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FFI(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM BULLYINGMeans a single significant act or a pattern of acts by one or more students directed at another student that exploits an imbalance of power and involves engaging in written or verbal expression FFI ... HTML file of FFI LEGAL PDF file of FFI LEGAL Word document of FFI LEGAL
FFI(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM BULLYINGFFI(L)-A [/Revisions/Numbered Updates/SD.LPM.109/Policy Local Base Versions (000003)] involving District students, see FFH. Note that FFI shall be used in conjunction with FFH for ... HTML file of FFI LOCAL PDF file of FFI LOCAL Word document of FFI LOCAL
FFF(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - STUDENT SAFETYThe board shall adopt a policy under which notice is provided to the parent or guardian of a student with whom an educator is “Bullying” has the meaning assigned by Education Code 37.0832. [See FFI] ... HTML file of FFF LEGAL PDF file of FFF LEGAL Word document of FFF LEGAL
FDB(LEGAL) ADMISSIONS - INTRADISTRICT TRANSFERS AND CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENTSA board or its designee may “Bullying” has the meaning assigned by Education Code 37.0832. [See FFI] For bullying rising to the level of prohibited harassment, see FFH. For all other bullying, see FFI. ... HTML file of FDB LEGAL PDF file of FDB LEGAL Word document of FDB LEGAL
FFH(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, AND RETALIATION FFG. Note that FFH shall be used in conjunction with FFI (bullying) for certain prohibited conduct. ... HTML file of FFH LOCAL PDF file of FFH LOCAL Word document of FFH LOCAL
CQA(LEGAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES - DISTRICT, CAMPUS, AND CLASSROOM WEBSITES Note:The following is an index of website posting requirements that are addressed in the legal reference material ... HTML file of CQA LEGAL PDF file of CQA LEGAL Word document of CQA LEGAL
FNG(LOCAL) STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - STUDENT AND PARENT COMPLAINTS/GRIEVANCES concerning bullying or retaliation related to bullying shall be submitted in accordance with FFI. ... HTML file of FNG LOCAL PDF file of FNG LOCAL Word document of FNG LOCAL
FO(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE “Harassment” means threatening to cause harm or bodily ... HTML file of FO LEGAL PDF file of FO LEGAL Word document of FO LEGAL
FOD(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE - EXPULSIONA student younger than ten years of age shall not be expelled but shall be placed in a disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP). Education Code 37.007(e)(2), (h) A person who is 21 years of ... HTML file of FOD LEGAL PDF file of FOD LEGAL Word document of FOD LEGAL
FOC(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE - PLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTINGPLACEMENT IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION SETTING Removal Under Student Code of Conduct The Student Code of Conduct must specify conditions that authorize or require a principal or other ... HTML file of FOC LEGAL PDF file of FOC LEGAL Word document of FOC LEGAL