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EIA(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - GRADING/PROGRESS REPORTS TO PARENTSA district shall adopt a grading policy, including provisions for the assignment of grades on class assignments and examinations, before each school year. A district grading policy: ... HTML file of EIA LEGAL PDF file of EIA LEGAL Word document of EIA LEGAL
FNG(LEGAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - STUDENT AND PARENT COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCESA district shall take no action abridging the freedom of speech or the right of the people to petition the board for redress of grievances. U.S. Const. Amend. I, XIV [See FNA] ... HTML file of FNG LEGAL PDF file of FNG LEGAL Word document of FNG LEGAL
EHDB(LEGAL) ALTERNATIVE METHODS FOR EARNING CREDIT - CREDIT BY EXAMINATION WITH PRIOR INSTRUCTION In accordance with local policy, a student in any of grades 6–12 may be given credit for an academic subject in ... HTML file of EHDB LEGAL PDF file of EHDB LEGAL Word document of EHDB LEGAL
DGBA(LEGAL) PERSONNEL-MANAGEMENT RELATIONS - EMPLOYEE COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCESThe policy may not restrict the ability of an employee to communicate directly with a member of the The District’s grievance policy must permit an employee to report a grievance against a supervisor ... HTML file of DGBA LEGAL PDF file of DGBA LEGAL Word document of DGBA LEGAL
EIA(LOCAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - GRADING/PROGRESS REPORTS TO PARENTSmastery of an assignment and that a sufficient number of grades are taken to support the grade average assigned. Guidelines for grading shall be clearly communicated to students and ... HTML file of EIA LOCAL PDF file of EIA LOCAL Word document of EIA LOCAL
EIE(LOCAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - RETENTION AND PROMOTIONunit evaluation shall be used to determine student grades in a subject. An average of 70 or higher shall be considered a passing grade. In grades 7–8, promotion to the next grade level ... HTML file of EIE LOCAL PDF file of EIE LOCAL Word document of EIE LOCAL
EI(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTThe award of credit for a course affirms that A district may offer courses designated for grades 9–12 in earlier grade levels. Credit must be awarded if the student Attendance for Credit or Final Grade ... HTML file of EI LEGAL PDF file of EI LEGAL Word document of EI LEGAL
EHAC(LEGAL) BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM - REQUIRED INSTRUCTION (SECONDARY)Courses in the foundation and enrichment curriculum in grades 6–12 must be provided in a manner that allows all grade promotion and high school graduation requirements to be A student who is unable to ... HTML file of EHAC LEGAL PDF file of EHAC LEGAL Word document of EHAC LEGAL
EIE(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - RETENTION AND PROMOTIONGrade Advancement (Grades 5 and 8) By the start of the school in accordance with state law or board policy, a student who performs satisfactorily on a grade advancement test. Education Code 28.0211(g) ... HTML file of EIE LEGAL PDF file of EIE LEGAL Word document of EIE LEGAL
EHDC(LEGAL) ALTERNATIVE METHODS FOR EARNING CREDIT - CREDIT BY EXAMINATION WITHOUT PRIOR INSTRUCTION A district shall accelerate a student in grades 1–5 one grade if the student meets the following requirements: ... HTML file of EHDC LEGAL PDF file of EHDC LEGAL Word document of EHDC LEGAL
EB(LEGAL) SCHOOL YEARA district may not begin instruction for students for a school year before a district that does not offer each grade level from kindergarten through grade 12 and whose prospective or former students ... HTML file of EB LEGAL PDF file of EB LEGAL Word document of EB LEGAL
FM(LOCAL) STUDENT ACTIVITIESThe District shall make no distinction between absences for UIL At the end of the first nine-week grading period of the school year, the failing grade for the same or other advanced course is not ... HTML file of FM LOCAL PDF file of FM LOCAL Word document of FM LOCAL
EIF(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - GRADUATIONat the end of or after the student’s 11th grade year to determine whether the student may qualify to graduate. A student may not qualify to graduate before the student’s 12th grade year. ... HTML file of EIF LEGAL PDF file of EIF LEGAL Word document of EIF LEGAL
