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BBB(LOCAL) BOARD MEMBERS - ELECTIONSThe Board shall consist of seven members. Election of Board members shall be by position. Board members shall be elected for four-year terms, with elections conducted biennially, as follows: 241906 ... HTML file of BBB LOCAL PDF file of BBB LOCAL Word document of BBB LOCAL
CKC(LOCAL) SAFETY PROGRAM/RISK MANAGEMENT - EMERGENCY PLANSThe Superintendent shall ensure updating of the District’s Emergency Operations Plan and ongoing staff training. As required by law, the emergency operations plan shall include the District’s ... HTML file of CKC LOCAL PDF file of CKC LOCAL Word document of CKC LOCAL
GKDA(LOCAL) NONSCHOOL USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES - DISTRIBUTION OF NONSCHOOL LITERATUREWritten or printed materials, handbills, photographs, pictures, films, tapes, or other visual or auditory materials not sponsored by the District or by a District-affiliated school-support 241906 ... HTML file of GKDA LOCAL PDF file of GKDA LOCAL Word document of GKDA LOCAL
CCGB(LOCAL) AD VALOREM TAXES - ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTNote:The following provisions apply to applications filed on or after January 1, 2014. For provisions related to applications filed prior to this date, refer to the Board’s previous actions taken ... HTML file of CCGB LOCAL PDF file of CCGB LOCAL Word document of CCGB LOCAL
GF(LOCAL) PUBLIC COMPLAINTSIn this policy, the terms “complaint” and “grievance” shall have the same meaning. Complaints by members of the public shall be filed in accordance with this policy, except as required by the policies ... HTML file of GF LOCAL PDF file of GF LOCAL Word document of GF LOCAL
CDC(LOCAL) OTHER REVENUES - GIFTS AND SOLICITATIONSNote:For purposes of this policy, the terms “gift” and “donation” have the same meaning. The Board delegates to the Superintendent the authority to accept unsolicited gifts on behalf of the 241906 ... HTML file of CDC LOCAL PDF file of CDC LOCAL Word document of CDC LOCAL
FDA(LOCAL) ADMISSIONS - INTERDISTRICT TRANSFERSThe Superintendent is authorized to accept or reject any transfer requests, provided that such action is without regard to race, religion, color, sex, disability, national origin, or ancestral 241906 ... HTML file of FDA LOCAL PDF file of FDA LOCAL Word document of FDA LOCAL
GKD(LOCAL) COMMUNITY RELATIONS - NONSCHOOL USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIESThe District shall permit nonschool use of designated District facilities for educational, recreational, civic, or social activities when these activities do not conflict with school use or 241906 ... HTML file of GKD LOCAL PDF file of GKD LOCAL Word document of GKD LOCAL
BQA(LOCAL) PLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING PROCESS - DISTRICT-LEVELIn compliance with Education Code 11.251, the District-Level Committee shall advise the Board or its designee in establishing and reviewing the District’s educational goals, objectives, and 241906 ... HTML file of BQA LOCAL PDF file of BQA LOCAL Word document of BQA LOCAL
EIE(LOCAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - RETENTION AND PROMOTIONPromotion and course credit shall be based on mastery of the curriculum. Expectations and standards for promotion shall be established for each grade level, content area, and course and shall be ... HTML file of EIE LOCAL PDF file of EIE LOCAL Word document of EIE LOCAL
CQ(EXHIBIT) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCESSee the following pages for forms that may be used by the District regarding the use of its electronic communications system: Exhibit A:Sample Letter for Parents of System Users — 1 page ... HTML file of CQ EXHIBIT PDF file of CQ EXHIBIT Word document of CQ EXHIBIT
DGBA(LOCAL) PERSONNEL-MANAGEMENT RELATIONS - EMPLOYEE COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCESIn this policy, the terms “complaint” and “grievance” shall have the same meaning. Employee complaints shall be filed in accordance with this policy, except as required by the policies listed below ... HTML file of DGBA LOCAL PDF file of DGBA LOCAL Word document of DGBA LOCAL
AB(LOCAL) DISTRICT NAMEThe name of this school district is Louise Independent School District, herein referred to as “the District.” 241906 ... HTML file of AB LOCAL PDF file of AB LOCAL Word document of AB LOCAL
BJCB(LEGAL) SUPERINTENDENT - PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTThe Superintendent’s participation in team building sessions as part of the Board’s continuing education [see BBD] shall represent one component of the Superintendent’s ongoing professional de 241906 ... HTML file of BJCB LEGAL PDF file of BJCB LEGAL Word document of BJCB LEGAL
FFC(EXHIBIT) STUDENT WELFARE - STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICESThe District has designated the following employee as the liaison for homeless students: 408 Second Street, Louise, TX 77455 241906 ... HTML file of FFC EXHIBIT PDF file of FFC EXHIBIT Word document of FFC EXHIBIT
DFAA(LOCAL) PROBATIONARY CONTRACTS - SUSPENSION/TERMINATION DURING CONTRACTA probationary contract employee may be suspended with pay and placed on administrative leave by the Superintendent during an investigation of alleged misconduct by the employee or at any time 241906 ... HTML file of DFAA LOCAL PDF file of DFAA LOCAL Word document of DFAA LOCAL
DFBA(LOCAL) TERM CONTRACTS - SUSPENSION/TERMINATION DURING CONTRACTA term contract employee may be suspended with pay and placed on administrative leave by the Superintendent during an investigation of alleged misconduct by the employee or at any time the 241906 ... HTML file of DFBA LOCAL PDF file of DFBA LOCAL Word document of DFBA LOCAL
GE(LEGAL) RELATIONS WITH PARENT ORGANIZATIONSThe Board shall cooperate in the establishment of ongoing operations of at least one parent-teacher organization at each school in the District to promote parental involvement in school 241906 ... HTML file of GE LEGAL PDF file of GE LEGAL Word document of GE LEGAL
CCGA(LOCAL) AD VALOREM TAXES - EXEMPTIONS AND PAYMENTS Discount or split payment options shall not be provided for the payment of property taxes in the District. 241906 ... HTML file of CCGA LOCAL PDF file of CCGA LOCAL Word document of CCGA LOCAL
AE(LOCAL) EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHYThe mission of Louise ISD, a progressive, rural district, is to empower lifelong learners who: Have a vision of their future based on career choices; Become responsible, caring, productive citizens in ... HTML file of AE LOCAL PDF file of AE LOCAL Word document of AE LOCAL
BG(LEGAL) BOARD SELF-EVALUATIONThe commissioner of education shall develop a board improvement and evaluation tool. The evaluation tool must be research-based and designed to assist a school district in improving board 241906 ... HTML file of BG LEGAL PDF file of BG LEGAL Word document of BG LEGAL
DCE(LOCAL) EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES - OTHER TYPES OF CONTRACTSThe District shall employ on non-Chapter 21 contracts, not to be governed by Chapter 21 of the Education Code, the following positions: business manager, director of facilities, and director of 241906 ... HTML file of DCE LOCAL PDF file of DCE LOCAL Word document of DCE LOCAL
