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GBBA(LOCAL) SCHOOL COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAM - NEWS MEDIA RELATIONSNews releases concerning political or controversial issues or the overall official District spokesperson and shall be responsible for all communication with the news media. NEWS MEDIA RELATIONS ... HTML file of GBBA LOCAL PDF file of GBBA LOCAL Word document of GBBA LOCAL
EFB(LEGAL) INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES - LIBRARY MEDIA PROGRAMS LIBRARY MEDIA PROGRAMS The School Library Programs: Standards and Guidelines for Texas are adopted by the Texas ... HTML file of EFB LEGAL PDF file of EFB LEGAL Word document of EFB LEGAL
GB(LEGAL) PUBLIC INFORMATION PROGRAMFor purposes of the Texas Public Information Act (PIA), “public information” means information that is The general forms in which the media containing public information exist include a book, paper ... HTML file of GB LEGAL PDF file of GB LEGAL Word document of GB LEGAL
EFA(LEGAL) INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES - INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALSNote:For provisions regarding inventory and requisition of instructional in the public school curriculum through a medium or a combination of media for conveying information to a student. The term ... HTML file of EFA LEGAL PDF file of EFA LEGAL Word document of EFA LEGAL
GKC(LOCAL) COMMUNITY RELATIONS - VISITORSby the District, vendors, representatives of the news media, former students, and any other visitors [See BBE(LOCAL) for visits to District facilities by Board members.] Access to common areas of the ... HTML file of GKC LOCAL PDF file of GKC LOCAL Word document of GKC LOCAL
CPC(LEGAL) OFFICE MANAGEMENT - RECORDS MANAGEMENT“Custodian” means the appointed or elected public officer who by the state constitution, state law Copies of documents in any media furnished to the public under the Open Records Act or other state ... HTML file of CPC LEGAL PDF file of CPC LEGAL Word document of CPC LEGAL
CY(LOCAL) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYAll copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights shall remain with the District at license or permission is obtained, electronic media in the classroom, including motion pictures and ... HTML file of CY LOCAL PDF file of CY LOCAL Word document of CY LOCAL
BE(LEGAL) BOARD MEETINGS“Recording” means a tangible medium on which audio or a combination of audio and video is recorded wire, film, electronic storage drive, or other medium now existing or later developed. Gov’t Code ... HTML file of BE LEGAL PDF file of BE LEGAL Word document of BE LEGAL
DAB(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVES - GENETIC NONDISCRIMINATIONNote:The provisions below apply to a district that has 15 or more employees for each working day in each of 20 or more calendar weeks in the current or preceding calendar year. 42 U.S.C. 2000e(b ... HTML file of DAB LEGAL PDF file of DAB LEGAL Word document of DAB LEGAL
GBAA(LEGAL) INFORMATION ACCESS - REQUESTS FOR INFORMATIONOfficer for Public Information and Required Notices2 Requests to Narrow or Clarify4 of the individual as a member of the media. The officer for public information or agent shall give ... HTML file of GBAA LEGAL PDF file of GBAA LEGAL Word document of GBAA LEGAL
FFI(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM BULLYINGMeans a single significant act or a pattern of acts by one or more students directed at another student instant messaging, text messaging, a social media application, an Internet website, or any other ... HTML file of FFI LEGAL PDF file of FFI LEGAL Word document of FFI LEGAL
BEC(LEGAL) BOARD MEETINGS - CLOSED MEETINGSA board may conduct a closed meeting for the purposes described in the following provisions. A board may conduct a private consultation with its attorney only when it seeks the attorney’s advice about ... HTML file of BEC LEGAL PDF file of BEC LEGAL Word document of BEC LEGAL
CQ(LOCAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES Note:For Board member use of District technology resources, see BBI. For student use of personal electronic devices ... HTML file of CQ LOCAL PDF file of CQ LOCAL Word document of CQ LOCAL
BBD(EXHIBIT) BOARD MEMBERS - TRAINING AND ORIENTATIONPreamble: The Board is the educational policy-making body for the District. To effectively meet the system between the District and its students, parents, employees, media, and the community. ... HTML file of BBD EXHIBIT PDF file of BBD EXHIBIT Word document of BBD EXHIBIT
