOCAL
BDB(LOCAL) BOARD INTERNAL ORGANIZATION - INTERNAL COMMITTEESThe President shall appoint members to special committees created by the Board to fulfill specific at the next regular or special meeting for approval and entry into the minutes as a public record. ... HTML file of BDB LOCAL PDF file of BDB LOCAL Word document of BDB LOCAL
DEC(LOCAL) COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS - LEAVES AND ABSENCESA “leave day” for purposes of earning, use, or recording of leave shall mean the number of hours per for which a substitute is not normally required, leave shall be recorded on an hourly basis. ... HTML file of DEC LOCAL PDF file of DEC LOCAL Word document of DEC LOCAL
FO(LOCAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINEThe disciplinary record reflecting the use of corporal punishment shall include any related Video and audio recording equipment shall be used for safety purposes to monitor student behavior on ... HTML file of FO LOCAL PDF file of FO LOCAL Word document of FO LOCAL
CJA(LOCAL) CONTRACTED SERVICES - CRIMINAL HISTORY entity who does not have the required criminal history record information (CHRI) review or who has a ... HTML file of CJA LOCAL PDF file of CJA LOCAL Word document of CJA LOCAL
GBAA(EXHIBIT) INFORMATION ACCESS - REQUESTS FOR INFORMATIONis $.10 per page or part of a page. Each side that has recorded information is considered a page. of 50 or fewer pages of standard paper records unless the request also qualifies for a labor charge ... HTML file of GBAA EXHIBIT PDF file of GBAA EXHIBIT Word document of GBAA EXHIBIT
FD(LEGAL) ADMISSIONSA board or its designee shall admit into the public schools of a district free of tuition all persons who are over five and younger than 21 years of age on September 1 of any school year in which ... HTML file of FD LEGAL PDF file of FD LEGAL Word document of FD LEGAL
EHDB(LOCAL) ALTERNATIVE METHODS FOR EARNING CREDIT - CREDIT BY EXAMINATION WITH PRIOR INSTRUCTIONCREDIT BY EXAMINATION WITH PRIOR INSTRUCTION The principal or designee or the attendance committee, as employee shall review the student’s educational records to determine whether the student has had ... HTML file of EHDB LOCAL PDF file of EHDB LOCAL Word document of EHDB LOCAL
BBFA(LEGAL) ETHICS - CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURESNote: For information regarding conflicts of interest and depository contracts, see BDAE. If a local public official has a substantial interest in a business entity or in real property, the local ... HTML file of BBFA LEGAL PDF file of BBFA LEGAL Word document of BBFA LEGAL
FDA(LEGAL) ADMISSIONS - INTERDISTRICT TRANSFERSThe board may, by means of a mutual agreement with the board of an adjoining Credits and Records Records and transcripts of students from Texas nonpublic schools or from out of state or out of the ... HTML file of FDA LEGAL PDF file of FDA LEGAL Word document of FDA LEGAL
DFBB(EXHIBIT) TERM CONTRACTS - NONRENEWALExhibit A—Notice of Proposed Term Contract Nonrenewal Exhibit B—Documentation of Delivery: Notice mail or delivered by express delivery service to the employee’s address of record with the District.) ... HTML file of DFBB EXHIBIT PDF file of DFBB EXHIBIT Word document of DFBB EXHIBIT
FED(LEGAL) ATTENDANCE - ATTENDANCE ENFORCEMENTIf a student fails to attend school without excuse on ten or more days or parts Expunction of Records board, or the Commissioner, to provide a record to the individual or entity requesting the record; ... HTML file of FED LEGAL PDF file of FED LEGAL Word document of FED LEGAL
BBG(LOCAL) BOARD MEMBERS - COMPENSATION AND EXPENSESAn amount for Board member travel expenses shall be approved in the budget each year. Accounting records shall accurately reflect that no state or federal funds were used to reimburse ... HTML file of BBG LOCAL PDF file of BBG LOCAL Word document of BBG LOCAL
BE(LOCAL) BOARD MEETINGSBoard action shall be carefully recorded by the Board Secretary or clerk; when approved, these minutes shall serve as the legal record of official Board actions. The written minutes of all ... HTML file of BE LOCAL PDF file of BE LOCAL Word document of BE LOCAL