FEC(LEGAL) ATTENDANCE - ATTENDANCE FOR CREDITThe Board shall adopt policies that establish alternative ways for students to make up work or regain credit or a final grade lost because of absences. The alternative ways must ... HTML file of FEC LEGAL PDF file of FEC LEGAL Word document of FEC LEGAL
EKBA(LEGAL) STATE ASSESSMENT - ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS/LEP STUDENTSis a recent unschooled immigrant or is in a grade for which no assessment instrument in the primary A Spanish-speaking English language learner in grades 3–5 may be administered the state’s ... HTML file of EKBA LEGAL PDF file of EKBA LEGAL Word document of EKBA LEGAL
FM(LEGAL) STUDENT ACTIVITIESUIL) competition is subject to District policy and UIL rules regarding participation only when the Each student participating in an extracurricular athletic activity must complete the UIL forms ... HTML file of FM LEGAL PDF file of FM LEGAL Word document of FM LEGAL
EHBC(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - COMPENSATORY/ACCELERATED SERVICESWas not advanced from one grade level to the next for one or more school years, unless the student If the student is in grades 7–12 did not maintain an average equivalent to 70 on a scale of 100 in ... HTML file of EHBC LEGAL PDF file of EHBC LEGAL Word document of EHBC LEGAL
EIC(LEGAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - CLASS RANKINGteaching institution has adopted such an admission policy, shall be admitted to a general academic senior student and each junior student who has a grade point average in the top ten percent of the ... HTML file of EIC LEGAL PDF file of EIC LEGAL Word document of EIC LEGAL
FFEA(LEGAL) STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS/COUNSELING - COMPREHENSIVE GUIDANCE PROGRAM or more students enrolled in elementary school grades shall employ a certified school counselor for ... HTML file of FFEA LEGAL PDF file of FFEA LEGAL Word document of FFEA LEGAL
FFAA(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONSA district is not required to assess a in the first, third, fifth, and seventh grades must receive vision and hearing screening in each of those grade years (can be done at any time during each of ... HTML file of FFAA LEGAL PDF file of FFAA LEGAL Word document of FFAA LEGAL
EHBK(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - OTHER INSTRUCTIONAL INITIATIVES or other prescribed week of instruction, students in grades 3–12 study and recite the following text ... HTML file of EHBK LEGAL PDF file of EHBK LEGAL Word document of EHBK LEGAL
EHBD(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - FEDERAL TITLE Ichildren a written parent and family engagement policy, agreed on by such parents, that shall A district may meet this requirement on a grade-span by grade-span basis or a school-by-school basis. ... HTML file of EHBD LEGAL PDF file of EHBD LEGAL Word document of EHBD LEGAL
FEC(LOCAL) ATTENDANCE - ATTENDANCE FOR CREDITlost credit or have not received a final grade because of excessive absences may regain credit or be awarded a final grade by fulfilling the requirements established by the ... HTML file of FEC LOCAL PDF file of FEC LOCAL Word document of FEC LOCAL
FFI(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM BULLYINGNote:This policy addresses bullying of District students. For purposes of this policy, the term bullying includes cyberbullying. For provisions regarding discrimination and harassment involving ... HTML file of FFI LOCAL PDF file of FFI LOCAL Word document of FFI LOCAL
CQ(LOCAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCESand user agreements consistent with the purposes and mission of the District and with law and policy. including student admissions documents, student grade and performance information, contracts for ... HTML file of CQ LOCAL PDF file of CQ LOCAL Word document of CQ LOCAL
EKC(LEGAL) TESTING PROGRAMS - READING ASSESSMENTA student in grade 7 who does not have a score for the state reading assessment in grade 6 may be given an equivalent comprehension Be age and grade-level appropriate, valid, and reliable; ... HTML file of EKC LEGAL PDF file of EKC LEGAL Word document of EKC LEGAL
