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BOARD INTERNAL ORGANIZATION - CITIZEN ADVISORY COMMITTEESBDF(H)-P [/Revisions/Numbered Updates/SD.LPM.113/Policy Legal Base Versions (000002)] A board shall establish a local School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) to assist a district in ensuring that local ... HTML file of BDF LEGAL PDF file of BDF LEGAL Word document of BDF LEGAL
STUDENT WELFARE - WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICESThe District shall support the general wellness of all [See BDF for required membership of the SHAC.] at least the required amount of physical activity for all grades. [See BDF, EHAA, EHAB, and EHAC] ... HTML file of FFA LOCAL PDF file of FFA LOCAL Word document of FFA LOCAL
BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM - REQUIRED INSTRUCTION (ALL LEVELS) A primary purpose of the public school curriculum is to prepare thoughtful, active citizens who understand the ... HTML file of EHAA LEGAL PDF file of EHAA LEGAL Word document of EHAA LEGAL
TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES - DISTRICT, CAMPUS, AND CLASSROOM WEBSITES A district that at any time on or after January 1, 2019, maintained a publicly accessible internet website shall ... HTML file of CQA LEGAL PDF file of CQA LEGAL Word document of CQA LEGAL