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EHBAC(LEGAL) SPECIAL EDUCATION - STUDENTS IN NONDISTRICT PLACEMENTA home school student is considered a private school student, for purposes of a district’s obligations under IDEA, if the home school provides elementary or secondary education that ... HTML file of EHBAC LEGAL PDF file of EHBAC LEGAL Word document of EHBAC LEGAL
FEA(LEGAL) ATTENDANCE - COMPULSORY ATTENDANCEVoluntary Enrollment of Students 19 and Over Private or Home School A student in a home school shall be exempt from compulsory attendance if he or she is pursuing in High School Replacement Programs ... HTML file of FEA LEGAL PDF file of FEA LEGAL Word document of FEA LEGAL
AG(LEGAL) HOME-RULE DISTRICTSTaxes or bonds of the district authorized before A home-rule district has the powers and entitlements granted to school districts and school district boards, including taxing authority. A home-rule ... HTML file of AG LEGAL PDF file of AG LEGAL Word document of AG LEGAL
FFEA(LEGAL) STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS/COUNSELING - COMPREHENSIVE GUIDANCE PROGRAMCoordinate people and resources in the school, home, and community; serve as a consultant to teachers conducting lessons based on the school’s guidance curriculum; and A board shall adopt guidelines to ... HTML file of FFEA LEGAL PDF file of FFEA LEGAL Word document of FFEA LEGAL
FFAE(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - SCHOOL-BASED HEALTH CENTERSSCHOOL-BASED HEALTH CENTERS All health-care programs should be designed to A school-based health center may provide services to a student only if the District or the provider Family and home support; ... HTML file of FFAE LEGAL PDF file of FFAE LEGAL Word document of FFAE LEGAL
DK(EXHIBIT) ASSIGNMENT AND SCHEDULESA public school employee must have the appropriate credentials for his or her current assignment of orthopedically impaired or other health impaired in a hospital class or home-based instruction ... HTML file of DK EXHIBIT PDF file of DK EXHIBIT Word document of DK EXHIBIT
FDA(LEGAL) ADMISSIONS - INTERDISTRICT TRANSFERSThe board or its designee must make transfer decisions educate students in grades not taught in the home district. If the home district has contracted for students to attend another Nonpublic Schools ... HTML file of FDA LEGAL PDF file of FDA LEGAL Word document of FDA LEGAL
EF(LEGAL) INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCEScurriculum and instructional materials used by schools, sale by students of products or services to raise funds for school-related or education-related activities, or student recognition ... HTML file of EF LEGAL PDF file of EF LEGAL Word document of EF LEGAL
CNA(LEGAL) TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT - STUDENT TRANSPORTATION“Passenger car” means a motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle a district and is used to transport public school students on a school-related activity trip, other than on routes to and from school. The ... HTML file of CNA LEGAL PDF file of CNA LEGAL Word document of CNA LEGAL
EHBA(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - SPECIAL EDUCATIONa self-contained program for 50 percent or more of the regular school day on a regular school campus; Off-home campus: providing services to nondistrict students in a single location, through district ... HTML file of EHBA LEGAL PDF file of EHBA LEGAL Word document of EHBA LEGAL
EHBE(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - BILINGUAL EDUCATION/ESLA district shall administer only one home language survey to each new student enrolling for the first time in a Texas public school in any grade from prekindergarten through grade 12. The ... HTML file of EHBE LEGAL PDF file of EHBE LEGAL Word document of EHBE LEGAL
FDD(LEGAL) ADMISSIONS - MILITARY DEPENDENTSA student transferring after the start of the school year shall enter the District on his or her validated level from an accredited school in the sending state. Education Code 162.002 art ... HTML file of FDD LEGAL PDF file of FDD LEGAL Word document of FDD LEGAL