GBBA(LOCAL) SCHOOL COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAM - NEWS MEDIA RELATIONSNews releases concerning political or controversial issues or the overall operation of District schools, or involving more than one campus, shall be made only by the Superintendent. 241906 ... HTML file of GBBA LOCAL PDF file of GBBA LOCAL Word document of GBBA LOCAL
FM(LOCAL) STUDENT ACTIVITIESThe District shall make no distinction between absences for UIL activities and absences for other extracurricular activities approved by the Board. A student shall be allowed 15 extracurricular ... HTML file of FM LOCAL PDF file of FM LOCAL Word document of FM LOCAL
DEE(LOCAL) COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS - EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENTAn employee shall be reimbursed for reasonable, allowable expenses incurred in carrying out District business only with the prior approval of the employee’s supervisor and in accordance with ... HTML file of DEE LOCAL PDF file of DEE LOCAL Word document of DEE LOCAL
DHE(EXHIBIT) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT - SEARCHES AND ALCOHOL/DRUG TESTINGThis table depicts the circumstances under which an employer is required to perform a postaccident alcohol or controlled substances test, in accordance with 49 CFR 382.303(a). 241906 ... HTML file of DHE EXHIBIT PDF file of DHE EXHIBIT Word document of DHE EXHIBIT
FFG(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT Any person who has cause to believe that a child has been or may be abused or neglected by any person shall 241906 ... HTML file of FFG LOCAL PDF file of FFG LOCAL Word document of FFG LOCAL
GBAA(LOCAL) INFORMATION ACCESS - REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION As authorized by law, the District shall charge a requestor for additional personnel time spent producing 241906 ... HTML file of GBAA LOCAL PDF file of GBAA LOCAL Word document of GBAA LOCAL
FMA(LOCAL) STUDENT ACTIVITIES - SCHOOL-SPONSORED PUBLICATIONS All publications edited, published, and distributed in print or electronically in the name of the District 241906 ... HTML file of FMA LOCAL PDF file of FMA LOCAL Word document of FMA LOCAL
CJA(LOCAL) CONTRACTED SERVICES - CRIMINAL HISTORY In an emergency due to a health or safety concern, a reasonably unforeseeable situation, or other exigent 241906 ... HTML file of CJA LOCAL PDF file of CJA LOCAL Word document of CJA LOCAL
DF(LOCAL) TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT Board’s Designee for Certain Termination Actions The Superintendent shall serve as the Board’s designee to 241906 ... HTML file of DF LOCAL PDF file of DF LOCAL Word document of DF LOCAL
BBD(LOCAL) BOARD MEMBERS - TRAINING AND ORIENTATION The Superintendent shall fulfill the responsibilities of the public information coordinator and shall 241906 ... HTML file of BBD LOCAL PDF file of BBD LOCAL Word document of BBD LOCAL
CLA(LEGAL) BUILDINGS, GROUNDS, AND EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT - SECURITYThe board may adopt rules for the safety and welfare of students, employees, and property and other rules it considers necessary to protect and govern the district, including rules providing 241906 ... HTML file of CLA LEGAL PDF file of CLA LEGAL Word document of CLA LEGAL
CNA(LOCAL) TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT - STUDENT TRANSPORTATIONHazardous Traffic Conditions and HighRisk Areas If the District applies for the additional transportation allotment provided by the state for students who live within two miles of a school 241906 ... HTML file of CNA LOCAL PDF file of CNA LOCAL Word document of CNA LOCAL
BJCG(LEGAL) SUPERINTENDENT - RESIGNATION A superintendent may leave the employment of a district at the end of a school year without penalty by 241906 ... HTML file of BJCG LEGAL PDF file of BJCG LEGAL Word document of BJCG LEGAL
EFB(LEGAL) INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES - LIBRARY MEDIA PROGRAMS The School Library Programs: Standards and Guidelines for Texas are adopted by the Texas State Library and 241906 ... HTML file of EFB LEGAL PDF file of EFB LEGAL Word document of EFB LEGAL
FFF(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - STUDENT SAFETY The District shall notify a parent of a student with whom an educator is alleged to have engaged in 241906 ... HTML file of FFF LOCAL PDF file of FFF LOCAL Word document of FFF LOCAL
DFBB(EXHIBIT) TERM CONTRACTS - NONRENEWALExhibit A—Notice of Proposed Term Contract Nonrenewal Exhibit B—Documentation of Delivery: Notice of Proposed Nonrenewal Note:The forms on the following pages are provided to assist the District 241906 ... HTML file of DFBB EXHIBIT PDF file of DFBB EXHIBIT Word document of DFBB EXHIBIT
CPAB(LEGAL) OFFICE COMMUNICATIONS - MAIL AND DELIVERY Unless it has been opened to the public, by policy or practice, a school mail system is not a public forum 241906 ... HTML file of CPAB LEGAL PDF file of CPAB LEGAL Word document of CPAB LEGAL
DED(LOCAL) COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS - VACATIONS AND HOLIDAYSAn employee in a position that normally requires 240 or more workdays of service per year shall be entitled to vacation with pay, according to the following guidelines: ... HTML file of DED LOCAL PDF file of DED LOCAL Word document of DED LOCAL
FND(LEGAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - MARRIED STUDENTS Married students shall have the same rights and responsibilities as unmarried students. This includes the 241906 ... HTML file of FND LEGAL PDF file of FND LEGAL Word document of FND LEGAL
DEA(LOCAL) COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS - COMPENSATION PLANThe Superintendent shall recommend an annual compensation plan for all District employees. The compensation plan may include wage and salary structures, stipends, benefits, and incentives. [See 241906 ... HTML file of DEA LOCAL PDF file of DEA LOCAL Word document of DEA LOCAL
BJC(LEGAL) SUPERINTENDENT - CONTRACT A board may employ by contract a superintendent for a term not to exceed five years. Education Code 11.201 241906 ... HTML file of BJC LEGAL PDF file of BJC LEGAL Word document of BJC LEGAL
CLC(LEGAL) BUILDINGS, GROUNDS, AND EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT - TRAFFIC AND PARKING CONTROLSThe board may adopt rules providing for the operation and parking of vehicles on school property. The board may adopt and charge a reasonable fee for parking and for providing traffic control 241906 ... HTML file of CLC LEGAL PDF file of CLC LEGAL Word document of CLC LEGAL
GKC(LOCAL) COMMUNITY RELATIONS - VISITORS Prominent notices shall be posted at each campus requiring all visitors to first report to the campus main 241906 ... HTML file of GKC LOCAL PDF file of GKC LOCAL Word document of GKC LOCAL
EIF(LOCAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - GRADUATIONTo graduate, a student must complete the courses required by the District in addition to those mandated by the state. The District shall award state graduation credit in physical education for ... HTML file of EIF LOCAL PDF file of EIF LOCAL Word document of EIF LOCAL
FFAA(LOCAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS All students entering District schools for the first time in any grade shall provide evidence of having 241906 ... HTML file of FFAA LOCAL PDF file of FFAA LOCAL Word document of FFAA LOCAL