CHE(LEGAL) PURCHASING AND ACQUISITION - VENDOR RELATIONSmust be filed with the appropriate records administrator not later than the seventh business day statements and questionnaires filed with the records administrator. Local Gov’t Code 176.009 ... HTML file of CHE LEGAL PDF file of CHE LEGAL Word document of CHE LEGAL
EHBB(LOCAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - GIFTED AND TALENTED STUDENTSand identification process shall be an educational record, subject to the protections set out in base the decision on the transferred records, observation reports of District teachers who instruct ... HTML file of EHBB LOCAL PDF file of EHBB LOCAL Word document of EHBB LOCAL
DPB(LEGAL) PERSONNEL POSITIONS - SUBSTITUTE, TEMPORARY, AND PART-TIME POSITIONSSUBSTITUTE, TEMPORARY, AND PART-TIME POSITIONS State Board for Educator Certification requirements A district shall obtain all criminal history record information that relates to a substitute teacher ... HTML file of DPB LEGAL PDF file of DPB LEGAL Word document of DPB LEGAL
CAA(LOCAL) FISCAL MANAGEMENT GOALS AND OBJECTIVES - FINANCIAL ETHICSAll Trustees, employees, vendors, contractors, agents Criminal history record information for employees: DBAA, DC Failure to provide financial records required by federal, state, or local entities. ... HTML file of CAA LOCAL PDF file of CAA LOCAL Word document of CAA LOCAL
FEC(LOCAL) ATTENDANCE - ATTENDANCE FOR CREDITcommittee shall review the student’s entire attendance record and the reasons for absences and shall a petition is filed or not, review the records of all students whose attendance drops below 90 ... HTML file of FEC LOCAL PDF file of FEC LOCAL Word document of FEC LOCAL
DI(LEGAL) EMPLOYEE WELFAREthe written hazard communication program and a record of each training session given to employees session, and the names of the instructors. Records shall be maintained for at least five years ... HTML file of DI LEGAL PDF file of DI LEGAL Word document of DI LEGAL
DFBB(LEGAL) TERM CONTRACTS - NONRENEWALThe Board may terminate a term contract for a financial exigency that requires a reduction in notice is delivered to the employee’s address of record with the District, if the notice is mailed ... HTML file of DFBB LEGAL PDF file of DFBB LEGAL Word document of DFBB LEGAL
EIA(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - GRADING/PROGRESS REPORTS TO PARENTSso long as the district retains a record verifying the parent's acknowledgment of the required The district shall provide a record of the comparisons of student performance made under Education ... HTML file of EIA LEGAL PDF file of EIA LEGAL Word document of EIA LEGAL
DFAB(LEGAL) PROBATIONARY CONTRACTS - TERMINATION AT END OF YEARThe Board may terminate a probationary contract at the end of the contract period if in the Board’s delivery service to the employee’s address of record with the District. Notice that is postmarked on ... HTML file of DFAB LEGAL PDF file of DFAB LEGAL Word document of DFAB LEGAL
FFA(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICESThe District shall support the general wellness of all students by implementing measureable goals to promote sound nutrition and student health and to reduce childhood obesity. Records Retention ... HTML file of FFA LOCAL PDF file of FFA LOCAL Word document of FFA LOCAL
GBAA(LEGAL) INFORMATION ACCESS - REQUESTS FOR INFORMATIONOfficer for Public Information and Required Notices2 Requests to Narrow or Clarify4 authorize a requestor to remove an original copy of a public record from the office of a district; ... HTML file of GBAA LEGAL PDF file of GBAA LEGAL Word document of GBAA LEGAL
BDAA(LOCAL) OFFICERS AND OFFICIALS - DUTIES AND REQUIREMENTS OF BOARD OFFICERSDUTIES AND REQUIREMENTS OF BOARD OFFICERS The Board shall elect a President, a Vice President, and a Secretary who shall Ensure that an accurate record is kept of the proceedings of each Board meeting. ... HTML file of BDAA LOCAL PDF file of BDAA LOCAL Word document of BDAA LOCAL
DC(LOCAL) EMPLOYMENT PRACTICESThe Superintendent shall define the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of all positions and shall ensure [For information related to the evaluation of criminal history records, see DBAA.] ... HTML file of DC LOCAL PDF file of DC LOCAL Word document of DC LOCAL
