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FNCD(LEGAL) STUDENT CONDUCT - TOBACCO USE AND POSSESSIONusing, or possessing e-cigarettes or tobacco products at a school-related or school-sanctioned ensure that district personnel enforce the policies on school property. Education Code 38.006 [See ... PDF file of FNCD LEGAL Word document of FNCD LEGAL
GKA(LOCAL) COMMUNITY RELATIONS - CONDUCT ON SCHOOL PREMISESDistrict prohibits smoking and the use of tobacco products and e-cigarettes on District property, in No violation of this policy occurs when the use, possession, or display of an otherwise prohibited ... PDF file of GKA LOCAL Word document of GKA LOCAL
DH(LEGAL) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCTprohibit smoking or using e-cigarettes or tobacco products at a school-related or school-sanctioned A board shall ensure that district personnel enforce the policies on school property. ... PDF file of DH LEGAL Word document of DH LEGAL
FNCA(LOCAL) STUDENT CONDUCT - DRESS CODE Advertise or depict tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance prohibited ... PDF file of FNCA LOCAL Word document of FNCA LOCAL
DH(LOCAL) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCTEach District employee shall recognize and respect the standards of conduct set out in this policy and with any other policies, regulations, and guidelines that impose duties TOBACCO AND E-CIGARETTES ... PDF file of DH LOCAL Word document of DH LOCAL
BDF(LEGAL) BOARD INTERNAL ORGANIZATION - CITIZEN ADVISORY COMMITTEESthe district has adopted and enforces policies and procedures that prescribe penalties for the use as defined at Education Code 38.006, and tobacco products by students and others on school campuses ... PDF file of BDF LEGAL Word document of BDF LEGAL
FNCG(LEGAL) STUDENT CONDUCT - WEAPONS A student shall be expelled from school if the student engages in conduct that contains the elements of the ... PDF file of FNCG LEGAL Word document of FNCG LEGAL
EL(LEGAL) CHARTER CAMPUS OR PROGRAMFor the purpose of this policy, “parent” is the person who is indicated on the student registration A district shall adopt a campus charter and program charter policy, which shall specify the: ... PDF file of EL LEGAL Word document of EL LEGAL
EHAA(LEGAL) BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM - REQUIRED INSTRUCTION (ALL LEVELS) A primary purpose of the public school curriculum is to prepare thoughtful, active citizens who understand the ... PDF file of EHAA LEGAL Word document of EHAA LEGAL
CH(LEGAL) PURCHASING AND ACQUISITION A board may adopt rules and procedures for the acquisition of goods and services. Education Code 44.031(d) ... PDF file of CH LEGAL Word document of CH LEGAL
GKD(LOCAL) COMMUNITY RELATIONS - NONSCHOOL USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIESor social activities when these activities do not conflict with school use or with this policy. Abide by all laws and policies, including but not limited to, those prohibiting the use, sale, or ... PDF file of GKD LOCAL Word document of GKD LOCAL
GKA(LEGAL) COMMUNITY RELATIONS - CONDUCT ON SCHOOL PREMISESThe criminal laws of the state apply to the areas under the TOBACCO AND ECIGARETTES person is in possession of a burning tobacco product, smokes tobacco, or operates an ecigarette in a facility of ... PDF file of GKA LEGAL Word document of GKA LEGAL