CQA(LEGAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES - DISTRICT, CAMPUS, AND CLASSROOM WEBSITES in the legal reference material of the policy manual. The list is not all-inclusive. The list does ... HTML file of CQA LEGAL PDF file of CQA LEGAL Word document of CQA LEGAL
FEB(LEGAL) ATTENDANCE - ATTENDANCE ACCOUNTINGAttendance for all grades shall be determined by the absences recorded in the second or fifth of the day, unless the board adopts a policy, or delegates to the superintendent the authority to ... HTML file of FEB LEGAL PDF file of FEB LEGAL Word document of FEB LEGAL
FEA(LEGAL) ATTENDANCE - COMPULSORY ATTENDANCEof instruction is offered. A board may adopt a policy requiring the student who is under 21 years of likely not to be promoted to the next grade level or tutorial classes required by the district under ... HTML file of FEA LEGAL PDF file of FEA LEGAL Word document of FEA LEGAL
BAA(LEGAL) BOARD LEGAL STATUS - POWERS AND DUTIESNote:This policy addresses the powers and duties of the board set forth in Education Code Chapter 11 Adopt a policy to establish a district- and campus-level planning and decision-making process as ... HTML file of BAA LEGAL PDF file of BAA LEGAL Word document of BAA LEGAL
FFH(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, AND RETALIATIONdating violence, as defined by this policy. Retaliation against anyone involved in the complaint process is a violation of District policy and is prohibited. Affects a student’s ability to participate ... HTML file of FFH LOCAL PDF file of FFH LOCAL Word document of FFH LOCAL
FODA(LEGAL) EXPULSION - JUVENILE JUSTICE ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM regarding courses in progress or completed, current grades for courses in progress, and the number ... HTML file of FODA LEGAL PDF file of FODA LEGAL Word document of FODA LEGAL
EHB(LEGAL) CURRICULUM DESIGN - SPECIAL PROGRAMS year of each student in kindergarten and each student in the first grade. Education Code 38.003(a) ... HTML file of EHB LEGAL PDF file of EHB LEGAL Word document of EHB LEGAL
FNG(LOCAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - STUDENT AND PARENT COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCESshall be filed in accordance with this policy, except as required by the policies listed below. Some of these policies require appeals to be submitted in accordance with ... HTML file of FNG LOCAL PDF file of FNG LOCAL Word document of FNG LOCAL
CL(LEGAL) BUILDINGS, GROUNDS, AND EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT A board shall establish a long-range energy plan to reduce a district’s annual electric consumption by five percent ... HTML file of CL LEGAL PDF file of CL LEGAL Word document of CL LEGAL
EL(LEGAL) CAMPUS OR PROGRAM CHARTERSFor the purpose of this policy, “parent” is the person who is indicated on the student registration A district shall adopt a campus charter and program charter policy, which shall specify the: ... HTML file of EL LEGAL PDF file of EL LEGAL Word document of EL LEGAL
FO(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINEProvide, as appropriate for students at each grade level, methods, including options, for: be established by campus or district policy. Unless the policy provides otherwise, duties imposed on a campus ... HTML file of FO LEGAL PDF file of FO LEGAL Word document of FO LEGAL
EMB(LEGAL) MISCELLANEOUS INSTRUCTIONAL POLICIES - TEACHING ABOUT CONTROVERSIAL ISSUESMISCELLANEOUS INSTRUCTIONAL POLICIES taking a subject for an entire semester. This policy does not exempt a child from satisfying grade level or graduation requirements in a manner ... HTML file of EMB LEGAL PDF file of EMB LEGAL Word document of EMB LEGAL
FMF(LOCAL) STUDENT ACTIVITIES - CONTESTS AND COMPETITIONshall not be part of the elementary grades’ program. To the extent practicable, a program of or designee, who shall develop the necessary rules and regulations to implement this policy. [See FM] ... HTML file of FMF LOCAL PDF file of FMF LOCAL Word document of FMF LOCAL
EHBE(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - BILINGUAL EDUCATION/ESLState Policy2 parents if the student is in prekindergarten through grade 8, or by the student if the student is in grades 9 through 12. The original copy of the survey shall ... HTML file of EHBE LEGAL PDF file of EHBE LEGAL Word document of EHBE LEGAL