DH(LEGAL) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT made through a website, including a social media website or a social networking website. A person is not eligible to ... HTML file of DH LEGAL PDF file of DH LEGAL Word document of DH LEGAL
EF(LOCAL) INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCESNote:For information related to the selection process and accounting of instructional materials, as this Administrators, teachers, library media specialists, other District personnel, parents, and ... HTML file of EF LOCAL PDF file of EF LOCAL Word document of EF LOCAL
DBAA(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS - CRIMINAL HISTORY AND CREDIT REPORTS“Criminal history clearinghouse” (clearinghouse) means the electronic clearinghouse and subscription service established by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to provide criminal history record ... HTML file of DBAA LEGAL PDF file of DBAA LEGAL Word document of DBAA LEGAL
CDA(LOCAL) OTHER REVENUES - INVESTMENTSThe Superintendent or other person designated by Board resolution shall serve as the investment financial/investment publications and electronic media, available software for tracking investments ... HTML file of CDA LOCAL PDF file of CDA LOCAL Word document of CDA LOCAL
CRD(LEGAL) INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES MANAGEMENT - HEALTH AND LIFE INSURANCEDistricts with 500 or Fewer Employees Notwithstanding the above, a district that was individually self-funded on January 1, 2001, may elect not to participate in TRS-ActiveCare. Insurance Code ... HTML file of CRD LEGAL PDF file of CRD LEGAL Word document of CRD LEGAL
GBAA(EXHIBIT) INFORMATION ACCESS - REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION The charges in this exhibit, to recover costs associated with providing Other electronic media — actual cost ... HTML file of GBAA EXHIBIT PDF file of GBAA EXHIBIT Word document of GBAA EXHIBIT
AG(LEGAL) HOME-RULE DISTRICTSA district may choose to operate under a home-rule charter. Adoption of a home-rule charter does not shall also be made available to district employees, parents, community members, and the media. ... HTML file of AG LEGAL PDF file of AG LEGAL Word document of AG LEGAL
CFA(LEGAL) ACCOUNTING - FINANCIAL REPORTS AND STATEMENTS A board must adopt and install a standard school fiscal accounting system that conforms with generally accepted ... HTML file of CFA LEGAL PDF file of CFA LEGAL Word document of CFA LEGAL
AIB(LEGAL) ACCOUNTABILITY - PERFORMANCE REPORTINGThe board shall publish an annual report describing the educational performance of the district and of in the district and notice to electronic media serving the district. Education Code 39.306(c) ... HTML file of AIB LEGAL PDF file of AIB LEGAL Word document of AIB LEGAL
DC(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT PRACTICESA board shall adopt a policy providing for the employment and duties of district personnel. The policy shall provide that: A superintendent has sole authority to make recommendations to a board ... HTML file of DC LEGAL PDF file of DC LEGAL Word document of DC LEGAL
EHAC(LEGAL) BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM - REQUIRED INSTRUCTION (SECONDARY) Courses in the foundation and enrichment curriculum in grades 6–12 must be provided in a manner that allows all ... HTML file of EHAC LEGAL PDF file of EHAC LEGAL Word document of EHAC LEGAL
CY(LEGAL) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYworks of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression, now known or later developed, from Musical works, including any accompanying words; Dramatic works, including any accompanying music; ... HTML file of CY LEGAL PDF file of CY LEGAL Word document of CY LEGAL
FL(LEGAL) STUDENT RECORDSAcademic Achievement Record (Grades 9–12)4 Record of Access to Student Records14 Records of Students with Disabilities15 Oral Notice of Arrest or Referral21 Oral Notice of Conviction or Adjudication21 ... HTML file of FL LEGAL PDF file of FL LEGAL Word document of FL LEGAL
DBA(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS - CREDENTIALS AND RECORDS Federally Required Notice—Lack of Credentials3 Noncore Career and Technical Courses5 Is teaching in the field of ... HTML file of DBA LEGAL PDF file of DBA LEGAL Word document of DBA LEGAL
CCGB(LEGAL) AD VALOREM TAXES - ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTProperty Redevelopment and Tax Abatement Act4 Reinvestment Zone for Chapter 3134 Minimum Amounts of Qualified Investment10 Application for Limitation on Appraised Value11 The amount of a district’s tax ... HTML file of CCGB LEGAL PDF file of CCGB LEGAL Word document of CCGB LEGAL