FFAC(LOCAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - MEDICAL TREATMENTProcedures shall be established by the administration to ensure that proper attention is given to any attention for any student injured at school. Records shall be maintained on all accidents that ... HTML file of FFAC LOCAL PDF file of FFAC LOCAL Word document of FFAC LOCAL
DMA(LEGAL) PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - REQUIRED STAFF DEVELOPMENTThe staff development provided by a district to an educator other than a principal must be conducted in Districts shall maintain records that include the name of each educator who participated in the ... HTML file of DMA LEGAL PDF file of DMA LEGAL Word document of DMA LEGAL
CY(LEGAL) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYCopyright protection subsists, in accordance with United States Copyright Law, 17 U.S.C. 101–1332, in original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression, now known or later ... HTML file of CY LEGAL PDF file of CY LEGAL Word document of CY LEGAL
FDA(LOCAL) ADMISSIONS - INTERDISTRICT TRANSFERSThe Superintendent is authorized to accept or reject any transfer requests, provided that such action is of space and instructional staff and the student’s disciplinary history and attendance records. ... HTML file of FDA LOCAL PDF file of FDA LOCAL Word document of FDA LOCAL
DHB(LEGAL) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT - REPORTS TO STATE BOARD FOR EDUCATOR CERTIFICATIONNote:This policy applies to a holder of an SBEC certificate, has a criminal record and the district obtained information about the educator’s criminal record by a means other than the criminal history ... HTML file of DHB LEGAL PDF file of DHB LEGAL Word document of DHB LEGAL
DBB(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS - MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS AND COMMUNICABLE DISEASESand if an employee declines to be vaccinated, maintain a record of the employee’s written refusal; Record all exposure incidents (e.g., “sticks” by needles or other “sharps”) in a sharps injury log ... HTML file of DBB LEGAL PDF file of DBB LEGAL Word document of DBB LEGAL
CBB(LEGAL) STATE AND FEDERAL REVENUE SOURCES - FEDERAL The Texas Education Agency (TEA) may enter into an agreement with a federal agency concerning a project related to ... HTML file of CBB LEGAL PDF file of CBB LEGAL Word document of CBB LEGAL
BJCD(LEGAL) SUPERINTENDENT - EVALUATION unless the document becomes part of the record in a contested case under the Administrative ... HTML file of BJCD LEGAL PDF file of BJCD LEGAL Word document of BJCD LEGAL
GRA(LOCAL) RELATIONS WITH GOVERNMENTAL ENTITIES - STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITIESWhen a representative of the Department of Family and Protective Services or another lawful The principal shall verify and record the identity of the officer or other authority and request an ... HTML file of GRA LOCAL PDF file of GRA LOCAL Word document of GRA LOCAL
EIE(LOCAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - RETENTION AND PROMOTIONPromotion and course credit shall be based on mastery of the curriculum. Expectations and standards student. The GPC shall review any available records of decisions regarding testing and accelerated ... HTML file of EIE LOCAL PDF file of EIE LOCAL Word document of EIE LOCAL
AG(LEGAL) HOME-RULE DISTRICTSA district may choose to operate under a home-rule charter. Adoption of a home-rule charter does not affect: Taxes or bonds of the district authorized before the effective date of the charter. ... HTML file of AG LEGAL PDF file of AG LEGAL Word document of AG LEGAL
FM(LEGAL) STUDENT ACTIVITIESA student enrolled in the District or who participates in an extracurricular activity or a The Superintendent shall maintain complete and accurate records of the District’s compliance and the ... HTML file of FM LEGAL PDF file of FM LEGAL Word document of FM LEGAL
DF(LEGAL) TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT if the district obtains information through a criminal history record information (CHRI) review that: ... HTML file of DF LEGAL PDF file of DF LEGAL Word document of DF LEGAL