FDD(LEGAL) ADMISSIONS - MILITARY DEPENDENTS“Active duty” means full-time duty that has satisfactorily completed the prerequisite grade level shall be eligible for enrollment in the next highest grade level in the District, regardless of age. A ... HTML file of FDD LEGAL PDF file of FDD LEGAL Word document of FDD LEGAL
EHDE(LEGAL) ALTERNATIVE METHODS FOR EARNING CREDIT - DISTANCE LEARNINGA TXVSN OLS may serve students in grades 3–12 but may not serve students in kindergarten–grade 2. to the start of each academic year, notify TEA of grade levels to be served and the total number of ... HTML file of EHDE LEGAL PDF file of EHDE LEGAL Word document of EHDE LEGAL
FOCA(LEGAL) PLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTING - DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM OPERATIONSfor students in elementary through high school grades who are removed from their regular classes for shall be to enable students to perform at grade level. A DAEP shall focuses on English language arts ... HTML file of FOCA LEGAL PDF file of FOCA LEGAL Word document of FOCA LEGAL
FN(LOCAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIEShandbooks with information on curriculum, grading, extracurricular activities, and other such topics that no student handbook information is in conflict with policy or the Student Code of Conduct. ... HTML file of FN LOCAL PDF file of FN LOCAL Word document of FN LOCAL
EHBB(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - GIFTED AND TALENTED STUDENTSa program for those students in each grade level. A district may establish a shared services Students shall be identified as gifted/talented in accordance with a written policy that includes: ... HTML file of EHBB LEGAL PDF file of EHBB LEGAL Word document of EHBB LEGAL
EHAA(LEGAL) BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM - REQUIRED INSTRUCTION (ALL LEVELS)A district that offers kindergarten through grade 12 shall offer an enrichment curriculum that in the essential knowledge and skills at appropriate grade levels. A district may not be required to ... HTML file of EHAA LEGAL PDF file of EHAA LEGAL Word document of EHAA LEGAL
FDE(LEGAL) ADMISSIONS - SCHOOL SAFETY TRANSFERSTEA shall establish and implement a statewide policy requiring that a student be allowed to attend a if there is only one campus in the district serving the grade level in which the victim is enrolled. ... HTML file of FDE LEGAL PDF file of FDE LEGAL Word document of FDE LEGAL
BQA(LEGAL) PLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING PROCESS - DISTRICT-LEVELBoard policy shall provide procedures for the selection of parents to the district-level committee. and the percentage of students who remain in high school more than four years after entering grade 9; ... HTML file of BQA LEGAL PDF file of BQA LEGAL Word document of BQA LEGAL
BQB(LEGAL) PLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING PROCESS - CAMPUS-LEVELBoard policy shall provide procedures for the selection of parents to the campus-level committees. and the percentage of students who remain in high school more than four years after entering grade 9; ... HTML file of BQB LEGAL PDF file of BQB LEGAL Word document of BQB LEGAL
DFFB(LOCAL) REDUCTION IN FORCE - PROGRAM CHANGEThis policy shall apply when a reduction in force due to a program change requires the nonrenewal of an extra-duty assignment, such as department or grade-level chair, band director, athletic coach, or ... HTML file of DFFB LOCAL PDF file of DFFB LOCAL Word document of DFFB LOCAL
FD(LOCAL) ADMISSIONSFor the purposes of this policy, “accredited” shall be defined as accreditation by TEA, an student shall be placed initially at the grade level reached elsewhere, pending observation by the ... HTML file of FD LOCAL PDF file of FD LOCAL Word document of FD LOCAL
FFA(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICESfor soliciting involvement by and input from persons interested in the wellness plan and policy; and revise the plan on a regular basis and recommend revisions to the wellness policy when necessary. ... HTML file of FFA LOCAL PDF file of FFA LOCAL Word document of FFA LOCAL
EMI(LEGAL) MISCELLANEOUS INSTRUCTIONAL POLICIES - STUDY OF RELIGIONMISCELLANEOUS INSTRUCTIONAL POLICIES The District may instruct students in the study of comparative 19 TAC 74.36, the District may offer to students in grade 9 or above, and grant elective credit for: ... HTML file of EMI LEGAL PDF file of EMI LEGAL Word document of EMI LEGAL