DEE(LEGAL) COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS - EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENTNote:For guidance regarding employee expense reimbursement, including per diem reimbursement, and income tax issues, see the TEA Financial Accountability System Resource Guide, Section 241906 ... HTML file of DEE LEGAL PDF file of DEE LEGAL Word document of DEE LEGAL
FNCA(LOCAL) STUDENT CONDUCT - DRESS CODEThe District’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, instill discipline, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, and teach respect for authority. 241906 ... HTML file of FNCA LOCAL PDF file of FNCA LOCAL Word document of FNCA LOCAL
BBF(LOCAL) BOARD MEMBERS - ETHICSAs a member of the Board, I shall promote the best interests of the District as a whole and, to that end, shall adhere to the following ethical standards: I will be fair, just, and impartial in 241906 ... HTML file of BBF LOCAL PDF file of BBF LOCAL Word document of BBF LOCAL
BDAA(LOCAL) OFFICERS AND OFFICIALS - DUTIES AND REQUIREMENTS OF BOARD OFFICERSDUTIES AND REQUIREMENTS OF BOARD OFFICERS Board officers shall serve for a term of two years or until a successor is elected. Officers may succeed themselves in office. Each officer shall perform any ... HTML file of BDAA LOCAL PDF file of BDAA LOCAL Word document of BDAA LOCAL
CE(LOCAL) ANNUAL OPERATING BUDGETThe District shall operate on a fiscal year beginning September 1 and ending August 31. Budget planning shall be an integral part of overall program planning so that the budget effectively 241906 ... HTML file of CE LOCAL PDF file of CE LOCAL Word document of CE LOCAL
CFD(LOCAL) ACCOUNTING - ACTIVITY FUNDS MANAGEMENTThe Superintendent, principal, and sponsor, as applicable, shall be responsible for the proper administration of District and campus activity funds and student activity funds in accordance with state ... HTML file of CFD LOCAL PDF file of CFD LOCAL Word document of CFD LOCAL
EIA(LOCAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - GRADING/PROGRESS REPORTS TO PARENTSRelation to Essential Knowledge and Skills Assignments, tests, projects, classroom activities, and other instructional activities shall be designed so that each student’s performance indicates 241906 ... HTML file of EIA LOCAL PDF file of EIA LOCAL Word document of EIA LOCAL
BQ(LOCAL) PLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING PROCESS The Board shall approve and periodically review the District’s vision, mission, and goals to improve student 241906 ... HTML file of BQ LOCAL PDF file of BQ LOCAL Word document of BQ LOCAL
DCE(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES - OTHER TYPES OF CONTRACTS Note:This policy applies only to employees whose contracts are not governed by Chapter 21 of the Education 241906 ... HTML file of DCE LEGAL PDF file of DCE LEGAL Word document of DCE LEGAL
DHE(LOCAL) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT - SEARCHES AND ALCOHOL/DRUG TESTINGThe District reserves the right to conduct searches when the District has reasonable suspicion to believe that a search will uncover evidence of work-related misconduct. The District may search 241906 ... HTML file of DHE LOCAL PDF file of DHE LOCAL Word document of DHE LOCAL
CB(LOCAL) STATE AND FEDERAL REVENUE SOURCESThe Superintendent shall be authorized to: Apply, on behalf of the Board, for any and all special federal and state grants and awards as deemed appropriate for the District’s operations; 241906 ... HTML file of CB LOCAL PDF file of CB LOCAL Word document of CB LOCAL
CPC(LOCAL) OFFICE MANAGEMENT - RECORDS MANAGEMENTThe Superintendent shall oversee the performance of records management functions prescribed by state and federal law: Records Administrator, as prescribed by Local Government Code 176.001 and 241906 ... HTML file of CPC LOCAL PDF file of CPC LOCAL Word document of CPC LOCAL
DEAB(LOCAL) COMPENSATION PLAN - WAGE AND HOUR LAWSThe Superintendent or designee shall determine the classification of positions or employees as “exempt” or “nonexempt” for purposes of payment of overtime in compliance with the Fair Labor 241906 ... HTML file of DEAB LOCAL PDF file of DEAB LOCAL Word document of DEAB LOCAL
DNA(LOCAL) PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL - EVALUATION OF TEACHERSThe formal appraisal of District teachers shall be in accordance with the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS). District teachers shall be appraised annually, except teachers who are ... HTML file of DNA LOCAL PDF file of DNA LOCAL Word document of DNA LOCAL
EC(LEGAL) SCHOOL DAYA board shall require students, once during each school day, to recite the pledges of allegiance to the United States and Texas flags. On written request from a student’s parent or guardian, a 241906 ... HTML file of EC LEGAL PDF file of EC LEGAL Word document of EC LEGAL
FFF(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - STUDENT SAFETYThe board shall adopt a policy under which notice is provided to the parent or guardian of a student with whom an educator is alleged to have engaged in the following misconduct: 241906 ... HTML file of FFF LEGAL PDF file of FFF LEGAL Word document of FFF LEGAL
FOB(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE - OUT-OF-SCHOOL SUSPENSIONThe principal or other appropriate administrator may suspend a student who engages in conduct identified in the Student Code of Conduct as conduct for which a student may be suspended 241906 ... HTML file of FOB LEGAL PDF file of FOB LEGAL Word document of FOB LEGAL
CVB(LEGAL) FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION - COMPETITIVE SEALED PROPOSALS Note:For additional legal requirements applicable to purchases with federal funds, see CBB. 241906 ... HTML file of CVB LEGAL PDF file of CVB LEGAL Word document of CVB LEGAL
DFBA(LEGAL) TERM CONTRACTS - SUSPENSION/TERMINATION DURING CONTRACT A board may, for good cause as determined by the board, suspend an employee without pay: 241906 ... HTML file of DFBA LEGAL PDF file of DFBA LEGAL Word document of DFBA LEGAL
EIC(LOCAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - CLASS RANKINGThe District shall include in the calculation of class rank grades earned in all high school credit courses taken in grades 9–12, unless excluded below. The District shall assign weights to semester ... HTML file of EIC LOCAL PDF file of EIC LOCAL Word document of EIC LOCAL
FEA(LOCAL) ATTENDANCE - COMPULSORY ATTENDANCEStudents in violation of the compulsory attendance law shall be reported to the District attendance officer, who may institute court action as provided by law. The student has been absent ten 241906 ... HTML file of FEA LOCAL PDF file of FEA LOCAL Word document of FEA LOCAL
GKDA(LEGAL) NONSCHOOL USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES - DISTRIBUTION OF NONSCHOOL LITERATUREThe District may create a public forum of a place or channel of communication for use by the public at large for assembly and speech, for use by certain speakers, or for the discussion of 241906 ... HTML file of GKDA LEGAL PDF file of GKDA LEGAL Word document of GKDA LEGAL
FNF(LOCAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - INVESTIGATIONS AND SEARCHES District officials may question a student regarding the student’s own conduct or the conduct of other 241906 ... HTML file of FNF LOCAL PDF file of FNF LOCAL Word document of FNF LOCAL