GRC(LEGAL) RELATIONS WITH GOVERNMENTAL ENTITIES - EMERGENCY MANAGEMENTA district may provide emergency assistance to another local government, whether or not the district and the Maintain daily personnel time records, material records, and a log of equipment hours; ... HTML file of GRC LEGAL PDF file of GRC LEGAL Word document of GRC LEGAL
BF(LOCAL) BOARD POLICIESWithin the context of current law, the District shall be guided by Board-adopted written policies its accuracy and integrity and shall maintain a historical record of the District’s policy manual. ... HTML file of BF LOCAL PDF file of BF LOCAL Word document of BF LOCAL
FFE(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS/COUNSELINGConsent to Examinations, Tests, or Treatment A District employee must obtain the written consent of a child’s Specifically prohibits any disclosure of a student record that violates state or federal law. ... HTML file of FFE LEGAL PDF file of FFE LEGAL Word document of FFE LEGAL
BBBC(LEGAL) ELECTIONS - CAMPAIGN FINANCEEach candidate shall appoint a campaign treasurer as candidate and each officeholder shall maintain a record of all reportable activity. The record must contain the information necessary for filing ... HTML file of BBBC LEGAL PDF file of BBBC LEGAL Word document of BBBC LEGAL
EHBAE(LEGAL) SPECIAL EDUCATION - PROCEDURAL REQUIREMENTSfor the parents to review all education records and to participate in meetings relating to the the consent describes that activity and lists the records (if any) that will be released and to whom ... HTML file of EHBAE LEGAL PDF file of EHBAE LEGAL Word document of EHBAE LEGAL
COB(LEGAL) FOOD AND NUTRITION MANAGEMENT - FREE AND REDUCED-PRICE MEALS Record Retention SFA records shall be retained for a period of three years after submission of the final claim for ... HTML file of COB LEGAL PDF file of COB LEGAL Word document of COB LEGAL
DECA(LEGAL) LEAVES AND ABSENCES - FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVENote:This policy summarizes the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and implementing regulations, including FML for an employee seeking leave because of a relative’s military service. For Records18 ... HTML file of DECA LEGAL PDF file of DECA LEGAL Word document of DECA LEGAL
BJCF(LOCAL) SUPERINTENDENT - NONRENEWALThe Board’s decision not to renew the Superintendent’s contract shall not be based on the Superintendent’s exercise of Falsification of records or other documents related to the District’s activities. ... HTML file of BJCF LOCAL PDF file of BJCF LOCAL Word document of BJCF LOCAL
DH(EXHIBIT) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCTStandard 1.6. The educator shall not falsify records, or direct or coerce others to do so. history, criminal history, and/or disciplinary record when applying for subsequent employment. ... HTML file of DH EXHIBIT PDF file of DH EXHIBIT Word document of DH EXHIBIT
EEM(LEGAL) INSTRUCTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS - JUVENILE RESIDENTIAL FACILITIESIf a district provides education services to pre-adjudicated and post-adjudicated students who are assigned campus to ensure that appropriate academic records are received within ten school days of ... HTML file of EEM LEGAL PDF file of EEM LEGAL Word document of EEM LEGAL
FFI(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM BULLYING Note:This policy addresses bullying of District students. For purposes of this policy, the term bullying includes ... HTML file of FFI LOCAL PDF file of FFI LOCAL Word document of FFI LOCAL
EHBE(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - BILINGUAL EDUCATION/ESLLanguage Proficiency Assessment Committees (LPAC)3 Participation of Non-LEP Students5 grades 9 through 12. The original copy of the survey shall be kept in the student’s permanent record. ... HTML file of EHBE LEGAL PDF file of EHBE LEGAL Word document of EHBE LEGAL
EKBA(LEGAL) STATE ASSESSMENT - ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS/LEP STUDENTSNote:The terms English language learner The LPAC shall document in the student’s permanent record file: of State with a Form I-94 Arrival/Departure record, or a successor document, issued by the U.S. ... HTML file of EKBA LEGAL PDF file of EKBA LEGAL Word document of EKBA LEGAL
