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TESTING PROGRAMS - STATE ASSESSMENTCredit by Examination11 Exit or EOC exams required for graduation from the sending state; event the above alternatives cannot be accommodated by the receiving state for a military dependent ... HTML file of EKB LEGAL PDF file of EKB LEGAL Word document of EKB LEGAL
ALTERNATIVE METHODS FOR EARNING CREDIT - CREDIT BY EXAMINATION WITHOUT PRIOR INSTRUCTIONEducation Code 39.023(c) cannot be used for purposes of credit by examination. 19 TAC 101.3021(c) If a student is given credit by exam for a course with a corresponding EOC assessment on the basis ... HTML file of EHDC LEGAL PDF file of EHDC LEGAL Word document of EHDC LEGAL
ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - RETENTION AND PROMOTIONIn addition to the factors in law that at the next level shall be validated by assessments that may either be incorporated into unit or final exams or may be administered separately. Mastery of at ... HTML file of EIE LOCAL PDF file of EIE LOCAL Word document of EIE LOCAL
SPECIAL PROGRAMS - COMPENSATORY / ACCELERATED SERVICESA district with a high dropout rate, as determined by the commissioner, shall submit a plan to the and transition opportunities, including dual credit courses and college preparatory courses, such as ... HTML file of EHBC LEGAL PDF file of EHBC LEGAL Word document of EHBC LEGAL
PUBLIC INFORMATION PROGRAM - ACCESS TO PUBLIC INFORMATIONrule of general applicability adopted or issued by a board and a statement of general policy or interpretation of general applicability formulated and adopted by the board. ... HTML file of GBA LEGAL PDF file of GBA LEGAL Word document of GBA LEGAL