AE(LEGAL) EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHYA board shall adopt a vision statement and comprehensive goals for the district and the superintendent. Education Code 11.1511(b)(2) Public Education Mission, Goals, and Objectives 241906 ... HTML file of AE LEGAL PDF file of AE LEGAL Word document of AE LEGAL
CKD(LEGAL) SAFETY PROGRAM/RISK MANAGEMENT - EMERGENCY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND PROCEDURESEach school district shall make available at each campus in the District at least one automated external defibrillator, as defined by Health and Safety Code 779.001. A campus defibrillator must 241906 ... HTML file of CKD LEGAL PDF file of CKD LEGAL Word document of CKD LEGAL
CVA(LEGAL) FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION - COMPETITIVE BIDDINGNote:For additional legal requirements applicable to purchases with federal funds, see CBB. “Competitive bidding” is a procurement method by which a district contracts with a contractor for the 241906 ... HTML file of CVA LEGAL PDF file of CVA LEGAL Word document of CVA LEGAL
FFAD(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - COMMUNICABLE DISEASESSchool authorities, including a superintendent, principal, teacher, school health official, or counselor, should report to the local health authority those students attending school who are 241906 ... HTML file of FFAD LEGAL PDF file of FFAD LEGAL Word document of FFAD LEGAL
DBB(LOCAL) EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS - MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS AND COMMUNICABLE DISEASES The Superintendent or designee may require an employee to undergo a medical examination if information 241906 ... HTML file of DBB LOCAL PDF file of DBB LOCAL Word document of DBB LOCAL
BBA(LEGAL) BOARD MEMBERS - ELIGIBILITY/QUALIFICATIONS Note:If the district is subject to a court order or other binding legal determination, the district shall 241906 ... HTML file of BBA LEGAL PDF file of BBA LEGAL Word document of BBA LEGAL
CKC(LEGAL) SAFETY PROGRAM/RISK MANAGEMENT - EMERGENCY PLANSEach district shall adopt and implement a multihazard emergency operations plan for use in the district’s facilities. The plan must address mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery as 241906 ... HTML file of CKC LEGAL PDF file of CKC LEGAL Word document of CKC LEGAL
CVC(LEGAL) FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION - CONSTRUCTION MANAGER-AGENT Note:For additional legal requirements applicable to purchases with federal funds, see CBB. 241906 ... HTML file of CVC LEGAL PDF file of CVC LEGAL Word document of CVC LEGAL
FFB(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - CRISIS INTERVENTIONThe Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS), in coordination with TEA and regional education service centers (ESCs), shall provide and annually update a list of recommended best 241906 ... HTML file of FFB LEGAL PDF file of FFB LEGAL Word document of FFB LEGAL
BJA(LOCAL) SUPERINTENDENT - QUALIFICATIONS AND DUTIES In addition to responsibilities specifically provided by law or in the Superintendent’s contract, the 241906 ... HTML file of BJA LOCAL PDF file of BJA LOCAL Word document of BJA LOCAL
BJA(LEGAL) SUPERINTENDENT - QUALIFICATIONS AND DUTIESA person may not be employed as a superintendent unless the person holds an appropriate certificate or permit. The commissioner may waive the requirement for certification of a superintendent if 241906 ... HTML file of BJA LEGAL PDF file of BJA LEGAL Word document of BJA LEGAL
EIA(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - GRADING/PROGRESS REPORTS TO PARENTSA district shall adopt a grading policy, including provisions for the assignment of grades on class assignments and examinations, before each school year. A district grading policy: 241906 ... HTML file of EIA LEGAL PDF file of EIA LEGAL Word document of EIA LEGAL
FD(LOCAL) ADMISSIONSThe District shall not admit into its public schools any person age 21 or over unless otherwise required by law. The student’s parent, legal guardian, or other person having lawful control shall 241906 ... HTML file of FD LOCAL PDF file of FD LOCAL Word document of FD LOCAL
FFI(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM BULLYINGMeans a single significant act or a pattern of acts by one or more students directed at another student that exploits an imbalance of power and involves engaging in written or verbal expression 241906 ... HTML file of FFI LEGAL PDF file of FFI LEGAL Word document of FFI LEGAL
BE(LOCAL) BOARD MEETINGSThe notice for a Board meeting shall reflect the date, time, and location of the meeting. Regular meetings of the Board shall normally be held on the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. 241906 ... HTML file of BE LOCAL PDF file of BE LOCAL Word document of BE LOCAL
BQB(LOCAL) PLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING PROCESS - CAMPUS-LEVELA campus-level committee shall be established on each campus to assist the principal. The committee shall meet for the purpose of implementing planning processes and site-based decision making in ... HTML file of BQB LOCAL PDF file of BQB LOCAL Word document of BQB LOCAL
CCF(LEGAL) LOCAL REVENUE SOURCES - LOANS AND NOTESLoan Secured by Delinquent Tax Pledge The board may pledge its delinquent taxes levied for maintenance purposes for specific past, current, and future school years as security for a loan, and 241906 ... HTML file of CCF LEGAL PDF file of CCF LEGAL Word document of CCF LEGAL
EL(LOCAL) CAMPUS OR PROGRAM CHARTERSNote:For purposes of this policy, the term campus charter includes a program charter. The Board shall consider an application for a campus charter if the applicant: A public forum shall be held 241906 ... HTML file of EL LOCAL PDF file of EL LOCAL Word document of EL LOCAL
GKC(LEGAL) COMMUNITY RELATIONS - VISITORSA district may require a person who enters a district campus to display the person’s driver’s license or another form of identification containing the person’s photograph issued by a 241906 ... HTML file of GKC LEGAL PDF file of GKC LEGAL Word document of GKC LEGAL
BJCE(LEGAL) SUPERINTENDENT - SUSPENSION/TERMINATION DURING CONTRACT A board may, for good cause as determined by the board, suspend a superintendent without pay pending 241906 ... HTML file of BJCE LEGAL PDF file of BJCE LEGAL Word document of BJCE LEGAL
CAA(LOCAL) FISCAL MANAGEMENT GOALS AND OBJECTIVES - FINANCIAL ETHICSAll Trustees, employees, vendors, contractors, agents, consultants, volunteers, and any other parties who are involved in the District’s financial transactions shall act with integrity and diligence ... HTML file of CAA LOCAL PDF file of CAA LOCAL Word document of CAA LOCAL
CVF(LEGAL) FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION - JOB ORDER CONTRACTS Note:For additional legal requirements applicable to purchases with federal funds, see CBB. 241906 ... HTML file of CVF LEGAL PDF file of CVF LEGAL Word document of CVF LEGAL
EB(LEGAL) SCHOOL YEAR A district may not begin instruction for students for a school year before the fourth Monday in August unless 241906 ... HTML file of EB LEGAL PDF file of EB LEGAL Word document of EB LEGAL