BBA(LEGAL) BOARD MEMBERS - ELIGIBILITY/QUALIFICATIONSmay not be elected trustee of an independent school district unless the person is a qualified voter “Residence” means domicile, one’s home and fixed place of habitation to which one intends to return ... HTML file of BBA LEGAL PDF file of BBA LEGAL Word document of BBA LEGAL
FED(LEGAL) ATTENDANCE - ATTENDANCE ENFORCEMENTThe district may file a complaint To make a home visit or otherwise contact the parent of a student who is in violation of compulsory school attendance requirements, except that the attendance officer ... HTML file of FED LEGAL PDF file of FED LEGAL Word document of FED LEGAL
EHBC(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - COMPENSATORY/ACCELERATED SERVICESplan not later than December 1 of each school year preceding the school year in which the district will receive the compensatory education or high school allotment to which the plan applies. The plan ... HTML file of EHBC LEGAL PDF file of EHBC LEGAL Word document of EHBC LEGAL
EEB(LEGAL) INSTRUCTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS - CLASS SIZEA district shall employ a sufficient the 31st day after the first day of the school year or the date the exception is granted, if the exception is granted after the beginning of the school year. ... HTML file of EEB LEGAL PDF file of EEB LEGAL Word document of EEB LEGAL
EK(LEGAL) TESTING PROGRAMSprovided by the parent, or a person standing in parental authority, in or through the child’s home. Each school year each school district shall provide students in grades 10 ... HTML file of EK LEGAL PDF file of EK LEGAL Word document of EK LEGAL
EHDE(LEGAL) ALTERNATIVE METHODS FOR EARNING CREDIT - DISTANCE LEARNINGeducation service centers (ESCs), Texas public school districts and charter schools, institutions of higher education, and other To be eligible to serve as a TXVSN OLS, a school district shall: ... HTML file of EHDE LEGAL PDF file of EHDE LEGAL Word document of EHDE LEGAL
GR(LEGAL) RELATIONS WITH GOVERNMENTAL ENTITIESannex an area shall provide written notice to each school district located in the area proposed for A home rule city may enforce its reasonable land development regulations and ordinances against the ... HTML file of GR LEGAL PDF file of GR LEGAL Word document of GR LEGAL
EHAD(LEGAL) BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM - ELECTIVE INSTRUCTIONA school district shall consider offering a driver education and traffic safety course during each school year. If the district offers the course, the School-Based Savings Program ... HTML file of EHAD LEGAL PDF file of EHAD LEGAL Word document of EHAD LEGAL
AIB(LEGAL) ACCOUNTABILITY - PERFORMANCE REPORTINGeach student’s parents or guardians about the school’s performance and characteristics. The SRC will as including the SRC in a weekly folder sent home with each student, mailing it to the student’s ... HTML file of AIB LEGAL PDF file of AIB LEGAL Word document of AIB LEGAL
DBA(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS - CREDENTIALS AND RECORDSA school that receives such federal funds shall also provide to each individual parent of a child who is a student in such school, with respect to such student, timely notice that the ... HTML file of DBA LEGAL PDF file of DBA LEGAL Word document of DBA LEGAL
FO(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE if the student is placed into in-school or out-of-school suspension, placed in a DAEP, expelled, or placed ... HTML file of FO LEGAL PDF file of FO LEGAL Word document of FO LEGAL
FM(LEGAL) STUDENT ACTIVITIESEach student participating in an extracurricular or sanctioned by a district, including a home-rule district, or a public school, including any school for which a charter has been granted under ... HTML file of FM LEGAL PDF file of FM LEGAL Word document of FM LEGAL
CS(LEGAL) FACILITY STANDARDSdesign to assist in the development of the educational specifications. The school district shall allow for input from teachers, other school campus staff, and district program staff in ... HTML file of CS LEGAL PDF file of CS LEGAL Word document of CS LEGAL
AIA(LEGAL) ACCOUNTABILITY - ACCREDITATION AND PERFORMANCE INDICATORSTEA or hold itself out as operating a public school of this state. Education Code 11.001, 39.052(f) the accreditation status is assigned, appear on the home page of the district's website, with a link ... HTML file of AIA LEGAL PDF file of AIA LEGAL Word document of AIA LEGAL