DEA(LOCAL) COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS - COMPENSATION PLANThe Superintendent shall recommend an annual compensation plan for all District employees. The shall approve payments and ensure that accurate time records are kept of actual hours worked during ... HTML file of DEA LOCAL PDF file of DEA LOCAL Word document of DEA LOCAL
FDE(LOCAL) ADMISSIONS - SCHOOL SAFETY TRANSFERSThe Superintendent or designee shall ensure that the District complies with TEA guidelines for the in accordance with the District’s record retention schedule, documentation of notification to ... HTML file of FDE LOCAL PDF file of FDE LOCAL Word document of FDE LOCAL
CHG(LEGAL) PURCHASING AND ACQUISITION - REAL PROPERTY AND IMPROVEMENTSunder Local Government Code 271.004 and the records relating to its execution must be submitted to to the comptroller a report containing records and other information specified by Government Code ... HTML file of CHG LEGAL PDF file of CHG LEGAL Word document of CHG LEGAL
EHBI(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - ADULT AND COMMUNITY EDUCATION Records of staff qualifications and professional development shall be maintained by each grant ... HTML file of EHBI LEGAL PDF file of EHBI LEGAL Word document of EHBI LEGAL
DIA(LOCAL) EMPLOYEE WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, AND RETALIATIONFREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, AND RETALIATION Solely for purposes of this policy, the term “employee” includes former employees, applicants for employment, and unpaid interns. ... HTML file of DIA LOCAL PDF file of DIA LOCAL Word document of DIA LOCAL
DFBB(LOCAL) TERM CONTRACTS - NONRENEWALThe recommendation to the Board and its decision not to renew a contract under this policy shall not be based on an Falsification of records or other documents related to the District’s activities. ... HTML file of DFBB LOCAL PDF file of DFBB LOCAL Word document of DFBB LOCAL
CQ(LEGAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCESA district shall participate in the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) and through that system shall provide information required for the administration of the Foundation School ... HTML file of CQ LEGAL PDF file of CQ LEGAL Word document of CQ LEGAL
BBBA(LEGAL) ELECTIONS - CONDUCTING ELECTIONSday. The person posting the notice shall make a record at the time of posting stating the date and place of posting. The person shall sign the record and deliver it to the board after the last ... HTML file of BBBA LEGAL PDF file of BBBA LEGAL Word document of BBBA LEGAL
BBBD(LEGAL) ELECTIONS - CAMPAIGN ETHICS in a written opinion issued by a court of record, the attorney general, or the Ethics Commission. ... HTML file of BBBD LEGAL PDF file of BBBD LEGAL Word document of BBBD LEGAL
CCE(LEGAL) LOCAL REVENUE SOURCES - ATHLETIC STADIUM AUTHORITY Bonds issued under these provisions and the record relating to their issuance shall be submitted to ... HTML file of CCE LEGAL PDF file of CCE LEGAL Word document of CCE LEGAL
FD(LOCAL) ADMISSIONSThe student’s parent, legal guardian, or other person having lawful control shall annually complete registration forms. At the time of initial registration and on an annual Prior academic record. ... HTML file of FD LOCAL PDF file of FD LOCAL Word document of FD LOCAL
CL(LEGAL) BUILDINGS, GROUNDS, AND EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT Strategies for achieving energy efficiency, including facility design and construction A district shall record in ... HTML file of CL LEGAL PDF file of CL LEGAL Word document of CL LEGAL
DEAB(LEGAL) COMPENSATION PLAN - WAGE AND HOUR LAWSUnless an exemption applies, a district shall pay each of its employees not less than minimum wage for all hours worked. 29 U.S.C. 206(a)(1) Rest periods of up to 20 minutes must be counted as hours ... HTML file of DEAB LEGAL PDF file of DEAB LEGAL Word document of DEAB LEGAL