FEC(LOCAL) ATTENDANCE - ATTENDANCE FOR CREDITThis policy shall apply to a student who has not been in attendance for 90 percent of the days the class is offered. All absences shall be considered in determining whether a student has 241906 ... HTML file of FEC LOCAL PDF file of FEC LOCAL Word document of FEC LOCAL
FO(LOCAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINEThe District’s rules of discipline are maintained in the Board-adopted Student Code of Conduct and are established to support an environment conducive to teaching and learning. 241906 ... HTML file of FO LOCAL PDF file of FO LOCAL Word document of FO LOCAL
FP(LEGAL) STUDENT FEES, FINES, AND CHARGESA board may require payment of: A fee for materials used in any program in which the resultant product in excess of minimum requirements becomes, at the student’s option, the personal property 241906 ... HTML file of FP LEGAL PDF file of FP LEGAL Word document of FP LEGAL
BBBC(LEGAL) ELECTIONS - CAMPAIGN FINANCE Each candidate shall appoint a campaign treasurer as provided by Election Code, Chapter 252. An individual may ... HTML file of BBBC LEGAL PDF file of BBBC LEGAL Word document of BBBC LEGAL
CNB(LEGAL) TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT - DISTRICT VEHICLES Note:For additional legal requirements applicable to purchases with federal funds, see CBB. ... HTML file of CNB LEGAL PDF file of CNB LEGAL Word document of CNB LEGAL
CRB(LEGAL) INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES MANAGEMENT - LIABILITY INSURANCE A district may purchase insurance to protect itself and its board members from the cost and expense of defending ... HTML file of CRB LEGAL PDF file of CRB LEGAL Word document of CRB LEGAL
EHBAD(LEGAL) SPECIAL EDUCATION - TRANSITION SERVICES “Transition services” means a coordinated set of activities for a child with a disability that: ... HTML file of EHBAD LEGAL PDF file of EHBAD LEGAL Word document of EHBAD LEGAL
DH(LEGAL) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT Educators shall comply with standard practices and ethical conduct toward students, professional colleagues, school ... HTML file of DH LEGAL PDF file of DH LEGAL Word document of DH LEGAL
EF(LOCAL) INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCESNote:For information related to the selection process and accounting of instructional materials, as this term is defined by state law and rule, see CMD and EFA. The District shall provide a wide range ... HTML file of EF LOCAL PDF file of EF LOCAL Word document of EF LOCAL
FEB(LEGAL) ATTENDANCE - ATTENDANCE ACCOUNTING A district must maintain records to reflect the average daily attendance for the allocation of Foundation School ... HTML file of FEB LEGAL PDF file of FEB LEGAL Word document of FEB LEGAL
FFI(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM BULLYING Note:This policy addresses bullying of District students. For purposes of this policy, the term bullying includes ... HTML file of FFI LOCAL PDF file of FFI LOCAL Word document of FFI LOCAL
GKD(LEGAL) COMMUNITY RELATIONS - NONSCHOOL USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIESAn officer or employee of a district who is acting or purporting to act in an official capacity may not, because of a person’s race, religion, color, sex, or national origin: ... HTML file of GKD LEGAL PDF file of GKD LEGAL Word document of GKD LEGAL
GKG(LEGAL) COMMUNITY RELATIONS - SCHOOL VOLUNTEER PROGRAMA district shall develop a volunteer program. In developing the program, a district shall consider volunteers a resource that requires advance planning and preparation for effective use. If ... HTML file of GKG LEGAL PDF file of GKG LEGAL Word document of GKG LEGAL
CO(LEGAL) FOOD AND NUTRITION MANAGEMENT The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) administers federal and state nutrition programs, including the National ... HTML file of CO LEGAL PDF file of CO LEGAL Word document of CO LEGAL
DECB(LEGAL) LEAVES AND ABSENCES - MILITARY LEAVENote:This policy addresses leave for an employee’s military service. For provisions on leaves in general, see DEC. For provisions regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), including FML for ... HTML file of DECB LEGAL PDF file of DECB LEGAL Word document of DECB LEGAL
EF(LEGAL) INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCESA district possesses significant discretion to determine the content of its school libraries. A district must, however, exercise its discretion in a manner consistent with the First Amendment. ... HTML file of EF LEGAL PDF file of EF LEGAL Word document of EF LEGAL
EFA(LEGAL) INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES - INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALSNote:For provisions regarding inventory and requisition of instructional materials, see CMD. “Instructional material” is defined as content that conveys the essential knowledge and skills of a subject ... HTML file of EFA LEGAL PDF file of EFA LEGAL Word document of EFA LEGAL
EIC(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - CLASS RANKING Automatic Admission to Institution of Higher Education All applicants from Texas schools accredited by a generally ... HTML file of EIC LEGAL PDF file of EIC LEGAL Word document of EIC LEGAL
EK(LEGAL) TESTING PROGRAMSIn addition to the state-administered assessment instruments, a district may adopt and administer criterion-referenced or norm-referenced assessment instruments, or both, at any grade level. A ... HTML file of EK LEGAL PDF file of EK LEGAL Word document of EK LEGAL
FFEA(LEGAL) STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS/COUNSELING - COMPREHENSIVE GUIDANCE PROGRAM A district with 500 or more students enrolled in elementary school grades shall employ a certified school ... HTML file of FFEA LEGAL PDF file of FFEA LEGAL Word document of FFEA LEGAL
EHB(LEGAL) CURRICULUM DESIGN - SPECIAL PROGRAMS Parental Notice of Assistance for Learning Difficulties Each school year, a district shall notify a parent of each ... HTML file of EHB LEGAL PDF file of EHB LEGAL Word document of EHB LEGAL
BAA(LEGAL) BOARD LEGAL STATUS - POWERS AND DUTIES Note:This policy addresses the powers and duties of the board set forth in Education Code Chapter 11, Subchapter D ... HTML file of BAA LEGAL PDF file of BAA LEGAL Word document of BAA LEGAL
CDA(LOCAL) OTHER REVENUES - INVESTMENTSThe Superintendent or other person designated by Board resolution shall serve as the investment officer of the District and shall invest District funds as directed by the Board and in accordance with ... HTML file of CDA LOCAL PDF file of CDA LOCAL Word document of CDA LOCAL
CRG(LEGAL) INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES MANAGEMENT - DEFERRED COMPENSATION AND ANNUITIES A district, either alone or by contract with other political subdivisions, may create and administer for its ... HTML file of CRG LEGAL PDF file of CRG LEGAL Word document of CRG LEGAL
CVE(LEGAL) FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION - DESIGN-BUILD Note:For additional legal requirements applicable to purchases with federal funds, see CBB. ... HTML file of CVE LEGAL PDF file of CVE LEGAL Word document of CVE LEGAL
FL(LOCAL) STUDENT RECORDSThe Superintendent or designee shall develop and maintain a comprehensive system of student records and reports dealing with all facets of the school program operation and shall ensure through ... HTML file of FL LOCAL PDF file of FL LOCAL Word document of FL LOCAL
