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DH(LEGAL) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCTDH(H)-P [/Revisions/Numbered Updates/SD.LPM.111/Policy Legal Base Versions (000002)] of an educator’s code of ethics [see DH(EXHIBIT)]. SBEC is solely responsible for enforcing the ... HTML file of DH LEGAL PDF file of DH LEGAL Word document of DH LEGAL
DH(EXHIBIT) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCTDH(E)-P [/Revisions/Numbered Updates/SD.LPM.112/Policy Local Base Versions (000003)] The Texas educator shall comply with standard practices and ethical conduct toward students, professional ... HTML file of DH EXHIBIT PDF file of DH EXHIBIT Word document of DH EXHIBIT
DH(LOCAL) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCTThe District holds all employees accountable to the Educators’ Code of Ethics. [See DH(EXHIBIT)] applicable to all District employees [see DH(EXHIBIT)], an employee shall be prohibited from using ... HTML file of DH LOCAL PDF file of DH LOCAL Word document of DH LOCAL
FNCD(LEGAL) STUDENT CONDUCT - TOBACCO USE AND POSSESSIONA board shall prohibit students from smoking, using, or possessing e-cigarettes or tobacco products district personnel enforce the policies on school property. Education Code 38.006 [See DH and GKA] ... HTML file of FNCD LEGAL PDF file of FNCD LEGAL Word document of FNCD LEGAL
FN(LOCAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIESDistrict personnel are expected to respect the rights and privileges of students. [See DH series] The Superintendent or designee shall develop student handbooks with information on curriculum, grading ... HTML file of FN LOCAL PDF file of FN LOCAL Word document of FN LOCAL
BJCF(LOCAL) SUPERINTENDENT - NONRENEWALmoral turpitude, or other offense listed at DH(LOCAL); or conviction of a lesser included offense pursuant to a plea when the original charged offense is a felony. [See DH] ... HTML file of BJCF LOCAL PDF file of BJCF LOCAL Word document of BJCF LOCAL
DFBB(LOCAL) TERM CONTRACTS - NONRENEWALmoral turpitude, or other offense listed at DH(LOCAL); or conviction of a lesser included offense pursuant to a plea when the original charged offense is a felony. [See DH] ... HTML file of DFBB LOCAL PDF file of DFBB LOCAL Word document of DFBB LOCAL
DC(LOCAL) EMPLOYMENT PRACTICESThe Superintendent shall define the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of all positions prohibitions relating to contractors and agents and DH(EXHIBIT) for the Educators’ Code of Ethics.] ... HTML file of DC LOCAL PDF file of DC LOCAL Word document of DC LOCAL
CB(LOCAL) STATE AND FEDERAL REVENUE SOURCESThe Superintendent shall be authorized to: Apply, on behalf of the Board, for any and all special federal [See BBFA, BBFB, CBB, DBD. In the event of a violation of these requirements, see CAA and DH.] ... HTML file of CB LOCAL PDF file of CB LOCAL Word document of CB LOCAL
DHE(LOCAL) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT - SEARCHES AND ALCOHOL/DRUG TESTINGreveal a violation of the District’s standards of conduct may result in disciplinary action. [See DH] policy pertaining to alcohol or drugs may be subject to disciplinary action. [See DF series and DH] ... HTML file of DHE LOCAL PDF file of DHE LOCAL Word document of DHE LOCAL
BDF(LEGAL) BOARD INTERNAL ORGANIZATION - CITIZEN ADVISORY COMMITTEESA board shall establish a local school health advisory council (SHAC) to assist a district in others on school campuses or at school-sponsored or school-related activities [see DH and GKA]; and ... HTML file of BDF LEGAL PDF file of BDF LEGAL Word document of BDF LEGAL
FFG(EXHIBIT) STUDENT WELFARE - CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECTNotice of Employee Responsibilities for Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect LEGAL) and (LOCAL), GRA(LEGAL) and (LOCAL), and DH(LOCAL) and (EXHIBIT)—are enclosed in this packet To whom do I make a report? ... HTML file of FFG EXHIBIT PDF file of FFG EXHIBIT Word document of FFG EXHIBIT
CAA(LOCAL) FISCAL MANAGEMENT GOALS AND OBJECTIVES - FINANCIAL ETHICSAll Trustees, employees, vendors, contractors, agents, consultants, volunteers, and any other parties who are involved in the District’s financial transactions shall act with for employees—DH ... HTML file of CAA LOCAL PDF file of CAA LOCAL Word document of CAA LOCAL
CQ(LOCAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES action consistent with District policies. [See DH, FN series, FO series, and the Student Code of ... HTML file of CQ LOCAL PDF file of CQ LOCAL Word document of CQ LOCAL
FNCG(LEGAL) STUDENT CONDUCT - WEAPONSA student shall be expelled from school if the student engages in conduct that contains the elements of adopts appropriate safeguards to ensure student safety. 20 U.S.C. 7961(g) [See also DH and GKA] ... HTML file of FNCG LEGAL PDF file of FNCG LEGAL Word document of FNCG LEGAL
FFG(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECTA district shall provide child abuse antivictimization programs in elementary and secondary schools. Education Code 38.004 Any person who has cause to believe that a child’s physical or mental health ... HTML file of FFG LEGAL PDF file of FFG LEGAL Word document of FFG LEGAL
FFH(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, AND RETALIATIONFREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, AND RETALIATION Discrimination against a student is defined as between a student and a District employee is always prohibited, even if consensual. [See DH] ... HTML file of FFH LOCAL PDF file of FFH LOCAL Word document of FFH LOCAL