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CFD(LEGAL) ACCOUNTING - ACTIVITY FUNDS MANAGEMENTthe expenditure of local funds from vending machines, rentals, gate receipts, or other local sources A policy under this section must: Require discretionary expenditures of local funds to be related to ... HTML file of CFD LEGAL PDF file of CFD LEGAL Word document of CFD LEGAL
BDF(LEGAL) BOARD INTERNAL ORGANIZATION - CITIZEN ADVISORY COMMITTEESA board shall establish a local School Health ensure compliance with the Texas Education Agency’s vending machine and food service guidelines for restricting student access to vending machines; ... HTML file of BDF LEGAL PDF file of BDF LEGAL Word document of BDF LEGAL
CFD(LOCAL) ACCOUNTING - ACTIVITY FUNDS MANAGEMENTThe Superintendent, principal, and sponsor, as applicable, shall be responsible for the and campus activity funds generated from vending machines, rentals, gate receipts, concessions, and other local ... HTML file of CFD LOCAL PDF file of CFD LOCAL Word document of CFD LOCAL