FNCG(LEGAL) STUDENT CONDUCT - WEAPONSA student shall be expelled from school if the student engages in conduct that contains the elements of the offense of unlawfully carrying weapons under Penal Code 46.02, or elements of an offense ... HTML file of FNCG LEGAL PDF file of FNCG LEGAL Word document of FNCG LEGAL
BBC(LEGAL) BOARD MEMBERS - VACANCIES AND REMOVAL FROM OFFICE Note:If the district is subject to a court order or other binding legal determination, the district shall conduct ... HTML file of BBC LEGAL PDF file of BBC LEGAL Word document of BBC LEGAL
BQ(LEGAL) PLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING PROCESSA board shall adopt a policy to establish a district- and campus-level planning and decision-making process that will involve the professional staff of a district, parents of students enrolled in a ... HTML file of BQ LEGAL PDF file of BQ LEGAL Word document of BQ LEGAL
BR(LEGAL) REPORTS Note:The following is an index of periodic reports that are addressed in the legally referenced material of the ... HTML file of BR LEGAL PDF file of BR LEGAL Word document of BR LEGAL
CL(LEGAL) BUILDINGS, GROUNDS, AND EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT A board shall establish a long-range energy plan to reduce a district’s annual electric consumption by five percent ... HTML file of CL LEGAL PDF file of CL LEGAL Word document of CL LEGAL
CVD(LEGAL) FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION - CONSTRUCTION MANAGER-AT-RISK Note:For additional legal requirements applicable to purchases with federal funds, see CBB. ... HTML file of CVD LEGAL PDF file of CVD LEGAL Word document of CVD LEGAL
EHBD(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - FEDERAL TITLE I Note:The following contains basic requirements for districts and schools receiving Title I, Part A funds, but ... HTML file of EHBD LEGAL PDF file of EHBD LEGAL Word document of EHBD LEGAL
GBAA(EXHIBIT) INFORMATION ACCESS - REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION The charges in this exhibit, to recover costs associated with providing copies of public information, are based ... HTML file of GBAA EXHIBIT PDF file of GBAA EXHIBIT Word document of GBAA EXHIBIT
CNC(LEGAL) TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT - TRANSPORTATION SAFETY A district shall meet or exceed the safety standards for school buses established by the Department of Public ... HTML file of CNC LEGAL PDF file of CNC LEGAL Word document of CNC LEGAL
BBBB(LEGAL) ELECTIONS - POST-ELECTION PROCEDURESNote:If the district is subject to a court order or other binding legal determination, the district shall conduct its elections in accordance with that court order or determination, applicable law ... HTML file of BBBB LEGAL PDF file of BBBB LEGAL Word document of BBBB LEGAL
BEC(LEGAL) BOARD MEETINGS - CLOSED MEETINGSA board may conduct a closed meeting for the purposes described in the following provisions. A board may conduct a private consultation with its attorney only when it seeks the attorney’s advice about ... HTML file of BEC LEGAL PDF file of BEC LEGAL Word document of BEC LEGAL
CQ(REGULATION) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCESThe Superintendent or designee will oversee the District’s electronic communications system. The District will provide training in proper use of the system and will provide all users with copies of ... HTML file of CQ REGULATION PDF file of CQ REGULATION Word document of CQ REGULATION
FFC(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES A district shall appoint at least one educator, as defined by Education Code 5.001(5), to act as a liaison officer ... HTML file of FFC LEGAL PDF file of FFC LEGAL Word document of FFC LEGAL
FNG(LEGAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - STUDENT AND PARENT COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCESA district shall take no action abridging the freedom of speech or the right of the people to petition the board for redress of grievances. U.S. Const. Amend. I, XIV [See FNA] ... HTML file of FNG LEGAL PDF file of FNG LEGAL Word document of FNG LEGAL
COA(LEGAL) FOOD AND NUTRITION MANAGEMENT - PROCUREMENT Note:For additional legal requirements applicable to purchases with federal funds, including 2 C.F.R. 200, see CBB. ... HTML file of COA LEGAL PDF file of COA LEGAL Word document of COA LEGAL
BBB(LEGAL) BOARD MEMBERS - ELECTIONS Note:If the district is subject to a court order or other binding legal determination, the district shall conduct ... HTML file of BBB LEGAL PDF file of BBB LEGAL Word document of BBB LEGAL
BBD(LEGAL) BOARD MEMBERS - TRAINING AND ORIENTATION Not later than the 90th day after taking the oath of office, each board member shall complete training of not less ... HTML file of BBD LEGAL PDF file of BBD LEGAL Word document of BBD LEGAL
BDAE(LEGAL) OFFICERS AND OFFICIALS - DUTIES AND REQUIREMENTS OF DEPOSITORYNote:The Texas Education Agency maintains information regarding depository contracts for districts, including the forms referenced in this policy. A school depository must be a bank located in this ... HTML file of BDAE LEGAL PDF file of BDAE LEGAL Word document of BDAE LEGAL
DNB(LEGAL) PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL - EVALUATION OF CAMPUS ADMINISTRATORSThe employment policies adopted by a board must require a written evaluation at annual or more frequent intervals of each principal, supervisor, school counselor, or other full-time, certified ... HTML file of DNB LEGAL PDF file of DNB LEGAL Word document of DNB LEGAL
EKBA(LEGAL) STATE ASSESSMENT - ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS/LEP STUDENTS Note:The terms English language learner and limited English proficient student are used interchangeably. 19 TAC ... HTML file of EKBA LEGAL PDF file of EKBA LEGAL Word document of EKBA LEGAL
FBA(LEGAL) EQUAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY - SERVICE ANIMALSNote:The following provisions are from federal law. “Service animal” means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including ... HTML file of FBA LEGAL PDF file of FBA LEGAL Word document of FBA LEGAL
FDB(LEGAL) ADMISSIONS - INTRADISTRICT TRANSFERS AND CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENTSA board or its designee may assign and transfer any student from one school facility or classroom to another facility or classroom within its jurisdiction. Education Code 25.031 ... HTML file of FDB LEGAL PDF file of FDB LEGAL Word document of FDB LEGAL
CCGA(LEGAL) AD VALOREM TAXES - EXEMPTIONS AND PAYMENTSPerforming Services in Lieu of Paying Taxes8 “Disabled” means under a disability for purposes of payment of disability insurance benefits under Federal Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance. Tax ... HTML file of CCGA LEGAL PDF file of CCGA LEGAL Word document of CCGA LEGAL
AF(LEGAL) INNOVATION DISTRICTS “District-level committee” means the committee established under Education Code 11.251, or a comparable committee if ... HTML file of AF LEGAL PDF file of AF LEGAL Word document of AF LEGAL
AG(LEGAL) HOME-RULE DISTRICTSA district may choose to operate under a home-rule charter. Adoption of a home-rule charter does not affect: Taxes or bonds of the district authorized before the effective date of the charter. ... HTML file of AG LEGAL PDF file of AG LEGAL Word document of AG LEGAL
