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FFA(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICESthe jurisdiction of the district. The local school wellness policy is a written plan that includes methods to promote student wellness, prevent and reduce childhood obesity, and provide ... PDF file of FFA LEGAL Word document of FFA LEGAL
FFA(LOCAL) STUDENT WELFARE - WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES[See EHAA for information regarding the The SHAC shall develop a wellness plan to implement the District’s nutrition guidelines and wellness goals. The wellness plan shall, at a minimum, address: ... PDF file of FFA LOCAL Word document of FFA LOCAL
FFAF(LOCAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - CARE PLANSWELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES The District shall develop and implement a student food allergy management plan that includes the components below. Procedures to limit the risk posed to students with food ... PDF file of FFAF LOCAL Word document of FFAF LOCAL
FFAC(LOCAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - MEDICAL TREATMENTWELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES Procedures shall be established by the administration to ensure that proper attention is given to any student who becomes ill during the course of a school day. ... PDF file of FFAC LOCAL Word document of FFAC LOCAL
FFAA(LOCAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONSWELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES A student desiring to participate in the UIL athletic program shall submit annually a statement from a health care provider authorized under UIL rules indicating that the ... PDF file of FFAA LOCAL Word document of FFAA LOCAL
FFAD(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - COMMUNICABLE DISEASESWELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES School authorities, including the Superintendent, principal, teacher, school health official, or counselor, shall report to the local health authority those students ... PDF file of FFAD LEGAL Word document of FFAD LEGAL
FFAE(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - SCHOOL-BASED HEALTH CENTERSWELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES The District may, if it identifies the need, design a model for the delivery of cooperative health-care programs for students and their families and may compete for grants ... PDF file of FFAE LEGAL Word document of FFAE LEGAL
EHAA(LEGAL) BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM - REQUIRED INSTRUCTION (ALL LEVELS)A primary purpose of the public school curriculum is to prepare thoughtful, active citizens who understand the importance of patriotism and can function productively in a free enterprise society with ... PDF file of EHAA LEGAL Word document of EHAA LEGAL
FFAF(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - CARE PLANSWELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES The parent or guardian of a student who will seek care for diabetes while at school or while participating in a school activity, and the physician responsible for the ... PDF file of FFAF LEGAL Word document of FFAF LEGAL
FFAB(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - IMMUNIZATIONSWELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES Each student shall be fully immunized against diptheria, rubeola (measles), rubella, mumps, tetanus, and poliomyelitis. The Texas Department of State Health Services ... PDF file of FFAB LEGAL Word document of FFAB LEGAL
FFAC(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - MEDICAL TREATMENTWELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES The school in which a minor student is enrolled may consent to medical, dental, psychological, and surgical treatment of that student, provided all of the following ... PDF file of FFAC LEGAL Word document of FFAC LEGAL
AIB(LEGAL) ACCOUNTABILITY - PERFORMANCE REPORTINGTEA shall provide to each district a Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR). The intent of the TAPR is to inform the public about the educational performance of the district and of each campus in ... PDF file of AIB LEGAL Word document of AIB LEGAL
FFAA(LEGAL) WELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES - PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONSWELLNESS AND HEALTH SERVICES Annually, a district shall assess the physical fitness of students in grade 3 or higher in a course that satisfies the curriculum requirements for physical education under ... PDF file of FFAA LEGAL Word document of FFAA LEGAL
DAB(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVES - GENETIC NONDISCRIMINATIONNote:The provisions below apply to a district that has 15 or more employees for each working day in each of 20 or more calendar weeks in the current or preceding calendar year. 42 U.S.C. 2000e(b ... PDF file of DAB LEGAL Word document of DAB LEGAL