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DC(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT PRACTICESEmployment Policies A board employs and evaluates the superintendent; A district’s employment policy must provide each employee with the right to present grievances to the board. The policy may ... HTML file of DC LEGAL PDF file of DC LEGAL Word document of DC LEGAL
CQA(LEGAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES - DISTRICT, CAMPUS, AND CLASSROOM WEBSITESThe following posting requirements apply to a district that with a population of 48,000 or more, the board must also post the agenda for a board meeting under Government Code 551.056. [See BE] ... HTML file of CQA LEGAL PDF file of CQA LEGAL Word document of CQA LEGAL
DFBB(LOCAL) TERM CONTRACTS - NONRENEWALThe recommendation to the Board and its decision not to renew a contract under this policy shall not be based on an employee’s exercise of Deficiencies pointed out in observation reports, appraisals ... HTML file of DFBB LOCAL PDF file of DFBB LOCAL Word document of DFBB LOCAL
BJCF(LOCAL) SUPERINTENDENT - NONRENEWALFailure to comply with Board policies or administrative regulations. Any breach by the Superintendent of an employment contract or any reason specified in the Superintendent’s employment contract. ... HTML file of BJCF LOCAL PDF file of BJCF LOCAL Word document of BJCF LOCAL
DGBA(LEGAL) PERSONNEL-MANAGEMENT RELATIONS - EMPLOYEE COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCESEmployees shall have the right, in a The District’s employment policy must provide each employee with the right to present grievances to the Board. If the District’s grievance policy provides for ... HTML file of DGBA LEGAL PDF file of DGBA LEGAL Word document of DGBA LEGAL
DCB(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES - TERM CONTRACTSa website, the district shall place the board’s employment policies on that website. At each school in the district, the board shall make a copy of the employment policies An employee does not have a ... HTML file of DCB LEGAL PDF file of DCB LEGAL Word document of DCB LEGAL
DEC(LEGAL) COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS - LEAVES AND ABSENCESA board may adopt a policy providing for placing an educator on leave of absence for temporary disability if, in the board’s judgment in consultation with a physician who In addition to all other days ... HTML file of DEC LEGAL PDF file of DEC LEGAL Word document of DEC LEGAL
DF(LOCAL) TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENTThe Superintendent shall serve as the Board’s designee to suspend a contract employee without pay the person’s contract is void, and terminate employment as soon as practicable when the District: ... HTML file of DF LOCAL PDF file of DF LOCAL Word document of DF LOCAL
BBE(LEGAL) BOARD MEMBERS - AUTHORITYBOARD MEMBERS The total cost to the district for A district shall create a policy on visits to a district campus or facility by a member of the board. Education Code 11.1512(g) Board Member Immunities ... HTML file of BBE LEGAL PDF file of BBE LEGAL Word document of BBE LEGAL
CRB(LEGAL) INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES MANAGEMENT - LIABILITY INSURANCEBoard Member Liability Insurance been held liable for the same damages. A board may not purchase insurance to indemnify its board members in situations where it is not itself ... HTML file of CRB LEGAL PDF file of CRB LEGAL Word document of CRB LEGAL
DFE(LEGAL) TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT - RESIGNATIONTERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT meet within 30 calendar days of the educator’s separation from employment, the minutes may be submitted within ten calendar days after the next board meeting. ... HTML file of DFE LEGAL PDF file of DFE LEGAL Word document of DFE LEGAL
DBB(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS - MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS AND COMMUNICABLE DISEASESand exceptions to those definitions included in policy DAA shall be used in applying and interpreting this policy and any local policy adopted in conjunction with this policy. ... HTML file of DBB LEGAL PDF file of DBB LEGAL Word document of DBB LEGAL
DFBB(EXHIBIT) TERM CONTRACTS - NONRENEWALExhibit A—Notice of Proposed Term Contract Nonrenewal To request a hearing on the Board’s proposed nonrenewal of your employment contract, you must submit a written request to the Board not ... HTML file of DFBB EXHIBIT PDF file of DFBB EXHIBIT Word document of DFBB EXHIBIT
DFAB(LEGAL) PROBATIONARY CONTRACTS - TERMINATION AT END OF YEARThe Board may terminate a probationary contract at the end of the contract period if in the Board’s judgment such termination will serve the best interests The notice must be delivered personally by ... HTML file of DFAB LEGAL PDF file of DFAB LEGAL Word document of DFAB LEGAL
DFBB(LEGAL) TERM CONTRACTS - NONRENEWALa decision not to renew a term contract, the Board shall consider the most recent evaluations if the evaluations are relevant to the reason for the Board’s action. Education Code 21.203(a) ... HTML file of DFBB LEGAL PDF file of DFBB LEGAL Word document of DFBB LEGAL
BE(LEGAL) BOARD MEETINGSperson, during which public business or public policy over which the board has supervision or control is discussed or considered, or during which the board takes formal action. “Meeting” also means a ... HTML file of BE LEGAL PDF file of BE LEGAL Word document of BE LEGAL
FNG(LEGAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - STUDENT AND PARENT COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCESA board may confine its meetings to specified subject matter and may hold nonpublic sessions to transact business. But when a board sits in public meetings to conduct public business ... HTML file of FNG LEGAL PDF file of FNG LEGAL Word document of FNG LEGAL
CDA(LEGAL) OTHER REVENUES - INVESTMENTSWritten Policies4 All investments made by a district The board shall review its investment policy and investment strategies not less than annually. The board shall adopt a written instrument by rule ... HTML file of CDA LEGAL PDF file of CDA LEGAL Word document of CDA LEGAL
CKE(LEGAL) SAFETY PROGRAM/RISK MANAGEMENT - SECURITY PERSONNELIf a board authorizes security personnel to carry weapons, they must be commissioned peace officers. Any peace officer commissioned by the board must meet all minimum standards for peace ... HTML file of CKE LEGAL PDF file of CKE LEGAL Word document of CKE LEGAL
FOC(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE - PLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTINGPLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTING Removal Under Student Code of Conduct The Student Code of Conduct must specify conditions that authorize or require a principal or other ... HTML file of FOC LEGAL PDF file of FOC LEGAL Word document of FOC LEGAL