FFF(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - STUDENT SAFETYThe board shall adopt a policy under which notice is provided to the parent or guardian of a student programs to parents and students in a grade level the district considers appropriate. Each district ... HTML file of FFF LEGAL PDF file of FFF LEGAL Word document of FFF LEGAL
FL(LOCAL) STUDENT RECORDSby authorized persons only, as allowed by this policy. These data and records shall be stored in a any documentation of discussion or action by a grade placement committee convened for the student. ... HTML file of FL LOCAL PDF file of FL LOCAL Word document of FL LOCAL
FDB(LEGAL) ADMISSIONS - INTRADISTRICT TRANSFERS AND CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENTSthe request would require the district to add an additional class to the grade level of the siblings. placement in the manner provided by district policy. During an appeal, the siblings shall remain in ... HTML file of FDB LEGAL PDF file of FDB LEGAL Word document of FDB LEGAL
DEAB(LEGAL) COMPENSATION PLAN - WAGE AND HOUR LAWSUnless an exemption applies, a district shall pay each of its employees not less than minimum wage of students, establishing and maintaining academic and grading standards, and other aspects of the ... HTML file of DEAB LEGAL PDF file of DEAB LEGAL Word document of DEAB LEGAL
DFFA(LOCAL) REDUCTION IN FORCE - FINANCIAL EXIGENCYIf the Superintendent determines that there is a Definitions used in this policy are as follows: an extra-duty assignment, such as department or grade-level chair, band director, athletic coach, or ... HTML file of DFFA LOCAL PDF file of DFFA LOCAL Word document of DFFA LOCAL
FDC(LEGAL) ADMISSIONS - HOMELESS STUDENTSWhen the child completes the final grade level served by the school of origin, the term “school of assurances that a district will adopt policies and practices to ensure that homeless children are ... HTML file of FDC LEGAL PDF file of FDC LEGAL Word document of FDC LEGAL
FFAC(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - MEDICAL TREATMENTConsent to medical treatment under this policy shall be in writing, signed by the school official Upon adoption of policies concerning the administration of medication to students by school district ... HTML file of FFAC LEGAL PDF file of FFAC LEGAL Word document of FFAC LEGAL
EHDD(LEGAL) ALTERNATIVE METHODS FOR EARNING CREDIT - COLLEGE COURSE WORK/DUAL CREDITnotify the parent of each student enrolled in grade 9 or above of the availability of programs under A board may adopt a policy that allows a student to be awarded credit toward high school graduation ... HTML file of EHDD LEGAL PDF file of EHDD LEGAL Word document of EHDD LEGAL
FNF(LOCAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - INTERROGATIONS AND SEARCHESarticle or material that is forbidden by District policy in lockers or in vehicles parked on school require drug testing of any student in grades 7–12 who chooses to participate in school-sponsored ... HTML file of FNF LOCAL PDF file of FNF LOCAL Word document of FNF LOCAL
DEAA(LEGAL) COMPENSATION PLAN - INCENTIVES AND STIPENDSmust act pursuant to its local board policy [see DEAA (LOCAL)] for submitting a local educator two years of teaching experience in the subject or grade level to which the teacher is assigned. A ... HTML file of DEAA LEGAL PDF file of DEAA LEGAL Word document of DEAA LEGAL
DBA(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS - CREDENTIALS AND RECORDSmet state qualification and licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject areas in which the does not meet certification requirements at the grade level and subject area in which the teacher is ... HTML file of DBA LEGAL PDF file of DBA LEGAL Word document of DBA LEGAL
FL(LEGAL) STUDENT RECORDSFor the purposes of this policy, the term “education records” means those records, files, documents Grades on peer-graded papers before they are collected and recorded by a teacher. ... HTML file of FL LEGAL PDF file of FL LEGAL Word document of FL LEGAL