CNA(LEGAL) TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT - STUDENT TRANSPORTATION miles of a campus that law enforcement records indicate presents a high incidence of violent crimes. ... HTML file of CNA LEGAL PDF file of CNA LEGAL Word document of CNA LEGAL
FO(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE The board shall adopt a Student Code of Conduct for a district, with the advice of its district-level committee ... HTML file of FO LEGAL PDF file of FO LEGAL Word document of FO LEGAL
BQA(LEGAL) PLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING PROCESS - DISTRICT-LEVELIn a district that has only one campus, the district- and campus-level committees may be one committee and the district and campus plans may be one plan The results of the audit of dropout records; ... HTML file of BQA LEGAL PDF file of BQA LEGAL Word document of BQA LEGAL
CMD(LEGAL) EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES MANAGEMENT - INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS CARE AND ACCOUNTINGNote:For provisions regarding selection and adoption of instructional materials, see EFA. Instructional materials selected for use in the public schools shall be furnished without cost to the students ... HTML file of CMD LEGAL PDF file of CMD LEGAL Word document of CMD LEGAL
DC(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT PRACTICESA board shall adopt a policy providing for the open meeting, in the certified agenda or tape recording of a closed meeting, or in the recording required under Government Code 551.125 or 551.127, as ... HTML file of DC LEGAL PDF file of DC LEGAL Word document of DC LEGAL
EKB(LEGAL) TESTING PROGRAMS - STATE ASSESSMENTState Assessment of Academic Skills2 Notice to Parents and Students3 Testing in Grades 3–64 To Parents, Students, and Teachers5 Parents Right-to-Know Under ESEA5 Every student receiving instruction in the ... HTML file of EKB LEGAL PDF file of EKB LEGAL Word document of EKB LEGAL
AIB(LEGAL) ACCOUNTABILITY - PERFORMANCE REPORTINGTEA shall provide to each district a Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR). The intent of the district a student attends shall provide a record of the annual improvement information from TEA in ... HTML file of AIB LEGAL PDF file of AIB LEGAL Word document of AIB LEGAL
CRE(LEGAL) INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES MANAGEMENT - WORKERS' COMPENSATION more than one day. A district shall maintain a record of the date the report of injury is filed with ... HTML file of CRE LEGAL PDF file of CRE LEGAL Word document of CRE LEGAL
FFAC(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - MEDICAL TREATMENTThe school in which a minor student is enrolled may consent to medical, dental, psychological, and surgical treatment of that student, provided all of the following conditions are met: ... HTML file of FFAC LEGAL PDF file of FFAC LEGAL Word document of FFAC LEGAL
GRAA(EXHIBIT) STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITIES - LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIESEducation Code 37.015 requires principals to make reports to local law enforcement authorities of certain classes of offenses Any offense under Penal Code 37.10 (tampering with government record); ... HTML file of GRAA EXHIBIT PDF file of GRAA EXHIBIT Word document of GRAA EXHIBIT
CH(LEGAL) PURCHASING AND ACQUISITION Purchases Valued at or Above $50,0003 Contract with Person Indebted to District7 Safety Record10 ... HTML file of CH LEGAL PDF file of CH LEGAL Word document of CH LEGAL
DAA(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVES - EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITYA district shall not fail or refuse to hire or discharge any individual, or otherwise discriminate against any individual with respect to compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment ... HTML file of DAA LEGAL PDF file of DAA LEGAL Word document of DAA LEGAL
EL(LEGAL) CAMPUS OR PROGRAM CHARTERS For the purpose of this policy, “parent” is the person who is indicated on the student registration form at the ... HTML file of EL LEGAL PDF file of EL LEGAL Word document of EL LEGAL
FFEA(LEGAL) STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS/COUNSELING - COMPREHENSIVE GUIDANCE PROGRAM and keep as part of the student’s permanent record, this written consent by the parent or legal ... HTML file of FFEA LEGAL PDF file of FFEA LEGAL Word document of FFEA LEGAL
