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FNG(LOCAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - STUDENT AND PARENT COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCESIn this policy, the terms “complaint” and “grievance” shall have the same meaning. policies require appeals to be submitted in accordance with FNG after the relevant complaint process: ... HTML file of FNG LOCAL PDF file of FNG LOCAL Word document of FNG LOCAL
FDC(LOCAL) ADMISSIONS - HOMELESS STUDENTSuse the complaint resolution procedures set out in FNG(LOCAL), beginning at Level Two. The District shall expedite local timelines in the District’s complaint process, when ... HTML file of FDC LOCAL PDF file of FDC LOCAL Word document of FDC LOCAL
FDB(LOCAL) ADMISSIONS - INTRADISTRICT TRANSFERS AND CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENTSThe campus principal shall be authorized to investigate and approve the transfer of a student from one classroom to An appeal shall be made in accordance with FNG(LOCAL), beginning at Level Two. ... HTML file of FDB LOCAL PDF file of FDB LOCAL Word document of FDB LOCAL
FNAB(LOCAL) STUDENT EXPRESSION - USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES FOR NONSCHOOL PURPOSESUSE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES FOR NONSCHOOL PURPOSES For purposes of the Equal Access Act, the District by the administration in accordance with this policy may be appealed in accordance with FNG(LOCAL). ... HTML file of FNAB LOCAL PDF file of FNAB LOCAL Word document of FNAB LOCAL
FDA(LOCAL) ADMISSIONS - INTERDISTRICT TRANSFERSNote:This local policy has been revised in accordance with the District’s innovation plan. Any appeals shall be made in accordance with FNG(LOCAL) and GF(LOCAL), as appropriate. ... HTML file of FDA LOCAL PDF file of FDA LOCAL Word document of FDA LOCAL
FNAA(LOCAL) STUDENT EXPRESSION - DISTRIBUTION OF NONSCHOOL LITERATUREmaterials in circumstances for which exceptions to prior review are authorized at GKDA(LOCAL). by the administration in accordance with this policy may be appealed in accordance with FNG(LOCAL). ... HTML file of FNAA LOCAL PDF file of FNAA LOCAL Word document of FNAA LOCAL
FEC(LOCAL) ATTENDANCE - ATTENDANCE FOR CREDITThis policy shall apply to a student who has not been in attendance for 90 percent of the days A parent or student may appeal the decision of the attendance committee in accordance with FNG(LOCAL). ... HTML file of FEC LOCAL PDF file of FEC LOCAL Word document of FEC LOCAL
FFI(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM BULLYING Note:This policy addresses bullying of District students. For purposes of this policy, the term bullying includes ... HTML file of FFI LOCAL PDF file of FFI LOCAL Word document of FFI LOCAL
EHBB(LOCAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - GIFTED AND TALENTED STUDENTSStudents may be nominated/referred for the gifted and talented program at any time by teachers committee. Any subsequent appeals shall be made in accordance with FNG(LOCAL) beginning at Level Two. ... HTML file of EHBB LOCAL PDF file of EHBB LOCAL Word document of EHBB LOCAL
FNG(LEGAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - STUDENT AND PARENT COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCESA district shall take no action abridging the freedom of speech or the right of the people to petition the board for redress of grievances. U.S. Const. Amend. I, XIV [See FNA] ... HTML file of FNG LEGAL PDF file of FNG LEGAL Word document of FNG LEGAL
FMA(LOCAL) STUDENT ACTIVITIES - SCHOOL-SPONSORED PUBLICATIONSAll publications edited, printed, or distributed in the name of or within the District schools shall be or style of a school-sponsored publication shall present that complaint in accordance with FNG. ... HTML file of FMA LOCAL PDF file of FMA LOCAL Word document of FMA LOCAL
EMB(LOCAL) MISCELLANEOUS INSTRUCTIONAL POLICIES - TEACHING ABOUT CONTROVERSIAL ISSUESThe District shall address controversial topics in an impartial and objective manner. Teachers shall regarding instruction about controversial issues shall be directed to the complaint policy at FNG. ... HTML file of EMB LOCAL PDF file of EMB LOCAL Word document of EMB LOCAL
BED(LOCAL) BOARD MEETINGS - PUBLIC PARTICIPATIONAudience participation at a Board meeting is limited to the public comment portion of the meeting designated for that purpose. At all other times during a Board Student or parent complaints: FNG ... HTML file of BED LOCAL PDF file of BED LOCAL Word document of BED LOCAL
CKE(LOCAL) SAFETY PROGRAM/RISK MANAGEMENT - SECURITY PERSONNELTo ensure sufficient security and protection of students, staff, and property, the Board authorizes regarding this complaint process shall be filed in accordance with DGBA, FNG, or GF, as appropriate. ... HTML file of CKE LOCAL PDF file of CKE LOCAL Word document of CKE LOCAL
EF(LOCAL) INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCESNote:For information related to the selection process and accounting of instructional materials shall be evaluated according to these criteria and accepted or rejected in accordance with CDC(LOCAL). ... HTML file of EF LOCAL PDF file of EF LOCAL Word document of EF LOCAL
EHBAF(LOCAL) SPECIAL EDUCATION - VIDEO/AUDIO MONITORING Note:Unless otherwise noted, the terms “video recording,” “video surveillance,” and “video monitoring” shall ... HTML file of EHBAF LOCAL PDF file of EHBAF LOCAL Word document of EHBAF LOCAL
BBE(LOCAL) BOARD MEMBERS - AUTHORITYThe Board’s purpose is to ensure that the District provides constituents the necessary services. proceed according to the applicable complaint policy. [See (LOCAL) policies at DGBA, FNG, and GF] ... HTML file of BBE LOCAL PDF file of BBE LOCAL Word document of BBE LOCAL
FDC(LEGAL) ADMISSIONS - HOMELESS STUDENTSAs a condition of receiving funds under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (McKinney-Vento Act), a district serving homeless children shall, according to the child’s best interest: ... HTML file of FDC LEGAL PDF file of FDC LEGAL Word document of FDC LEGAL
EHAA(LEGAL) BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM - REQUIRED INSTRUCTION (ALL LEVELS)A district may offer courses for local credit, at its discretion, in addition to those in the A district’s local instructional plan may draw on state curriculum frameworks and program standards ... HTML file of EHAA LEGAL PDF file of EHAA LEGAL Word document of EHAA LEGAL
FO(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINENote:The Board has adopted an innovation plan that affects application of provisions in this legally A regarding student discipline and with a copy of the related local policy. Education Code 37.018 ... HTML file of FO LEGAL PDF file of FO LEGAL Word document of FO LEGAL
EIF(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - GRADUATIONJunior High or Middle School PGP5 Students Entering Grade 9 in the 2014–15 School Year7 Transition to Foundation High School Program12 Students Who Entered Grade 9 Before the 2014–15 School Year13 ... HTML file of EIF LEGAL PDF file of EIF LEGAL Word document of EIF LEGAL
CKE(LEGAL) SAFETY PROGRAM/RISK MANAGEMENT - SECURITY PERSONNELSchool District Peace Officers and Security Personnel2 Mental Health Crisis or Substance Abuse Issue7 Officer-Involved Injury or Death8 Notice of Exposure to Communicable Disease10 ... HTML file of CKE LEGAL PDF file of CKE LEGAL Word document of CKE LEGAL