FNA(LOCAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - STUDENT EXPRESSIONbased on neutral criteria. Nothing in this policy eliminates the continuation of the practice of having these students, regardless of grade level, address school audiences in the normal ... HTML file of FNA LOCAL PDF file of FNA LOCAL Word document of FNA LOCAL
CDA(LEGAL) OTHER REVENUES - INVESTMENTSshall adopt by resolution a written investment policy regarding the investment of its funds and and maturity and the quality and capability of investment management. The policies must include: ... HTML file of CDA LEGAL PDF file of CDA LEGAL Word document of CDA LEGAL
CMD(LEGAL) EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES MANAGEMENT - INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS CARE AND ACCOUNTINGNote:For provisions regarding selection and adoption of instructional materials, see EFA. Instructional materials selected for use in the public schools shall be furnished without cost to the students ... HTML file of CMD LEGAL PDF file of CMD LEGAL Word document of CMD LEGAL
GKC(LEGAL) COMMUNITY RELATIONS - VISITORSA board shall adopt a policy regarding the action to be taken by the administration of a school year each school district shall provide students in grades 10 through 12 an opportunity to take the ... HTML file of GKC LEGAL PDF file of GKC LEGAL Word document of GKC LEGAL
EHBB(LOCAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - GIFTED AND TALENTED STUDENTSprocess shall be an educational record, subject to the protections set out in policies at FL. from one campus in the District to the same grade level at another District campus shall continue to ... HTML file of EHBB LOCAL PDF file of EHBB LOCAL Word document of EHBB LOCAL
AID(LEGAL) ACCOUNTABILITY - FEDERAL ACCOUNTABILITY STANDARDSof 1965. The ESSA requirements described in this policy do not represent a complete list of legal facilitate effective transition for students from middle grades to high school and from high school ... HTML file of AID LEGAL PDF file of AID LEGAL Word document of AID LEGAL
FD(LEGAL) ADMISSIONSA board or its designee shall admit into the public schools of a district free of tuition all persons who are over five and younger than 21 years of age on September 1 of any school year in which ... HTML file of FD LEGAL PDF file of FD LEGAL Word document of FD LEGAL
FOC(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE - PLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTINGPLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTING Removal Under Student Code of Conduct The Student Code of Conduct must specify conditions that authorize or require a principal or other ... HTML file of FOC LEGAL PDF file of FOC LEGAL Word document of FOC LEGAL
DMA(LEGAL) PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - REQUIRED STAFF DEVELOPMENTThe staff development provided by a district to an educator other than a principal must be conducted in including classroom management, district discipline policies, and the Student Code of Conduct; ... HTML file of DMA LEGAL PDF file of DMA LEGAL Word document of DMA LEGAL
DNA(LEGAL) PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL - EVALUATION OF TEACHERSNotice and Use of Evaluations2 The employment policies adopted by the board must require a written evaluation of each teacher at A teacher appraisal must be done at least once during each school year ... HTML file of DNA LEGAL PDF file of DNA LEGAL Word document of DNA LEGAL
CNC(LEGAL) TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT - TRANSPORTATION SAFETYA district shall meet or exceed the safety standards for school buses established by the Department the bus. A school district may implement a disciplinary policy to enforce the use of seat belts by ... HTML file of CNC LEGAL PDF file of CNC LEGAL Word document of CNC LEGAL
GKA(LEGAL) COMMUNITY RELATIONS - CONDUCT ON SCHOOL PREMISESsuch refusal of entry or ejection. The policy must permit a person appealing under this section to A person, other than a primary or secondary grade student enrolled in the school, commits a Class C ... HTML file of GKA LEGAL PDF file of GKA LEGAL Word document of GKA LEGAL
AIC(LEGAL) POLICY TITLEInterventions and Sanctions for School Districts3 Intervention to Improve High School Completion Rate5 Campus Intervention Team and Targeted Improvement Plan6 Actions Based on Campus Performance6 ... HTML file of AIC LEGAL PDF file of AIC LEGAL Word document of AIC LEGAL