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FFC(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICESSTUDENT WELFARE as a liaison officer for court-related students. The liaison officer shall provide counseling and other services for court-related students and their parents to establish or ... HTML file of FFC LEGAL PDF file of FFC LEGAL Word document of FFC LEGAL
FFG(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECTSTUDENT WELFARE A district shall provide child abuse antivictimization programs in elementary and a person responsible for the care, custody, or welfare of the child, the report must be made to DFPS ... HTML file of FFG LEGAL PDF file of FFG LEGAL Word document of FFG LEGAL
FFC(EXHIBIT) STUDENT WELFARE - STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICESSTUDENT WELFARE STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES The District has designated the following employee as the liaison for homeless students: 11862 S. Lone Star Parkway, Moody, TX 76557 ... HTML file of FFC EXHIBIT PDF file of FFC EXHIBIT Word document of FFC EXHIBIT
FFE(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS/COUNSELINGSTUDENT WELFARE STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS/COUNSELING Consent to Examinations, Tests, or Treatment prior written consent for the referral from the student’s parent, managing conservator, or guardian. ... HTML file of FFE LEGAL PDF file of FFE LEGAL Word document of FFE LEGAL
FFI(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM BULLYINGhave the effect of physically harming a student, damaging a student’s property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm to the student’s person or of damage to the student’s property; ... HTML file of FFI LEGAL PDF file of FFI LEGAL Word document of FFI LEGAL
FFH(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, AND RETALIATIONSTUDENT WELFARE Sexual harassment of students may constitute discrimination on the basis of sex in violation of Employee-Student Sexual Harassment Student-Student Sexual Harassment ... HTML file of FFH LEGAL PDF file of FFH LEGAL Word document of FFH LEGAL
FFD(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - STUDENT INSURANCESTUDENT WELFARE STUDENT INSURANCE may purchase insurance against bodily injury sustained by students while training for or engaging in No Liability for Failure to Purchase A district is not authorized to ... HTML file of FFD LEGAL PDF file of FFD LEGAL Word document of FFD LEGAL
FFH(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, AND RETALIATIONor inappropriate social relationships between students and District employees are prohibited. Any sexual relationship between a student and a District employee is always prohibited ... HTML file of FFH LOCAL PDF file of FFH LOCAL Word document of FFH LOCAL
FFF(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - STUDENT SAFETYSTUDENT WELFARE The notice must inform the parent or guardian: information on these programs to parents and students in a grade level the district considers STUDENT SAFETY ... HTML file of FFF LEGAL PDF file of FFF LEGAL Word document of FFF LEGAL
FFB(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - CRISIS INTERVENTIONSTUDENT WELFARE The list must include programs and and organizational structures, as experienced by students enrolled in the district, parents of those students, and personnel employed by the district. ... HTML file of FFB LEGAL PDF file of FFB LEGAL Word document of FFB LEGAL
FFA(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICESThe DAC shall develop a wellness plan other foods and beverages sold or marketed to students during the school day shall be designed to promote student health and reduce childhood obesity and shall be ... HTML file of FFA LOCAL PDF file of FFA LOCAL Word document of FFA LOCAL
FFI(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM BULLYINGSTUDENT WELFARE Reports of bullying shall be made as Student Report employee who suspects or receives notice that a student or group of students has or may have experienced bullying shall immediately ... HTML file of FFI LOCAL PDF file of FFI LOCAL Word document of FFI LOCAL
FFA(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICESSTUDENT WELFARE “School day” means the period from the for all foods and beverages sold to students during the school day on each participating school Promote student health and reduce childhood obesity; ... HTML file of FFA LEGAL PDF file of FFA LEGAL Word document of FFA LEGAL