BAA(LEGAL) BOARD LEGAL STATUS - POWERS AND DUTIES Sue and be sued in the ... HTML file of BAA LEGAL PDF file of BAA LEGAL Word document of BAA LEGAL
FNCG(LEGAL) STUDENT CONDUCT - WEAPONSA student shall be expelled from school if the student engages in conduct that contains the elements of the offense of unlawfully carrying weapons under Penal Code 46.02, or elements of an offense ... HTML file of FNCG LEGAL PDF file of FNCG LEGAL Word document of FNCG LEGAL
GA(LEGAL) ACCESS TO PROGRAMS, SERVICES, AND ACTIVITIESACCESS TO PROGRAMS, SERVICES, AND ACTIVITIES No person shall, on the grounds of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to ... HTML file of GA LEGAL PDF file of GA LEGAL Word document of GA LEGAL
CRD(LEGAL) INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES MANAGEMENT - HEALTH AND LIFE INSURANCEDistricts with 500 or Fewer Employees Notwithstanding the above, a district that was individually self-funded on January 1, 2001, may elect not to participate in TRS-ActiveCare. Insurance Code ... HTML file of CRD LEGAL PDF file of CRD LEGAL Word document of CRD LEGAL
FOC(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE - PLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTINGPLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTING Removal Under Student Code of Conduct The Student Code of Conduct must specify conditions that Invasive Visual Recording. Penal Code 21.15 ... HTML file of FOC LEGAL PDF file of FOC LEGAL Word document of FOC LEGAL
DAB(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVES - GENETIC NONDISCRIMINATIONNote:The provisions below apply to a district that has 15 or more employees for each working day in each of 20 or more calendar weeks in the current or preceding calendar year. 42 U.S.C. 2000e(b ... HTML file of DAB LEGAL PDF file of DAB LEGAL Word document of DAB LEGAL
FB(LEGAL) EQUAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITYA district shall provide equal opportunities to all individuals within its jurisdiction or more of the student’s major life activities, has a record of having such an impairment, or is being ... HTML file of FB LEGAL PDF file of FB LEGAL Word document of FB LEGAL
BR(LEGAL) REPORTS preceding school year, for information, documents, and records and the total cost to the district of ... HTML file of BR LEGAL PDF file of BR LEGAL Word document of BR LEGAL
DH(LOCAL) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT comply with the District’s requirements for records retention and destruction to the extent those ... HTML file of DH LOCAL PDF file of DH LOCAL Word document of DH LOCAL
CKE(LEGAL) SAFETY PROGRAM/RISK MANAGEMENT - SECURITY PERSONNELSchool District Peace Officers and Security Personnel2 Mental Health Crisis or Substance Abuse Issue7 Officer-Involved Injury or Death8 Notice of Exposure to Communicable Disease10 ... HTML file of CKE LEGAL PDF file of CKE LEGAL Word document of CKE LEGAL
EHBAC(LEGAL) SPECIAL EDUCATION - STUDENTS IN NONDISTRICT PLACEMENTA district may enter into a written contract to jointly operate its special education program. The materials, and maintaining pupil accounting records. Materials and services provided shall be ... HTML file of EHBAC LEGAL PDF file of EHBAC LEGAL Word document of EHBAC LEGAL
DEAA(LEGAL) COMPENSATION PLAN - INCENTIVES AND STIPENDSA district shall provide in employment contracts that qualifying employees may receive an incentive payment under an awards program established under Education Code Chapter 21, Subchapter O (Educator ... HTML file of DEAA LEGAL PDF file of DEAA LEGAL Word document of DEAA LEGAL
FFAF(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - CARE PLANSThe parent or guardian of a student who will seek care for diabetes while at school or while participating in a school activity, and the physician responsible for the student’s diabetes treatment ... HTML file of FFAF LEGAL PDF file of FFAF LEGAL Word document of FFAF LEGAL
