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BBFA(LEGAL) ETHICS - CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURESCONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURES If a local public official has a substantial A local government officer shall file a conflicts disclosure statement, as adopted by the Texas Ethics Commission, with ... HTML file of BBFA LEGAL PDF file of BBFA LEGAL Word document of BBFA LEGAL
CQA(LEGAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES - DISTRICT, CAMPUS, AND CLASSROOM WEBSITESNote:The following is an index of website posting requirements that district shall provide access to the conflicts disclosure statements and questionnaires under Local Government Code 176.009. [See ... HTML file of CQA LEGAL PDF file of CQA LEGAL Word document of CQA LEGAL
CHE(LEGAL) PURCHASING AND ACQUISITION - VENDOR RELATIONSA purchase or lease of goods Required Vendor Disclosure district’s Internet website to the required conflict of interest statements and questionnaires filed with the records administrator. Local Gov’t ... HTML file of CHE LEGAL PDF file of CHE LEGAL Word document of CHE LEGAL