DLB(LEGAL) WORK LOAD - REQUIRED PLANS AND REPORTSThe Board shall limit redundant requests for information and Any report concerning the health, safety, or welfare of a student; A report of a student’s grades at the end of each grade reporting period; ... HTML file of DLB LEGAL PDF file of DLB LEGAL Word document of DLB LEGAL
FNCC(LEGAL) STUDENT CONDUCT - PROHIBITED ORGANIZATIONS AND HAZINGA person commits a Class C liquor, drug, or other substance that subjects the student to an unreasonable risk of harm or that adversely affects the mental or physical health or safety of the student. ... HTML file of FNCC LEGAL PDF file of FNCC LEGAL Word document of FNCC LEGAL
FED(LEGAL) ATTENDANCE - ATTENDANCE ENFORCEMENTIs not timely filed, unless the At the request of a parent, to escort a student from any location to a school campus to ensure the student’s compliance with compulsory school attendance requirements. ... HTML file of FED LEGAL PDF file of FED LEGAL Word document of FED LEGAL
FL(LEGAL) STUDENT RECORDSRecords of Students with Disabilities15 The parent or guardian of a student is entitled to access to the student’s medical records maintained by a district. On request of a student’s parent ... HTML file of FL LEGAL PDF file of FL LEGAL Word document of FL LEGAL
AE(LEGAL) EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHYA board shall adopt a vision statement and comprehensive goals for the district curriculum will be provided to all students. Through that curriculum, students will be prepared to succeed in a variety ... HTML file of AE LEGAL PDF file of AE LEGAL Word document of AE LEGAL
DHB(LEGAL) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT - REPORTS TO STATE BOARD FOR EDUCATOR CERTIFICATION Sexually or physically abused a student or minor or engaged in any other illegal conduct with a student or minor; ... HTML file of DHB LEGAL PDF file of DHB LEGAL Word document of DHB LEGAL
CLA(LEGAL) BUILDINGS, GROUNDS, AND EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT - SECURITYmay adopt rules for the safety and welfare of students, employees, and property and other rules it considers Identification may be required of any person on school property. A school administrator ... HTML file of CLA LEGAL PDF file of CLA LEGAL Word document of CLA LEGAL
CNA(LEGAL) TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT - STUDENT TRANSPORTATIONa district provides transportation for an eligible student to and from a child-care facility or a grandparent’s residence instead of the student’s residence, if the transportation is provided ... HTML file of CNA LEGAL PDF file of CNA LEGAL Word document of CNA LEGAL
AID(LEGAL) ACCOUNTABILITY - FEDERAL ACCOUNTABILITY STANDARDSHow the district will monitor students’ progress in meeting the challenging state academic standards Designate a point of contact if the child welfare agency notifies the district, in writing, that the ... HTML file of AID LEGAL PDF file of AID LEGAL Word document of AID LEGAL
BBD(EXHIBIT) BOARD MEMBERS - TRAINING AND ORIENTATIONThe Board uses the vision to The Board adopts goals, approves student performance objectives, and establishes policies that provide a well-balanced curriculum resulting in improved student learning. ... HTML file of BBD EXHIBIT PDF file of BBD EXHIBIT Word document of BBD EXHIBIT
DIA(LEGAL) EMPLOYEE WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, AND RETALIATION EMPLOYEE WELFARE see DAA(LEGAL). For harassment of students, see FFH. For reporting requirements related to child ... HTML file of DIA LEGAL PDF file of DIA LEGAL Word document of DIA LEGAL
DIA(LOCAL) EMPLOYEE WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, AND RETALIATIONEMPLOYEE WELFARE FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, AND RETALIATION discrimination, harassment, and retaliation involving students, see FFH. For reporting requirements Has the purpose or effect of ... HTML file of DIA LOCAL PDF file of DIA LOCAL Word document of DIA LOCAL
CKE(LEGAL) SAFETY PROGRAM/RISK MANAGEMENT - SECURITY PERSONNELSchool District Peace Officers and Security Personnel2 Mental Health Crisis or Substance Abuse Issue7 which shall include protecting the safety and welfare of any person in the officer’s jurisdiction ... HTML file of CKE LEGAL PDF file of CKE LEGAL Word document of CKE LEGAL