FOF(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE - STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIESStudents with Disabilities Under Section 504 A district shall conduct an evaluation in accordance with 34 C.F.R. 104.35(b) before taking any action with respect to any significant change in placement ... HTML file of FOF LEGAL PDF file of FOF LEGAL Word document of FOF LEGAL
BBD(LEGAL) BOARD MEMBERS - TRAINING AND ORIENTATION and make available for public inspection the record of its members’ completion of the training. The ... HTML file of BBD LEGAL PDF file of BBD LEGAL Word document of BBD LEGAL
BDAE(LEGAL) OFFICERS AND OFFICIALS - DUTIES AND REQUIREMENTS OF DEPOSITORYNote:The Texas Education Agency maintains information regarding depository contracts for districts, including the The charge for keeping district accounts, records, and reports and furnishing checks; ... HTML file of BDAE LEGAL PDF file of BDAE LEGAL Word document of BDAE LEGAL
DNB(LEGAL) PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL - EVALUATION OF CAMPUS ADMINISTRATORSThe employment policies adopted by a board must require a written evaluation at annual or more frequent intervals of each principal, supervisor, school counselor, or other full-time, certified ... HTML file of DNB LEGAL PDF file of DNB LEGAL Word document of DNB LEGAL
CNC(LEGAL) TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT - TRANSPORTATION SAFETYA district shall meet or exceed the safety standards for school buses established by the Department the district shall provide DPS with a record certifying the district’s completion of the training. ... HTML file of CNC LEGAL PDF file of CNC LEGAL Word document of CNC LEGAL
CQA(LEGAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES - DISTRICT, CAMPUS, AND CLASSROOM WEBSITES of 10,000 or more shall post the archived recording, or a link thereto, of its meetings under ... HTML file of CQA LEGAL PDF file of CQA LEGAL Word document of CQA LEGAL
CFA(LEGAL) ACCOUNTING - FINANCIAL REPORTS AND STATEMENTS A board must adopt and install a standard school fiscal accounting system that conforms with generally accepted ... HTML file of CFA LEGAL PDF file of CFA LEGAL Word document of CFA LEGAL
FFG(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECTA district shall provide child abuse antivictimization programs in elementary and secondary schools. Education Code 38.004 Any person who has cause to believe that a child’s physical or mental health ... HTML file of FFG LEGAL PDF file of FFG LEGAL Word document of FFG LEGAL
CV(LEGAL) FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION Note:For information on procuring goods and services under Education Code Chapter 44 The offeror’s safety record. ... HTML file of CV LEGAL PDF file of CV LEGAL Word document of CV LEGAL
CCG(LEGAL) LOCAL REVENUE SOURCES - AD VALOREM TAXES Tax Rate Adoption Requirements5 Failure to Adopt Tax Rate7 The board may levy, assess, and collect annual ad valorem ... HTML file of CCG LEGAL PDF file of CCG LEGAL Word document of CCG LEGAL
AIC(LEGAL) POLICY TITLEInterventions and Sanctions for School Districts3 Intervention to Improve High School Completion Rate5 Campus Intervention Team and Targeted Improvement Plan6 Actions Based on Campus Performance6 ... HTML file of AIC LEGAL PDF file of AIC LEGAL Word document of AIC LEGAL
DNA(LEGAL) PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL - EVALUATION OF TEACHERSNotice and Use of Evaluations2 The employment policies adopted by the board must require a written evaluation unless the document becomes part of the record in a contested case under the Administrative ... HTML file of DNA LEGAL PDF file of DNA LEGAL Word document of DNA LEGAL
GKA(LEGAL) COMMUNITY RELATIONS - CONDUCT ON SCHOOL PREMISESRefusal of Entry or Ejection of Unauthorized Persons2 Federal Gun-Free School Zones Act5 A district shall maintain a record of each verbal warning issued, including the name of the person ... HTML file of GKA LEGAL PDF file of GKA LEGAL Word document of GKA LEGAL
CDA(LEGAL) OTHER REVENUES - INVESTMENTSCertificates of Deposit and Share Certificates9 All investments made by a district shall comply with that the written instrument so adopted shall record any changes made to either the investment policy ... HTML file of CDA LEGAL PDF file of CDA LEGAL Word document of CDA LEGAL