CE(LEGAL) ANNUAL OPERATING BUDGETA district shall not lend its credit or gratuitously grant public money or things of value in aid of any individual, association, or corporation. Tex. Const. Art. III, Sec. 52; Brazoria County v ... HTML file of CE LEGAL PDF file of CE LEGAL Word document of CE LEGAL
CLB(LEGAL) BUILDINGS, GROUNDS, AND EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT - MAINTENANCEA school building must be located on grounds that are well-drained and maintained in a sanitary condition. A school building must be properly ventilated and provided with an adequate supply of ... HTML file of CLB LEGAL PDF file of CLB LEGAL Word document of CLB LEGAL
FFAB(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - IMMUNIZATIONSEach student shall be fully immunized against diphtheria, rubeola (measles), rubella, mumps, tetanus, and poliomyelitis. The Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) may modify or delete any ... HTML file of FFAB LEGAL PDF file of FFAB LEGAL Word document of FFAB LEGAL
EHBE(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - BILINGUAL EDUCATION/ESLLanguage Proficiency Assessment Committees (LPAC)3 Participation of Non-LEP Students5 LEP Students and State Assessments12 Post-Exit Monitoring and Reenrollment13 Note:The terms English language learner ... HTML file of EHBE LEGAL PDF file of EHBE LEGAL Word document of EHBE LEGAL
FFG(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT A district shall provide child abuse antivictimization programs in elementary and secondary schools. Education ... HTML file of FFG LEGAL PDF file of FFG LEGAL Word document of FFG LEGAL
DEC(LOCAL) COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS - LEAVES AND ABSENCESThe term “immediate family” is defined as: Son or daughter, including a biological, adopted, or foster child, a son- or daughter-in-law, a stepchild, a legal ward, or a child for whom the employee ... HTML file of DEC LOCAL PDF file of DEC LOCAL Word document of DEC LOCAL
EHAA(LEGAL) BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM - REQUIRED INSTRUCTION (ALL LEVELS)A primary purpose of the public school curriculum is to prepare thoughtful, active citizens who understand the importance of patriotism and can function productively in a free enterprise society with ... HTML file of EHAA LEGAL PDF file of EHAA LEGAL Word document of EHAA LEGAL
EL(LEGAL) CAMPUS OR PROGRAM CHARTERS For the purpose of this policy, “parent” is the person who is indicated on the student registration form at the ... HTML file of EL LEGAL PDF file of EL LEGAL Word document of EL LEGAL
CKE(LEGAL) SAFETY PROGRAM/RISK MANAGEMENT - SECURITY PERSONNELSchool District Peace Officers and Security Personnel2 Mental Health Crisis or Substance Abuse Issue7 Officer-Involved Injury or Death8 Notice of Exposure to Communicable Disease10 ... HTML file of CKE LEGAL PDF file of CKE LEGAL Word document of CKE LEGAL
CPC(LEGAL) OFFICE MANAGEMENT - RECORDS MANAGEMENT“Custodian” means the appointed or elected public officer who by the state constitution, state law, ordinance, or administrative policy is in charge of an office that creates or receives local ... HTML file of CPC LEGAL PDF file of CPC LEGAL Word document of CPC LEGAL
DEA(LEGAL) COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS - COMPENSATION PLANA district shall pay each classroom teacher, full-time librarian, full-time school counselor, or full-time nurse not less than the minimum monthly salary, based on the employee’s level of experience ... HTML file of DEA LEGAL PDF file of DEA LEGAL Word document of DEA LEGAL
EHDD(LEGAL) ALTERNATIVE METHODS FOR EARNING CREDIT - COLLEGE COURSE WORK/DUAL CREDITEach school year, a district shall notify the parent of each student enrolled in grade 9 or above of the availability of programs under which a student may earn college credit, including advanced ... HTML file of EHDD LEGAL PDF file of EHDD LEGAL Word document of EHDD LEGAL
FFAA(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS Annually, a district shall assess the physical fitness of students in grade 3 or higher in a course that ... HTML file of FFAA LEGAL PDF file of FFAA LEGAL Word document of FFAA LEGAL
GRAA(LEGAL) STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITIES - LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIESA principal or designee shall notify local law enforcement if the principal has reasonable grounds to believe that any of the following activities occurred in school, on school property, or at a ... HTML file of GRAA LEGAL PDF file of GRAA LEGAL Word document of GRAA LEGAL
COB(LEGAL) FOOD AND NUTRITION MANAGEMENT - FREE AND REDUCED-PRICE MEALSThe school food authority (SFA) shall ensure that lunches and meal supplements are made available free or at a reduced-price to all children who are determined by the SFA to be eligible for such ... HTML file of COB LEGAL PDF file of COB LEGAL Word document of COB LEGAL
CJA(LEGAL) CONTRACTED SERVICES - CRIMINAL HISTORYCriminal History—Certain Contractor Employees2 Criminal History—Certain Public Works Contractors5 A person or business entity that enters into a contract with a district must give advance notice to the ... HTML file of CJA LEGAL PDF file of CJA LEGAL Word document of CJA LEGAL
DMA(LEGAL) PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - REQUIRED STAFF DEVELOPMENTThe staff development provided by a district to an educator other than a principal must be conducted in accordance with standards developed by the district and designed to improve education in the ... HTML file of DMA LEGAL PDF file of DMA LEGAL Word document of DMA LEGAL
EHBAA(LEGAL) SPECIAL EDUCATION - IDENTIFICATION, EVALUATION, AND ELIGIBILITYA district shall ensure that all children residing within the district who have disabilities, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, and who are in need of special education and related ... HTML file of EHBAA LEGAL PDF file of EHBAA LEGAL Word document of EHBAA LEGAL
EHBG(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - PREKINDERGARTENNote:Only districts that identify 15 or more eligible students are required to provide prekindergarten programs. A district shall offer prekindergarten classes if it identifies 15 or more eligible ... HTML file of EHBG LEGAL PDF file of EHBG LEGAL Word document of EHBG LEGAL
FB(LEGAL) EQUAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITYA district shall provide equal opportunities to all individuals within its jurisdiction or geographic boundaries. Education Code 1.002(a) No officer or employee of a district shall, when acting or ... HTML file of FB LEGAL PDF file of FB LEGAL Word document of FB LEGAL
FEA(LEGAL) ATTENDANCE - COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE Students who are at least six years of age, or who have been previously enrolled in first grade, and who have not ... HTML file of FEA LEGAL PDF file of FEA LEGAL Word document of FEA LEGAL
CCG(LEGAL) LOCAL REVENUE SOURCES - AD VALOREM TAXES Tax Rate Adoption Requirements5 Failure to Adopt Tax Rate7 The board may levy, assess, and collect annual ad valorem ... HTML file of CCG LEGAL PDF file of CCG LEGAL Word document of CCG LEGAL
