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GBAA(EXHIBIT) INFORMATION ACCESS - REQUESTS FOR INFORMATIONThe charges in this exhibit, to recover costs associated with providing copies of public information by means of an office machine copier or a computer printer is $.10 per page or part of a page. Each ... HTML file of GBAA EXHIBIT PDF file of GBAA EXHIBIT Word document of GBAA EXHIBIT
CQ(LEGAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCESA district shall participate in the measure with respect to any of its computers with Internet access that protects against access through such computers to visual depictions that are obscene or ... HTML file of CQ LEGAL PDF file of CQ LEGAL Word document of CQ LEGAL
EHAC(LEGAL) BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM - REQUIRED INSTRUCTION (SECONDARY)Courses in the foundation and enrichment curriculum in grades 6–12 must be provided in a manner that allows all grade promotion and high school graduation requirements to be met in a timely manner. A ... HTML file of EHAC LEGAL PDF file of EHAC LEGAL Word document of EHAC LEGAL
GB(LEGAL) PUBLIC INFORMATION PROGRAMFor purposes of the Texas Public Information Act (PIA), “public information” means information sound recording, map, and drawing and a voice, data, or video representation held in computer memory. ... HTML file of GB LEGAL PDF file of GB LEGAL Word document of GB LEGAL
FOD(LEGAL) STUDENT DISCIPLINE - EXPULSIONA student younger than ten years of age shall not be expelled but shall be placed in a disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP). Education Code 37.007(e)(2), (h) A person who is 21 years of ... HTML file of FOD LEGAL PDF file of FOD LEGAL Word document of FOD LEGAL
DH(LEGAL) EMPLOYEE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT including a telephone, cellular telephone, computer, computer network, personal data assistant, or pager. The ... HTML file of DH LEGAL PDF file of DH LEGAL Word document of DH LEGAL
EFA(LEGAL) INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES - INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALSof a book, workbook, and supplementary materials, computer software, magnetic media, DVD, CD-ROM, computer courseware, online services, or an electronic medium For each subject and grade level, the ... HTML file of EFA LEGAL PDF file of EFA LEGAL Word document of EFA LEGAL
GBA(LEGAL) PUBLIC INFORMATION PROGRAM - ACCESS TO PUBLIC INFORMATIONRight of Access to Public Information2 Information That Must Be Disclosed2 Information District Is Not Required to Release4 Information That May Not Be Disclosed5 Computer Network Security17 ... HTML file of GBA LEGAL PDF file of GBA LEGAL Word document of GBA LEGAL
CQ(LOCAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCESNote:For Board member use of District technology resources, see BBI. For student use of personal Each District computer with Internet access and the District’s network systems shall have filtering ... HTML file of CQ LOCAL PDF file of CQ LOCAL Word document of CQ LOCAL
FFI(LEGAL) STUDENT WELFARE - FREEDOM FROM BULLYINGMeans a single significant act or a pattern of acts by one or more students directed at another cellular or other type of telephone, a computer, a camera, electronic mail, instant messaging, text ... HTML file of FFI LEGAL PDF file of FFI LEGAL Word document of FFI LEGAL
EIC(LOCAL) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - CLASS RANKINGThe valedictorian and salutatorian shall be the eligible students with the highest and second highest health, languages other than English, computer science, career and technical education, fine arts ... HTML file of EIC LOCAL PDF file of EIC LOCAL Word document of EIC LOCAL
BBFA(LEGAL) ETHICS - CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURESIf a local public official has a substantial interest in a business entity or in real property, the local public official shall, before a vote or decision on any matter involving the business entity ... HTML file of BBFA LEGAL PDF file of BBFA LEGAL Word document of BBFA LEGAL
CMD(LEGAL) EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES MANAGEMENT - INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS CARE AND ACCOUNTINGNote:For provisions regarding selection and adoption of instructional materials, see EFA. Instructional materials selected for use in the public schools shall be furnished without cost to the students ... HTML file of CMD LEGAL PDF file of CMD LEGAL Word document of CMD LEGAL
CH(LEGAL) PURCHASING AND ACQUISITION Purchases Valued at or Above $50,0003 Contract with Person Indebted to District7 Computers9 For a contract that is not ... HTML file of CH LEGAL PDF file of CH LEGAL Word document of CH LEGAL
GBAA(LEGAL) INFORMATION ACCESS - REQUESTS FOR INFORMATIONOfficer for Public Information and Required Notices2 Requests to Narrow or Clarify4 Requests Requiring Programming or Manipulation6 Charges Regarding Public Information Requests12 ... HTML file of GBAA LEGAL PDF file of GBAA LEGAL Word document of GBAA LEGAL
EHBD(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - FEDERAL TITLE I Note:The following contains basic requirements for districts and schools receiving Title I, Part A funds, but ... HTML file of EHBD LEGAL PDF file of EHBD LEGAL Word document of EHBD LEGAL
CQA(LEGAL) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES - DISTRICT, CAMPUS, AND CLASSROOM WEBSITES Note:The following is an index of website posting requirements that are addressed in the legal reference material ... HTML file of CQA LEGAL PDF file of CQA LEGAL Word document of CQA LEGAL
DBAA(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS - CRIMINAL HISTORY AND CREDIT REPORTS “Criminal history clearinghouse” (Clearinghouse) means the electronic clearinghouse and subscription service ... HTML file of DBAA LEGAL PDF file of DBAA LEGAL Word document of DBAA LEGAL
EHBG(LEGAL) SPECIAL PROGRAMS - PREKINDERGARTENNote:Only districts that identify 15 or more eligible students are required to provide prekindergarten programs. A district shall offer prekindergarten classes if it identifies 15 or more eligible ... HTML file of EHBG LEGAL PDF file of EHBG LEGAL Word document of EHBG LEGAL
FEA(LEGAL) ATTENDANCE - COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE appear on an electronic screen of either a computer or video tape monitor), or any combination of ... HTML file of FEA LEGAL PDF file of FEA LEGAL Word document of FEA LEGAL
DBA(LEGAL) EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS - CREDENTIALS AND RECORDSFederally Required Notice—Lack of Credentials3 Noncore Career and Technical Courses5 Specific Requirements for Initial Permits8 Federal Requirements for Teachers and Paraprofessionals13 ... HTML file of DBA LEGAL PDF file of DBA LEGAL Word document of DBA LEGAL
FL(LEGAL) STUDENT RECORDSAcademic Achievement Record (Grades 9–12)4 Record of Access to Student Records14 Records of Students with Disabilities15 Oral Notice of Arrest or Referral21 Oral Notice of Conviction or Adjudication21 ... HTML file of FL LEGAL PDF file of FL LEGAL Word document of FL LEGAL