DEAB(LEGAL) COMPENSATION PLAN - WAGE AND HOUR LAWSthe academic operations and functions in a school rather than to administration along the lines of principal and any vice principals responsible for the operation of an elementary or secondary school; ... HTML file of DEAB LEGAL PDF file of DEAB LEGAL Word document of DEAB LEGAL
AIC(LEGAL) ACCOUNTABILITY - INTERVENTIONS AND SANCTIONSInterventions and Sanctions for School Districts3 Intervention to Improve High School Completion Rate5 Return of Management to School District18 Costs Paid by School District22 Order a hearing to be held ... HTML file of AIC LEGAL PDF file of AIC LEGAL Word document of AIC LEGAL
CQA(LEGAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES - DISTRICT, CAMPUS, AND CLASSROOM WEBSITESis assigned, a district must post notice on the home page of its website with a link to the required after the first day of instruction of each school year, a district shall make available each campus ... HTML file of CQA LEGAL PDF file of CQA LEGAL Word document of CQA LEGAL
GBA(LEGAL) PUBLIC INFORMATION PROGRAM - ACCESS TO PUBLIC INFORMATIONRight of Access to Public Information2 Information That Must Be Disclosed2 information relating to the person’s home address, home telephone number, emergency contact information, or ... HTML file of GBA LEGAL PDF file of GBA LEGAL Word document of GBA LEGAL
FL(LEGAL) STUDENT RECORDSThe principal of each school shall maintain records of screening for special senses and regardless of how it is received by the school or school district, shall be retained in the child’s student ... HTML file of FL LEGAL PDF file of FL LEGAL Word document of FL LEGAL
CCG(LEGAL) LOCAL REVENUE SOURCES - AD VALOREM TAXEStaxes for the maintenance of the district’s schools. Taxes may not be levied unless authorized by a of public accounts offers detailed guidance on setting local property tax rates for school districts. ... HTML file of CCG LEGAL PDF file of CCG LEGAL Word document of CCG LEGAL
DHB(LEGAL) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT - REPORTS TO STATE BOARD FOR EDUCATOR CERTIFICATIONREPORTS TO STATE BOARD FOR EDUCATOR crime, any part of such crime having occurred on school property or at a school-sponsored event; or Last known mailing address and home and daytime phone numbers; ... HTML file of DHB LEGAL PDF file of DHB LEGAL Word document of DHB LEGAL
BDAE(LEGAL) OFFICERS AND OFFICIALS - DUTIES AND REQUIREMENTS OF DEPOSITORYA school depository must be a bank located in this state and may be selected only as provided by proposal to provide the necessary services and perform the duties as school district depository; and ... HTML file of BDAE LEGAL PDF file of BDAE LEGAL Word document of BDAE LEGAL
EHBAB(LEGAL) SPECIAL EDUCATION - ARD COMMITTEE AND INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION PROGRAMhave been placed by their parents in private schools and who have been designated to receive special Development of junior high or middle school personal graduation plans; The parents of a student with ... HTML file of EHBAB LEGAL PDF file of EHBAB LEGAL Word document of EHBAB LEGAL
FB(LEGAL) EQUAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITYof sex under Title IX. Franklin v. Gwinnett County Schools, 503 U.S. 60 (1992) [See also DIA and FFH] Education Agency shall produce and provide to school districts a written explanation of the options ... HTML file of FB LEGAL PDF file of FB LEGAL Word document of FB LEGAL
CCGA(LEGAL) AD VALOREM TAXES - EXEMPTIONS AND PAYMENTSPerforming Services in Lieu of Paying Taxes8 “Disabled” means under a disability for purposes of homestead” means a structure (including a mobile home) or a separately secured and occupied portion ... HTML file of CCGA LEGAL PDF file of CCGA LEGAL Word document of CCGA LEGAL
CQ(LEGAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCESthe federal universal support mechanism for schools must make certifications in accordance with 47 A of the ESEA for an elementary or secondary school that does not receive universal service discount ... HTML file of CQ LEGAL PDF file of CQ LEGAL Word document of CQ LEGAL