DAA(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVES - EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITYA district shall not fail or refuse to hire or discharge any individual, or otherwise discriminate against any individual with respect to compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment ... HTML file of DAA LEGAL PDF file of DAA LEGAL Word document of DAA LEGAL
EHBAE(LEGAL) SPECIAL EDUCATION - PROCEDURAL REQUIREMENTSA district shall establish and maintain procedures to ensure that children with disabilities and their parents are guaranteed procedural safeguards with respect to the provision of a free appropriate ... HTML file of EHBAE LEGAL PDF file of EHBAE LEGAL Word document of EHBAE LEGAL
CMD(LEGAL) EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES MANAGEMENT - INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS CARE AND ACCOUNTINGNote:For provisions regarding selection and adoption of instructional materials, see EFA. Instructional materials selected for use in the public schools shall be furnished without cost to the students ... HTML file of CMD LEGAL PDF file of CMD LEGAL Word document of CMD LEGAL
CS(LEGAL) FACILITY STANDARDSAll new facilities must meet the commissioner’s standards for adequacy of school facilities to be eligible to be financed with state or local tax funds. Education Code 46.008 ... HTML file of CS LEGAL PDF file of CS LEGAL Word document of CS LEGAL
CCGB(LEGAL) AD VALOREM TAXES - ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTProperty Redevelopment and Tax Abatement Act4 Reinvestment Zone for Chapter 3134 Minimum Amounts of Qualified Investment10 Application for Limitation on Appraised Value11 The amount of a district’s tax ... HTML file of CCGB LEGAL PDF file of CCGB LEGAL Word document of CCGB LEGAL
FFAC(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - MEDICAL TREATMENTThe school in which a minor student is enrolled may consent to medical, dental, psychological, and surgical treatment of that student, provided all of the following conditions are met: ... HTML file of FFAC LEGAL PDF file of FFAC LEGAL Word document of FFAC LEGAL
BE(LEGAL) BOARD MEETINGSA board may act only by majority vote of the members present at a meeting held in compliance with Government Code Chapter 551, at which a quorum of the board is present and voting. A majority vote is ... HTML file of BE LEGAL PDF file of BE LEGAL Word document of BE LEGAL
CCA(LEGAL) LOCAL REVENUE SOURCES - BOND ISSUESThe board may issue bonds for: The construction, acquisition, and equipment of school buildings in the district; The acquisition of property or the refinancing of property under a contract entered ... HTML file of CCA LEGAL PDF file of CCA LEGAL Word document of CCA LEGAL
EHDE(LEGAL) ALTERNATIVE METHODS FOR EARNING CREDIT - DISTANCE LEARNINGCredit toward state graduation requirements may be granted for distance learning and correspondence courses only as follows: The institution offering the correspondence course is The University of ... HTML file of EHDE LEGAL PDF file of EHDE LEGAL Word document of EHDE LEGAL
EIE(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - RETENTION AND PROMOTIONA student may be promoted only on the basis of academic achievement or demonstrated proficiency of the subject matter of the course or grade level. [See EI] In determining promotion, a district shall ... HTML file of EIE LEGAL PDF file of EIE LEGAL Word document of EIE LEGAL
FM(LEGAL) STUDENT ACTIVITIESA student enrolled in the District or who participates in an extracurricular activity or a University Interscholastic League (UIL) competition is subject to District policy and UIL rules regarding ... HTML file of FM LEGAL PDF file of FM LEGAL Word document of FM LEGAL
FOD(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE - EXPULSIONA student younger than ten years of age shall not be expelled but shall be placed in a disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP). Education Code 37.007(e)(2), (h) A person who is 21 years of ... HTML file of FOD LEGAL PDF file of FOD LEGAL Word document of FOD LEGAL
CRD(LEGAL) INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES MANAGEMENT - HEALTH AND LIFE INSURANCEDistricts with 500 or Fewer Employees Notwithstanding the above, a district that was individually self-funded on January 1, 2001, may elect not to participate in TRS-ActiveCare. Insurance Code ... HTML file of CRD LEGAL PDF file of CRD LEGAL Word document of CRD LEGAL
FOC(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE - PLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTINGPLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTING Removal Under Student Code of Conduct The Student Code of Conduct must specify conditions that authorize or require a principal or other ... HTML file of FOC LEGAL PDF file of FOC LEGAL Word document of FOC LEGAL
CBB(LEGAL) STATE AND FEDERAL REVENUE SOURCES - FEDERALThe Texas Education Agency (TEA) may enter into an agreement with a federal agency concerning a project related to education, including provision of school lunches and construction of school ... HTML file of CBB LEGAL PDF file of CBB LEGAL Word document of CBB LEGAL
DNA(LEGAL) PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL - EVALUATION OF TEACHERSNotice and Use of Evaluations2 The employment policies adopted by the board must require a written evaluation of each teacher at annual or more frequent intervals. A teacher appraisal must be done at ... HTML file of DNA LEGAL PDF file of DNA LEGAL Word document of DNA LEGAL
FD(LEGAL) ADMISSIONSA board or its designee shall admit into the public schools of a district free of tuition all persons who are over five and younger than 21 years of age on September 1 of any school year in which ... HTML file of FD LEGAL PDF file of FD LEGAL Word document of FD LEGAL
GBA(LEGAL) PUBLIC INFORMATION PROGRAM - ACCESS TO PUBLIC INFORMATIONRight of Access to Public Information2 Information That Must Be Disclosed2 Information District Is Not Required to Release4 Confidential Information Under the Public Information Act or Other Law5 ... HTML file of GBA LEGAL PDF file of GBA LEGAL Word document of GBA LEGAL
DECA(LEGAL) LEAVES AND ABSENCES - FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVENote:This policy summarizes the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and implementing regulations, including FML for an employee seeking leave because of a relative’s military service. For provisions ... HTML file of DECA LEGAL PDF file of DECA LEGAL Word document of DECA LEGAL
GBAA(LEGAL) INFORMATION ACCESS - REQUESTS FOR INFORMATIONOfficer for Public Information and Required Notices2 Requests to Narrow or Clarify4 Requests Requiring Programming or Manipulation6 Charges Regarding Public Information Requests12 ... HTML file of GBAA LEGAL PDF file of GBAA LEGAL Word document of GBAA LEGAL
FL(LEGAL) STUDENT RECORDSAcademic Achievement Record (Grades 9–12)4 Record of Access to Student Records14 Records of Students with Disabilities15 Oral Notice of Arrest or Referral21 Oral Notice of Conviction or Adjudication21 ... HTML file of FL LEGAL PDF file of FL LEGAL Word document of FL LEGAL
FNG(EXHIBIT) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - STUDENT AND PARENT COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCESDate concern/dispute occurred: Date filed: District/School Board/Board Policy Link or at (Return original form to student/parent. Retain copy for ... HTML file of FNG EXHIBIT PDF file of FNG EXHIBIT Word document of FNG EXHIBIT